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“In each of us two natures are at war… the good and the evil. All our lives the fight goes on between them, but one of them must conquer. In our own hands lies the power to choose. What we want most to be we are.” – Dr. Henry Jekyll

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sunday Smorgashboard

So first things first... in case you all haven't noticed The Chad has left the building. He was nice enough to leave the toilet seat up, and for that I thank him. In his place this week I have a new renter... the one... the only... Dawn from Tiny Voices In My Head. Yes, that's right... you all know her now don't you? EVERYBODY knows Dawn... even the girl in the bathroom at the bar. Yep, she's famous. When I blog up, I want to be like Dawn. Not only is she straight up, edgy, nervy, snarky, and sweet rolled into one... but she (like many of my female partners on the bus) makes the place smell good. So go visit Dawn and revel in her fame, k?


Today is October 1. It has been my long standing tradition not to comment on my own blog. For the next 31 days that will no longer be the case. Why am I breaking with this policy? Well it's all because of Miss Ann and what she had to say regarding this post. So because I am relatively old fashioned... and she is older than me and therefore must be wiser than I am... I shall experiment with this commenting in my own comments thing starting with this very post.

While I would like to think that in the end I will be proven righteous in my concept and theories... I tend to think Miss Ann will once again prove her superiority in understanding social behavior. That... and... well she's armed and dangerous but just doesn't know it yet.


October is one of my favorite times of year. I like the changing seasons... and of course my second favorite holiday is around the corner.

DIGRESSION If you want to see one of the HOTTEST themed templates anywhere... go see KentuckyGirl... I love that thing /DIGRESSION

A few months back I made an attempt here on Blogger to do a photoblog. I wasn't very successful... or at least I felt that way. One of the pictures I had posted was this one:

I had said then, and I will say now, that this is a photo of a relatively famous person's purported final resting place. Their grave has been the talk of quite some controversy for a number of reasons. So if anyone wants to guess who is buried in this picture feel free to guess... to make it interesting whoever is the first to guess it correctly will get 100 BE credits or BM credits... your choice. I did redo my photoblog idea, and I do like it an awful lot better than my original one here in Blogger, but I don't want to break the style of it with a post like this.

And thus concludes another Smorgashboard Sunday.

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Be One With The Milk

So this morning I buried my kitty Oreo. She was 14 years old and has been sick now for at least a year. To say she was mine isn't really true. Officially, she was my brother's. You know the whole sibling thing of what's mine is mine and yours is yours? Yeah, we were petty like that growing up. She was a good kitty, always giving us squishy paws and licking the remnants of the detergent from our clothes whenever she could. She was a jumper and climber... perching herself as high as my father's grandfather clock (awarded to him for spending 25 years working at Citibank... and all he got was that fucking clock) and unleashing an air assault on anyone silly enough to walk by below... including our other cat Kit.

After a number of trips to the vet no one could tell us why she was perpetually eating but continued to lose weight. Bloodwork had come back normal, a sonogram has come back normal, and a bone marrow sampling also had revealed anything. Of course I've been around sick people long enough to recognize cancer when I see it.

So since Sunday she really hadn't been moving around much. She hadn't been jumping, climbing, or even meowing at the food bowl at the ungodly hour of 5am as usual. I made the suggestion more than once that we should put her to sleep. I felt she was suffering, but being a cat couldn't voice it. My brother of course would have nothing to do with it. Maybe he's better than I am... but I'm also pro-euthanasia for the elderly as well so maybe it's just my natural political stance.

So Thursday night when my mom came home, Oreo couldn't walk at all. She couldn't lift her head up and was barely moving. So my mom wrapped her in a blanket and took her to the vet against my brother's wishes. Of course, as luck would have it, a Rottweiller came in with a broken paw and so Oreo got bumped to behind the Rotti. While waiting for the doctor to come in, she passed away in my mother's arms.

This morning we buried her in the backyard along with the rest of our extended pet family. The 13 goldfish, 7 parakeets, 97 hamsters (yes, 97... it's a long story), and Kira my boa. The only two pets missing from the menagerie are Pepper, my dog who Oreo actually replaced the day we put her to sleep as a companion to Kit who had become a mopey little fuck, and Kit because... well... he's once again being a mopey fat fuck (he ain't so little no more).

So sleep tight my little cookie... and be one with the milk.
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Friday, September 29, 2006

To Hell With Everyone Else...

... today is her day! That's right folks... today is T from Hot Tamales' birthday!!!

I've considered T a good blogging buddy for quite awhile. She is just has that type of personality that I love... you know... the snarky, bitchy, go fuck yourself if you don't like it kinda attitude. We've had some ongoing bloggy sparring going on for quite awhile... but I heart her... really I do...

So for her birthday I needed to find something to give her... I needed something... well... over the top. Flowers... plain. Teddy bears... old. Diamonds... yeah, okay, reality check people! So I tried to figure out what to get her. I thought of a new blog template... but she already has one. I thought about an e-card... did it in 5 seconds... and then what? Surely not just a plain e-card would do.

So I decided to get her something a little more ethereal. So for you T... one of my bestest bloggy friends in the world... I give you...

... friendship.

If anyone needs me I will be hiding in a third world country for the next decade.

Happy Birthday Tiajuana.
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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

FOAD Thursday... Sweet Dreams Edition...

Today is FOAD Thursday. I should be angry. Outraged. On the warpath. But I'm not. Why? Because tonight... I get to sleep here...

Yes. The bed has arrived. Well okay, the bed has been here since Thursday. The mattress arrived today. Yes those are black sheets. I always wanted black sheets. I finally have them. I am psyched. I am happy. I really have no one to FOAD except for the Acura driver yesterday, the Eastman-Kodak people for not giving CDW my digital camera battery charger (hence why I had to use my webcam for the pic), and a few other fucktards and assorted asshats.

But who cares. Tonight I sleep on a REAL bed.

Oh and tomorrow... be sure to stop by... somebody has a birthday... and I'm going to have a little surprise for them. Heh.


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Doo Wah Diddy

Is it Thursday yet? No? Damn. Have you all gone to see The Chad yet? No? Well what the hell are you all waiting for? A goddamn invitation...

So I was driving to work today doing what I normally do (smoking, radio blasting, head nodding) when I got cut off by a little Acura who then stopped short at the end of the Interborough. Now understand, I drive a Ford Explorer Sport. Now I may not be the biggest truck out there, but I can still squash an Acura. So I had to stop short. Maybe I tapped him. Maybe I didn't. I tend to think had I tapped him he would have crumpled up.

Here's my point. If you're going to cut me off... and then get out of your little compact car waving hands because in your mind I tapped you... you better be playing some real fucking music you can get your ass beat to. While I am a big proponent of first amendement rights... that still doesn't mean that you can justify having a 2 Live Crew tape in your car.

Oh also, on another note, if you get out of your car that means you want me to get out of my truck. This also means you either want to verbally or physically confront me. So when I do get out of my truck, do not run away from the intersection (abandoning your car in the process) and into the Dunkin' Donuts (which I refuse to go to because they can't make my shit straight). I will throw everything I can find in your car into the street. I will take your keys and throw them into the park/cemetary. I will take your 2 Live Crew tape. I will place it in my tapedeck and I will play it to prove a point.


So Newsbitch brought up the fact that National Novel Writing Month is coming up over at the forums (tired of that plug yet? Shuddap. It's the last one k?). I've been thinking about doing it for awhile now. I had thought about doing it last year and ran into the wall.

One of the things that makes me edgy about it is the possibility of it showing up on the Internet and then getting thieved. I tend to think this is one of the reasons why I have trouble developing my writing... I tend not to share it out of the fear it will be stolen. I know... who the hell would want to steal my stuff right? Still... you never know.

So I think that at the very least I'm going to attempt NaNoWriMo if for nothing else, than an exercise in time management. If my writing doesn't improve... maybe I can at least improve the amount of time I put towards it.


I generally don't wear my seatbelt. I know... I should. I've heard the lectures. I've seen first hand what happens when you don't wear it. I also smoke, and I've seen first hand what happens there too. So I watched this video of a car that is obviously rolling and would be considered an entrapment...

... and I decided I'm going to quit smoking.


On a final note by the way, when your dialing 9-1-1 in Dunkin' Donuts and telling the operator about how you are being "carjacked", you are forgetting one small thing. I am 9-1-1. Stoonad.
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Monday, September 25, 2006

Did I Really Say That???

One of the many things that I have continuously heard bellowed about blogs is that they are a platform for conversation. To be honest, I don't really buy into that theory based on the current comment technology I've seen out there. I know there are those who will disagree with me on this which is fine. In my opinion the original conversation engine of the Web was the forum. To this day I still think it is in fact the best platform for such things.

The case in point that I would like to make is the forum at Did I Say That? Now I know a lot of people out there who are reading this already belong to Did I Say That? since it seems to teem with bloggers and blog readers (which means if you're not there... well what the hell are you waiting for?). So for a forum that really has no other vehicle, meaning it is a stand alone privately owned and FREE forum (no secret ads lurking and a strict NO SPAMMING policy), it remains active based upon what they themselves are proudest of... that they're all a bunch of Chatty Bitches.

I've always looked for a way to bring about a successful hybrid. The choices have always been either a blog based in a forum or a forum associated with a blog. Both have their assorted pros and cons. It is something I have thought long and hard on, and experimented with at great length to see if there was something more doable. The truth is that MySpace incorporates alot of the features that would make a hybrid successful... it offers a personal space withing a social circle. The blogs are the personal spaces... the forums are the social circles.

While the Did I Say That? forums are ad free, there is an incentive to joining and participating there. First your Flirty, then Skanky, then Slutty... you just keep getting worse to include Big Pimpin', Crack Whore... until you attain the ultimate level of chattiness... Hoochiemama.

The fact is that if you are someone interested in a conversational interactive environment that is mostly free of rules... well Did I Say That? is definately the place for you to be. If you're a blogger... all the better... and even if you aren't... there's a niche' there for you too.

For those of you who are curious... yes, I am a Freaky Ho... go see for yourself. However I do warn you there is a bit of a conflict going on between the Halloween Spookers and the Christmas Carolers... so when you come... be sure to pick the right holiday... or the Great Pumpkin's Enforcer will be dealing you the Dead Man's Hand...
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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ooogle Monday... The Malaysian Edition

So today is once again Ooogle Monday. Over the past week the United Nations had their General Assembly in New York. Between the Save Darfur Rally, doing the medical for the President of Venezuela ( who btw arrived on the Bolivian national jet... I guess Venezuela can't afford a plane... which may be the real reason for him calling George Bush "The Devil"... he's jealous of Airforce 1... but anyway... I am digressing), and of course the wonderful diplomatic drivers for whom my road rage went almost unchecked... I have become very culturally aware. To show my awareness... I present to you Ooogle Monday, The Malaysian Edition.

This past Saturday we went out for The Steff's birthday. We went to Uncle Jack's Steakhouse. As an appetizer I had the Maryland Crabcakes. They cost $15.00.

For my main course I had the Filet Mignion, cooked medium well. It was very tender to the touch. It cost $45.00. I did not partake in any of the side dishes that were served family style.

For dessert I had a cup of coffee. Dinner started at 7:00pm. I left at 9:30pm because I had to work at the Roseland that evening from 10:00pm until 3:00am, but I was told the dinner went to 11:00pm. It was a very pleasant evening.

This concludes the Malaysian Edition of Ooogle Monday. I would like to note that I would have taken pictures of my actual plates... in fact pictures were taken for this very post... but not by me. The Steff has the picture of my filet, and another friend has the picture of my crabcakes. Unfortunately my digital camera battery is depleted... and I cannot find the charger. So I had to order a new one that has not yet arrived. So for that... I apologize for not truly representing the food placed in front of me... but these pictures look ALOT like them... including that green thing sticking out of the top.

So all in all, here's the break down:
Coors Light beer because they had no Bass or Guiness- $8.00
Maryland Crabcakes (2)- $15.00
Filet Mignion- $45.00
Cup of coffee from Juan Valdez- $6.00
Total bill for dinner for 11 people- $905.07
The Steff having a Happy Birthday- Priceless
The comments I anticipate from this post- Still to be determined
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'Cause T Said So

Cause T said so. And I'm drunk and very agreeable at the moment.
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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bear Tracking

So as you know there is a bear on the way to The Steff for her birthday.

That's him right there. One of the things I've always found interesting was how companies get packages from point A to point B. This bear is travelling by UPS. So they send you an e-mail with a link telling you where the bear has been, and is on their journey.

Here's the latest one:
Package Progress
Location Date Local Time Description
09/23/2006 10:30 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN
09/23/2006 10:14 A.M. DEPARTURE SCAN

09/23/2006 9:43 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN

09/23/2006 7:41 A.M. DEPARTURE SCAN


09/23/2006 2:15 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN

09/22/2006 11:08 P.M. DEPARTURE SCAN

09/22/2006 10:00 P.M. ARRIVAL SCAN
09/22/2006 7:17 P.M. DEPARTURE SCAN

09/22/2006 6:35 P.M. ORIGIN SCAN

Tracking results provided by UPS: 09/23/2006 12:33 P.M. EST (USA)

Based on that chart, the bear's trip has gone something like this...So you're probably wondering why it matters to me. Well it isn't that it really matters to me... but if I was driving from the starting point at the Vermont Teddy Bear Headquarters to New York then my route would look more like this...
See the difference??? I just find it interesting that this bear has travelled more miles in less than 24 hours, with adverse weather conditions to boot, than if I had just picked him up in Vermont myself.

I know... it's stupid... but it intrigues me.
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Friday, September 22, 2006

Honoring Thy Tenant, Landlord, and Diversions of Drama

It's that day again... time to pay respect and honors to my tenant and landlords. First a big thanks to Cail Marlo. He was kind enough to organize my recipie card file while he was here. Granted, I have all of two cards (Alpo and Purina) but it still was nice of him. In his place we now find the one... the only... The Chad. Check out his movie insights, his DVD reviews, but most importantly check out the picture of him with his dogs. He'll also give you a peak into his cranium but most importantly, he's all about Peace. Go so The Chad... and prepare to be more enlightened than a senior citizen voting in a Presidential Election in Florida. By the time he leaves here... he'll be fluent in Love as well.

I'm crashing this week at Maldita, Bratinella which is written by Brat, a loud and talkative graduate of Electronics and Engineering. There are certain things that are cosmically meant to be... and this is one of them. I'll give you a hint... she's 5'4" and her birthday is this weekend... remind you of anyone? No? Well... she reminds me of someone... and since this is my blog I'm all that matters! Pretty bratty of me huh? Well she considers herself a brat too! See what I was saying about cosmic connections and stuff. So go see Brat and thank her for giving me a home this week... and then sympathize with her because she actually read through all my archives to check my references... of course I think she thinks I'm her... but I assure you I'm not (probably from a little hacking incident that occurred). I'm me... really... I promise.


Thus we turn to the drama... or lack thereof. This Sunday is The Steff's birthday. The flowers and bear are enroute... and her signed Kelly Clarkson photo is in hand. The Nick's birthday is also next week... but I'm not sure what to get her. I know The Steff's likes and dislikes a lot better.

Thus far the plan is to go out Saturday night for her birthday. Last year, I wasn't around for her birthday, although the flowers and bear made it. I plan on making up for it this year though... at least in the area of alcohol consumption. Perhaps you haven't been around for awhile and am wondering where exactly I was?

One year ago tonight, at mile marker 156 of I-81 in Virginia at 5:27am, I smashed into a deer at 75 miles per hour with my ambulance... which affectionately became known as DeerSlayer afterwards. We pulled over, all 9 ambulances in the convoy... our emergency lights illuminating the road and pushing back the curtain of black. The damage to the ambulance was minor... but the deer was terminal. We got back into our vehicles and continued on our way to Texas... with Hurricane Rita bearing down and estimated less than 24 hours away from landfall.

When I left New York for Texas, I had only been back for 3 days from New Orleans. I was pretty downtrodden after that experience... having been limited to what we could do and doing more "hurry up and wait" than "making it happen". I had the incident in New Orleans that broke a few teeth as well, and really needed to see my dentist.

Once we got down there and into the thick of it I flipped into auto mode. We fell into a high paced rhythymn from the Mississippi border on. The adrenaline was in my veins, and I set a pace I thought would break the others. A few did... but the rest went above and beyond and at times I was the one trying to keep up. Granted for 17 nights I slept in a two man tent, food was always a concern, and since there was no cell service in Hemphill contact with the outside world was next to nil (which really wasn't necessarily a bad thing). We were a motley team, but a team none the less. With mission priorities set, the elements and variables mounted against us, we made it happen... the impossible became possible.

I was doubly blessed in that during the second half of the tour down there I was able to bring my crew from the Baton Rouge Tasking Office down. The four of us were together in a disaster zone once again... runnin' hot during the day... and cooling off with the PBR at night. I got to experience things I may never have, like real Texas barbecue, see a real Texan High School football game, riding a real Texas mechanical bull, and driving 70 miles per hour down a two lane road. We got to help people who needed it. We were able to make a difference and see the difference we made. It was everything New Orleans could of been had we been deployed sooner rather than later. It was for all intense purposes... euphoric.

We were gone for 24 days. We didn't see our homes again until October 16. I'll admit, that night hugging The Steff hello was the absolute greatest feeling in the world. To be home and sleeping on a futon under a real roof was a pleasure. To be able to watch television and drink a bottle of Merlot was divine. It's a shame that didn't last. It took until November 1, 17 days, for me to feel the itch. The nagging feeling that life sucks and I needed to be away. I needed to be doing something... anything... other than what I was doing. One day... one day... that feeling and urge will go away... I hope.

I started this blog November 8 after spending 5 days of staring at a blank screen trying to write about what I had seen and done. There are still nights I stare at the screen, blocked by some brick in the wall... but never here... never here. I often wonder why that is... but I'm sure one day I'll figure it out. This really isn't my first blog... my first one was... well... that's a story for a different time... and maybe a different blog.

On that note... go see B at All-Night.Org... she's had her's for two years and is looking to hit the fifty comment mark. Make it happen.
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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Are You Ready...

... Because it's FOAD Thursday!!! Let the Fucking Off begin!!!

First and foremost to the morons driving on the Inter-Borough Parkway tonight. Okay... so maybe driving is being a litte generous. How about to the morons who were crashing on the Inter-Borough Parkway tonight. Yes, you little Acura as nimble as it may be cannot do the snake turns through Cypress Hills Cemetery at 80 miles per hour. Because of you... I missed the season premiere of Jericho tonight. The only comfort was that Monique tipped me off that I could watch the season premiere of Heroes on Yahoo! Had that not happened, then I would have been showing you guys some serious peace and love... lucky you. Fuck off and die!

My next FOAD goes to 1-800-Flowers.com. It really is simple... I want the flowers delivered Saturday, and the billing address to my card is in New York and not PA. So when I receive my first confirmation and see the PA billing address, well I called to correct it. Then when I receive my second confirmation I see the flowers scheduled for today, so I called again to correct it. Then when I receive my third e-mail confirmation I see the billing address is back to PA, so when I call yet AGAIN to correct it I'm told to ignore the e-mails. Really? Then STOP SENDING THEM!!! Fuck off and die!

My next FOAD goes to Sleepy's. Next day delivery my ass. Now it seems my mattress will not arrive until next week... but my bed is coming tomorrow. WTF? When will I get a good night's sleep on a real bed? Is it not to be? That's now two strikes against you Sleepy's... one more and I'm calling you out. In the mean time, just fuck off and die, k?

Hey BlogExplosion... thanks for adding the Yahoo! powered ads to the side and screwing up the interface (nevermind the fact every time it loads it is offering me a weight loss method "guaranteed" to work... whatcha trying to say?). At some point you'll realize how bad you've screwed a good thing up and then there's only one thing left for you to do...

Finally I need to share some serious Peace and Love to my neighbor. Nevermind the fact that the cementing of your yard has done nothing but flood my basement when it rains. Nevermind the fact that all summer long you've been making noise until the wee hours of the morning. Nevermind the fact that your visitors are constantly blocking my driveway. You need Peace and Love for playing that fucking country music until 3am and then not coming out of your house for 30 minutes to move YOUR car out of my way, and THEN tell me that I better not touch your precious fence with my flood gate or I'll be replacing it. How about I take your fence... shine it up real good... turn it sideways... and stick it right up ya ass!
Flood gate is coming like it or not... you have been warned.


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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Only Show I'm Interested In

So the fall season is upon us. I was misled on Monday to think that NBC's new show Heroes was premiering. Instead I got that bald Howie Mandel surrounded by hotties he does not need trying to corrupt the souls of people for a million dollars.

I was upset it wasn't on. So instead I played online poker. Which by the way has come under attack by the government. The House passed a bill back in July that is driving online poker into the realm of prohibition. It hasn't passed the Senate yet... so until it does, because it seems to be only a matter of time before we become a dictatorship in all things but name (like firing judges), I'm going to play my little heart out.

Yes... I'm just not feeling it today.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Are Those Gators In The Sewer?

Actually no... those are subways. If you've ever wondered what it was like to cruise the subterranean city beneath New York, check out Subway Blogger. Here's a hardcore blogger from the subway and doing it all by Crackberry. He's also in the side over there. Check him out if you can.

Which actually brings me to another point... I am a serious lazy fuck. I don't update URL's like I should even though it is SO easy to do. I suck... so I missed Newsbitch's birthday. So go tell her happy belated and let her you know how stupid I am.

Arrr, today is Talk Like A Pirate Day. I have a hard time doin' the whole Pirate accent although Me am all for gettin' my timbers shi'ard and ha'in' har blow. Gar, Where can I find a bottle o'rum? Aye, this is about as good as it gets for me... and Me ran this through a translator... so don't go gettin' all pirate-ettiquette on me or nothin'. Gar.

Finally, I'd like to mention that if your an internet denizen who finds yourself online WAY too much... then you should go here. I know I've mentioned the forums a couple times... but it never amazes me how many people are out there that don't belong and would probably put in some real interesting topics for me to use the "OK Fucktard" smiley on.

If you're thinking that this post is out of character for me... well yeah... it is. I was going to go on a tirade about the ill effects of crack and how it affects people's minds in a warped fashion... but then fucking Blogger ate my post... so I said fuck it.

Maybe later I'll be more interesting.
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Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Sad Ooogle Monday

This is a sad Ooogle Monday. I like to make Ooogle Mondays happy... but... well... here is today's Ooogle...
That is Trish Stratus. Last night was her last match with the WWE at the pay-per-view UnForgiven. Yes... I know... I'm a dink for watching wrestling... but to be honest she was a good 25% of the reason why I did. Believe it or not, she actually is a real sweetheart in person too... and she's short. Now she's retiring for whatever which means she won't be around much anymore. I won't see her Monday nights on tv, or when the WWE goes to the Garden, or in those Diva Magazines they put out. So now... I'm just sad about it. Thanks for the memories Trish... and whenever you realize that I'm the dog of your dreams let me know... that's one lap I'd lay in without hesitation.
And for the harem I kept with the wrestling theme. This is Edge who last night was ROBBED of the title by John Cena. Cena is the WORST wrestler in my opinion. He has a small fan base and for some reason the WWE keeps pushing him to the forefront. To make things worse, now he's starring in a move called The Marine... and the movie actually looks good. Anyway... here's to Edge... sorry you had to drop the title.
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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tenants, Landlords, and Drama... Oh My!!!

So we have come to another Friday... TGIF and all that other good crap... well... not really. I'll be working another fun filled weekend. First Saturday will be my annual trip to the Stadium for a double header with that group of guys from Boston. Oh... you mean they're a team??? Rrrriiiigggghhhhtttt. Whateva. Doubleheader+Boston=fights which if your not a mathematical genius means I may actually have to work. Then Sunday I get to stand in Central Park while a benefit show plays in honor of the whole UN Week thing. Yeah... TGIF my ass.

So have you seen my tenant Cail Marlo at all yet? Obviously not. Show the man some pity... he's stuck getting up at 8:00am to learn French, the "language of love". I never could understand that thought... the women don't shave their armpits much less their moustaches... I couldn't find love there because while love may be blind well I'm not yet. Go see Cail Marlo and show him what some real, red-hot blooded, full blown American women are like. After you see him then you can also see me only landlord this week... RevRee. I'm there for the next few days chilling under the gaze of the lone green eye.


So the drama drought pretty much continues. The biggest news is that The Nick came back from her journey to Canada. She had a good time. A good time of course includes a trip to a strip club where she was able to sample cock flavored champagne. Yeah... well this was Canada and apparently they don't have to wear the socks up there. Of course the boardwalk guy did get kicked to the curb as I had thought... but now she was on a few dates with some other guy. I'll give him to the end of the month.

The Pudding decided to bombshell me with the fact she now has a job this morning. She is now apparently working at a local 7/11. This really isn't something I'm thrilled over even though I should be so that maybe she won't be asking me for extra money. I don't know why... it just bothers me when she works. It bothered me in PA when she did it. It bothers me now that she's at 7/11. At least get a cool job... like in a candy store or something... but no... she's working in 7/11. Maybe I'll get a Slurpee discount.

I haven't spoken to The Steff since Saturday. I know... I suck as a friend. She's busy with school, work, and of course The Donkey. I'm busy with work... and work... and work. This is the usual circle of things... and of course the fact I'm not really a phone person... but her birthday is coming up. So yeah... there'll be the obligatory Vermont Teddy Bear... and the cascade of flowers. She's pulling a me when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday... so I'll need to think of something else to get her. Not quite sure what though... any suggestions?

I guess that's about it. Maybe I'll be around this weekend... maybe I won't. One way or the other have a good one.
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

FOAD Thursday... No One Is Immune!!!

So today is FOAD Thursday!!! Finally some much needed rage time!!!

So first things first... a huge ever loving FOAD to the people at Dunkin' Donuts. I know... I've told them to FOAD before time and time again. Your probably wondering why I don't just go to Starbucks and squelch of Ooompa Loompa's employee discount... but I just can't stand a store that will not understand what I mean by "large". The problem is... Dunkin' Donuts is having the same problem. It's really simple, I order a "large French Vanilla Ice Coffee, light with cream, and with four Splendas" every single day. The order does not change. 4 out of 5 days... that order is wrong. In fact, the ONLY day that I seriously love going there is Mondays. I know... fucked up isn't it? The first day of the week is the ONLY day I get the right coffee. It's usually the only damn thing that's right about Mondays.

I don't understand what the problem is there. Oh, and it isn't just one store. I've begun going to two different ones to see if there was any improvement... and that proved to be more hassle than it was worth. Heaven forbid I actually order a donut or muffin either... because they'll usually fuck that up to. So here is to the corporate entity known as Dunkin' Donuts... FOAD for failing to provide adequate instructions in multiple languages (English, Spanish, and Stewpid would do) so that their customers will have a pleasant experience as opposed to the torture of drinking regular iced coffee not sweetened with lowfat milk. Heh. Lowfat milk. Fuckers. Fuck off and die.

My next FOAD goes out to the United Nations. Thank you very fucking much for bringing every asshat with diplomatic plates out into the streets. In most of their countries... they drive on the other side of the street... so yeah, letting them loose in New York is a bright fucking idea. Nevermind the fact they get so lost it isn't even funny... and now with the gentrification of Harlem they're finding their way over the bridge into Queens. Is this really necessary? Can't you guys afford them drivers or something? Fuck off and die diplomatic idiot drivers... and the next one who cuts me off at the McDonald's drive thru is going to get their immunity with my brush guard shoved up their ass.

Peace and Love needs to go out to the bloggers I heard about who signed up for Project 2,996 and either: a) didn't follow through b) intertwined their own political rants or c) posted something worse. If you're going to sign up for something then you really should honor your commitment. If you're going to sign up for something then you really should read what it actually is about. If you're going to sign up for something just to be the anarchist rebel then maybe you should sign up for medical experimentation... really. So Peace and Love for those who made a commitment and failed to follow through.

Finally, we received this memo from our human resources department:
To: All Employees
From: Human Resources
RE: Alcoholic Beverages at Company Events

Due to the recent cutbacks in budgets we have determined that the two yearly company events will be compiled into one event. Additionally, to keep costs in line with the budget we will be cutting back on both security and bar staff at the event. Because of these cutbacks we have to unfortunately limit all employees and their guests to one (1) alcoholic beverage per person.

We realize that this comes as an inconvenience to a number of you who take the opportunity to become inebriated without spending your entire paycheck that week and to arbitrarily air your complaints to the executives of the company about the size of before mentioned paycheck. However we would like to keep these events going as we feel that overall it provides us with a sense of community and family.

Thank you.
Well... that was a relatively fucked up memo to send out. Far be it from me to do anything against the company... so I decided to invest in some of these for the next function...

So yes... human resource reps the world over... fuck off and die...


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I'm In Good Company...

I got this from Avitable and I thought... well if he's Satan... then what the hell am I?

The Fallen Angel

You scored 45% Pride, 70% Envy, 65% Ambition, and 25% Deceitfulness!

You are the Fallen Angel, one of the angels who left their first estate and now reserved in chains in everlasting darkness. Basically, you left heaven to get some tail. That’s right, you thought some women were so beautiful, that you left heaven to have sex with them. Well some certainly are beautiful, but you gotta draw the line somewhere, geez! Based on your personality, it seems you may have left heaven for two reasons, besides the endless supply of human females. Reason 1: You are ambitious and you got tired of being a servant of God. Instead, you wanted to make your own kingdoms so others could serve you. Reason 2: You are a jealous person, and may have taken a certain joy out of corrupting God’s creation. You are a straightforward villain, and you didn’t try to deceive God in your evildoings. Basically, you told God, "it is what it is". In the end, God decided that you had to go, and you humbly accepted the punishment mentioned at the beginning of this description.

A Child of Israel
The Serpent
The Phillistine
Judas Iscariot
The Demon
The Fallen Angel
The False Prophet
King Nebuchadnezzar
King Saul
The Antichrist

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 99% on Pride
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You scored higher than 99% on Envy
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You scored higher than 99% on Ambition
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You scored higher than 99% on Deceitfulness

Link: The Which Biblical Villain Are You Test written by MetalliScats on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

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Marketing Cloaked As Reality

One of the things that I think the Blair Witch Project created was a trend for marketers to try and make their advertisements as spellbinding and real as possible. This trend has continued, the most obvious one was the recent Billboard episode (you know the one, with the joint bank account). Now... we have this...

This is Lonelygirl15. She uses YouTube to leave VLOGS (video logs for you denser than dense) about her political musings, her love of science, her religous views, her struggles and triumphs, and just her life in general. She's become a sort of YouTube "SuperStar". She has a fan base, and a fan created website. She is a fake. An actress who has been exposed, a fake fan site exposed, and a production company that inevitably is looking to make money somehow off all this is now exposed. You can read the article if you want the details on who exposed who and what not.

Here's why I have found it interesting... YouTube has risen in popularity over MySpace. Yes... the evil empire has been dominated by what most people considered just an accessory to their page. So what does this really mean??? Well get ready for more bullshit professionally made videos. Soon everyone will have a camcorder or a webcam and will be doing stuff on YouTube... and the advertisers and marketers will be in there because this is a medium they know a lot about... and that will do nothing but discredit YouTube in the eyes of those of us who starve for the reality driven aspect.

Then again... it gives us some rather interesting drama to follow.
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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Really Did Have Something Interesting...

... but it really isn't. At least not in comparison to what I just watched. Oh wait... I need to add this just in case...


So a friend of mine sent me a link to this 9/11 Conspiracy Video. I bet some people are scratching their heads and asking, "Well with friends like that who needs enemies?" But that's pretty much the opposite way that I feel about it. She was very apologetic about it and the reason she was sending it to me was because she didn't want to offend me if she posted it.

So I watched the whole video. To be honest... I may even order the DVD. It was really well made and made some very thought provoking points. There were a few things that I dismiss with a wave of the hand... like the covers of the FEMA training books about terrorism (classes I took by the way in 1999 in prep for Woodstock) being the WTC in crosshairs. Ever since 1993 the WTC has been the number one target for terrorists. They have made that known over the years, and those Palestinians dancing in the streets when it happened were really dancing in the streets. No media witchery there since it was confirmed by a co-worker of mine who was there visiting his brother (and yes, he is a Muslim). There are a few other things too... but nothing really outstanding or evidential.

A lot of it reminds me of a study that was done down south. In the study they had 50 people stand outside a church and watch as a police car driven by a policeman drove by at 25 mph, the driver smiling and waving. Fifteen minutes later the exact same policeman drove by at 25 mph, he was hunched over the wheel with his lights and sirens on. When asked about the first police officer the majority answered that he was driving 20-30 mph and was a nice guy. When asked about the second police officer the majority answered that he was driving 50-60 mph and he was one of the mean and nasty ones who wrote them tickets. Same guy... different perceptions.

The point I want to make in this is that if we do not question, do not speak freely, do not express how we truly feel about things, well then they won. We have always prided ourselves as a nation that embodies, protects, and puts forth these freedoms as a matter of principle. There is no reason we should stop now. To stop now would be the greatest injustice and disservice of them all. To live without fear, without tyranny, with freedom is what the founding fathers fought for... and what those first colonists died for. Their sacrifice was just as important as those 5 years ago, and those that will be made 5 years from now. I'm not going to let it be in vain... and neither should any of you.

I would like to mention one other thing though. If for whatever reason the truth comes out that the government has done anything remotely close to what this video suggests... well then folks you will see one mad mutha fuckin' dog... and nothing will protect the self proclaimed intellectual sitting in the oblong office from me and mine no matter where he goes... fucking nothing.

Watch it. Discuss it. Spread it not as gospel, or true, or fact. Spread it for what it is... someone speaking freely.

Tomorrow... FOAD Thursday... guess what the Dunkin' Donuts guy did this week??? Tune in to find out!
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Pontificate Them All!!! Let The Sheep Sort It Out!!!

First I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments on the two previous posts. Without going into too much detail, I was very moved by them all and appreciate it. Yeah... that's all I'm going to say about it otherwise I'd need another warning at the top of this post.

So getting back into the groove of things I have a new renter. I hope everyone saw Lisa before she left... and if you didn't... well you obviously can't follow instructions very well. So what you now need to do is go see Cail Marlo over at Pontifications of Cynicality. Now understand that I am NOT asking. I am telling you. You must CLICK HERE.

Did you do it? Good. See... he's a very deeply thoughtful guy and his design is pleasing to the eye as opposed to retina burning like my own... and yet... he's using orange. So he'll be here all week... make sure you visit and tell him I sentcha.
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Monday, September 11, 2006

2,630,880 Minutes


It has been 2,630,880 minutes since 9:59am on September 11,2001. It has been 2,630,880 minutes since the South Tower of the World Trade Center at Liberty Street and West Street collapsed. I ask that you specifically remember the following nine Emergency Medical Service Responders who perished in that collapse:

Carlos Lillo
Ricardo Quinn
Keith Fairben
Mark Schwartz
David Sullins
volunteer Zhe Zang
my friend Mario Santoro
my friend and vollie dispatcher Richard Pearlman
and my friend and partner Yamel Merino

Miss you Yum...
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Sunday, September 10, 2006

To Each Their Own


I'm sure some people are wondering why I put that warning up there. I put it there because I don't want someone to read it not knowing what it is going to be about in case they don't want to read it. It's an option I've decided to employ... and of course there is a reason behind it.

To be totally honest, Monday's post was going to have eight names on it asking you to remember them with a graphic I had done back in September 2001 that eventually became a memorial patch that I wear on all of my uniform shirts. It will be posted at 9:59am, which is the time determined that the South Tower collapsed. I quite literally will be hitting the button to send out the tone across the frequencies signalling sixty seconds of silence and the Publish Post button at the same time. That's the whole reason why while I support the 2,996 Project I am not partaking in it. I couldn't choose one name over the other seven and I couldn't NOT mention them and instead talk about someone I didn't know. That just wasn't going to happen.

Aside from those eight names I was going to also post about the WWE event that night at MSG. RAW will be live from the Garden and fuck it I'm going. In fact, Monday is a very busy day for me... which is actually really good because when I'm not busy my mind wanders and while I usually don't mind it I am apprehensive of it on that day. So yeah... that was going to be my post.

Then I started thinking that maybe I should do more. I started thinking that maybe... just maybe... I should write about that clear blue Tuesday 5 years prior. What made me think about posting about it? Well... there was this comment that I read somewhere... and then I commented... and in hindsight the comment I made wasn't the smartest and as usual I stuck my foot down my gullet... so then I had to explain myself further. In attempting to do so, I started thinking that maybe my original post idea is not the greatest.

Here's the thing. There are 4 people on this planet who I have ever spoken to in detail about that day who were not actually there. They would be Pudding, Christine, my mom, and my therapist. When I go out of state and people find out I'm from New York they usually ask, "Were you there?" Sometimes they mention the date... sometimes they don't. The look on their faces tells all. My answer is usually, "Yeah, I was there." Sometimes if they persist a bit I'll go as far as telling them, "I was at Albany and West Street" or "It was numbing" and leave it at that. If they keep persisting I tell them "I don't talk about it and that's all I'm saying." Twice I've had people not take that as an answer... and once out of those two times I almost got locked up when my flying paws of fury were unleashed. Bottom line is, I don't talk about details. I don't know why that is, it just is.

The truth is that there are people who don't want to be reminded of 9/11. They don't want to watch movies, read books or for that matter blog posts about it. They want it to be like every other Monday with Ooogles, Click & Comment, and Jerry Springer. Instead they'll get tribute posts, undoubtedly someone will post one of those slideshows, and while I'm not sure about outside of NY I know that inside the local stations will be carrying the memorial service live. They don't want it to be anymore than a footnote in history just like Pearl Harbor has become. Honestly... I do not blame them one bit.

That may sound strange coming from me... I think most people would think I am all for all these memorials, candlelight vigils, and special edition Time magazines. I'm really not. I can understand why people get sick and tired of hearing about it. I remember one of the guys I worked with telling me the same thing on November 11, 2001. I told him it would be around until something bigger happened. The next day Flight 587 crashed in Far Rockaway... and we thought this was the "bigger". Within two weeks it was out of the news but the WTC was still in it. I guess we were wrong.

Just so I don't get totally muddled here allow me to quickly insert the point I am trying to make that I had actually made earlier and relatively easily:
I just think everyone should deal with it in their own way. If it’s doing the 2,996 thing, great. If it’s posting an “anti-tribute”, great. If it is avoiding every post on 9/11 or about 9/11, great. And yes, if it’s ranting about those who do it and how you feel it is being forced down your gullet then fantastic.

Although they are all sending very different messages it’s all the same. It is dealing with it in your own terms and on your own conditions for which there is nothing wrong with. The wrongness comes into play when you think you can’t do any of those things or that you MUST do one of them because to do otherwise would be socially unacceptable.

I do have some serious reservations about diverting from my original plan. I don't want it "out there", ya know? I don't want someone looking and saying I'm exploiting something, or that I'm self centered. I would feel a lot better about it if I could make it a private post... but this is Blogger we're talking about... I'm lucky if my blog even loads with them at the helm.

I made a choice 4 years and 10 months ago to remember that day by wearing a 9/11 memorial patch on every uniform shirt I own. Now of course that decision was slightly slanted since I helped design the patch... but that was a decision that I made for myself as a way to pay tribute to the person who's name is on that patch. To be honest I'm not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow... but whatever it is I assure you it will be the right thing for me.

I hope you make the same decision.
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Saturday, September 09, 2006

So I Finally Did It...

... I bought my bed today. Well... sort of... more like I ordered it and it is scheduled to be delivered on September 21. Finally... after two years... I will sleep on a futon no longer.

I ordered it from Gothic Cabinet Craft which is actually a very cool store. Their factory is a neighborhood away in Maspeth. So I went into the store with The Steff and we looked around. Now the last bed I had that I ordered from them was absolutely the best... until Pudding sold it out from under me. So I knew that they had a good qaulity product. The only bad thing about the last one was the height. Pudding needed a stepstool to get into it (which may have been one of her driving factors for selling it) and it was a bit of a drop to the floor even for me and my one bad knee.

So we walked around for awhile looking at the different kinds. The one and only thing I absolutely knew was that I wanted the "floating nighttable" headboard. So the bed I got HAD to accomadate that. So we found this one in the back that was nice looking. The Steff agreed it was a good design because the drawers weren't built into it and she pointed out that since this is going into my basement where I've had the recent flooding issues the less underneath the better. I could always get some plastic containers or something for underneath. Once you take away the built in drawers, well that was a $250 savings. Then once I added the headboard... well that ended up being another $300. Oh well.

In general The Steff has always been one of the better people to go shopping with because, well, she's a girl and can color coordinate and knows all the stylish things I as a guy choose to ignore. Hence this is why she picked out the color... because although they offer unfinished furniture you can then finish yourself... well I did that last time but never got around to finishing it. So she picked the Dark Teak... which was the one I was hoping for anyway.

So that's going to be my bed... only without the drawers and stained Dark Teak. The whole ordeal took less than an hour... which is my type of shopping because I hate stores. Ontop of that I didn't have an issue like I had at Sleepy's with Christine. The guy was professional, even though some people might think otherwise of someone wearing a Punisher t-shirt, and just seemed happy that we had gone in ourselves and chosen what we wanted. Of course the fact The Steff is not as well endowed as Christine is may have played a part in it... it really is amazing what giving birth does to the mammary glands.

So now all that remains is getting the actual mattress. This is actually a lot easier since I received previous recommendations. I just need to actually go there and order it without the salesman looking at someone's tits and sending me into a fiery rage. I'll probably just go alone... just to be safe.

So did I make a good choice?
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Friday, September 08, 2006

Fuck the Trees

So this morning I've decided to once again stop taking the medication. Amazingly... whether its in my mind or not... I already feel a bit better. I feel like the fog has lifted a bit. Although I don't feel as enthusiastic as I normally would, I still feel more enthusiastic about things. I'm not sure if enthusiastic is the right word. Maybe energetic is more along the lines. I feel slightly more focused.

One of the things that made me decide to stop taking them was this article here. There's an accompanying slide show in the sidebar. It's almost surreal watching it... since I was at the funeral in person. I think the part that really changed my outlook was where Kevin says that if he did speak at any of the memorials, "I would probably say don't live in the past."

Solid advice I've heard before. Like mother like son.

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Friday and I Still Suck

So it's Friday. Have you gone to see Lisa yet this week? Well you need to RIGHT NOW SO CLICK HERE. Besides... what I have to say really isn't that important.


So I've been feeling very foggy lately. I've felt this way for the last few weeks. A lot of those nights I sit here staring at a blank screen wondering what it is I should write. Normally I only have that problem when I am working on the novel but to which all work has pretty much once again ground to a halt.

So tonight I got an e-mail from The Steff. She basically asked if I was okay and if I was mad at her. Normally I would whip off a quick reply reassuring her that I'm truly okay and that I'm not mad at all and its just life being its hectic self. Instead I sat here for close to two and a half hours looking at a blank e-mail while I pondered the question "Am I okay?" The first three attempts at a response I erased because I don't know if anyone else reads her e-mail. I settled on a pretty plain response with the answer I think she should get.

While I would like to say I can trace my dysfunction back to the palm lashing I received from my mother in 1978... how much can I blame the poor woman for? The fact is that yesterday I finally put out the memo my department will be announcing every 4 hours. Basically it goes, "On Monday September 11 at 9:59am we will be observing 60 seconds of radio silence."

I did see that therapist last Thursday. Yeah he told me everything I already knew. I told him to save the paper with the script. He told me a tree gave its life for the script and I shouldn't make the tree's sacrifice be in vain.

I'm trying to keep up with the normal things. Trying to blog. Trying to go out. Trying to write. Trying to post on the forums. Trying to read blogs. Trying to read books. Trying to play XBox. Yet everything seems to be in vain.

Everything except the tree's sacrifice.

I know. I still suck.
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Thursday, September 07, 2006

What Day Is Today?

I do know what day it is. Just not feelin' it. Haven't been feelin' much lately. Go see Lisa. If your craving a serious smashing... I'm sure Jane will deliver. If I find something to set me off... I'll be sure to post it.

Yeah... I know... I suck.

And all that cal my little droogies... all that cal...


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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Really... I was wordless...

So I was going to go the cheap-o way out of today and just tell you to go visit Lisa because she's all Fooked Up. Besides, she has far more interesting things to say than I do.

That is until I read Cail Marlo's post tonight. Now this is a topic that I can say alot about... in fact in the past I have said alot about it... and actually so have others. There really is not anything new I can add to what has already been said except for this...

It's hard to sit at the end of the day alone. Nothing... not a television, a computer, an internet connection, a webcam, an e-mail account, a forum, a game, a refrigerator full of coke (yeah... thanks dad), or a beer... can ever replace the comfort of someone's hand on your shoulder infusing you with the warm gooeyness associated with the emotion known as love. When that hand isn't there... but the gooeyness remains... it is eventually overtaken by an ache so achey not an entire factory of Icy Hot could get that ache out. It is that ache however that reminds us that we are... above all the things that we are... alive. Being alive, regardless of how bad that ache is, will always be preferred to not being alive simply because while the ache may not be there neither will we and therefore we do not have the opportunity to once again be enveloped in gooeyness.

Yeah. Go read Lisa. She's more interesting than me and my fucking retarded analogies.
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Monday, September 04, 2006

Move On If Your Not In A Mood...

... 'Cause I sure the fuck am. First things first... I adamantly REFUSE to use the new "C" word. No, not cunt you sheltered turtles. I mean the word most often used when referring to Steve Irwin. Now maybe some of you have heard that he met his untimely demise at the hands of a Stingray. While I will gladly offer my condolensces to the family... I have to point something most normal people can see.

Steve Irwin was insane. Having met the man a few years ago at the David Letterman show I can verify he took a lot of risks. Granted, he would be the guy you want on a plane full of snakes instead of that purple lightsaber wielding Mace Windu (aka Samuel Jackson for you intellectuals who are ABOVE the Holy Trilogy Prequels) who can only scream "Muthafuckin' snakes on a muthafuckin' plane!" In that situation I would definately want Irwin onboard.

Bottom line is that he took a bunch of risks in doing what he did. He knew them better than anyone else. Oh, and contrary to popular belief Stingrays are not domesticated fish. They are dangerous as this proves. It's fine to mourn and stuff, but give the man something decent than "(C-Word)! The Crocodile Hunter is dead! By a Stingray! WTF?"

I think Avitable did it best.


The next thing that has me in a mood was the series finale of Saved. Now for those of you who have not seen me talk about it previously... well let's just say there was discussion about possible intellectual theft. Tonight however, I have concluded that I won't be pursuing it for two reasons.

Reason one is that I really don't have the money. From what I gathered it was possible to bring a lawsuit... but in all reality I probably wouldn't win. Why? Because to a large degree all EMTs and Medics can share a lot of the same type of stories. Sure the names change, the locales change, but let's face it... idiot savants are not limited to one geographical area. Neither is domestic violence, traumas, drug overdoses, and the occasional illegal c-section. Okay... so that last one is a little far fetched... but somewhere I'm sure someone has done it. Making it happen... that's what it's all about after all.

Reason two is that it really is a damn good show. Tonight's episode is a great example of that. Everytime Wyatt makes patient contact you see what happened to the patient in these "flashback" stills. While it is a technique I admire and to a certain degree is underused on the show, it gives the viewers something we never have. The clues to piece together the puzzle. Tonight did not turn out the way I had expected it to. While I still think Bringing Out The Dead by Joe Connelly is the best representation of EMS in the city... I think Saved is a very good representation of the profession as a whole.


Finally... do you guys know Lisa? Well if not... you should be sure to visit her. I don't know why, but for some reason everytime I put this hellhole up for rent for 500 credits I get a bidder I really like... and one that I like. So Lisa from Clusterfook is here... and you really need to go see her. Do you hear me? Am I making myself clear? Go see her. She's had some bloggy problems as of late so she's rebuilding the site... but go see what she's done. You won't be disappointed.
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