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Friday, September 29, 2006

To Hell With Everyone Else...

... today is her day! That's right folks... today is T from Hot Tamales' birthday!!!

I've considered T a good blogging buddy for quite awhile. She is just has that type of personality that I love... you know... the snarky, bitchy, go fuck yourself if you don't like it kinda attitude. We've had some ongoing bloggy sparring going on for quite awhile... but I heart her... really I do...

So for her birthday I needed to find something to give her... I needed something... well... over the top. Flowers... plain. Teddy bears... old. Diamonds... yeah, okay, reality check people! So I tried to figure out what to get her. I thought of a new blog template... but she already has one. I thought about an e-card... did it in 5 seconds... and then what? Surely not just a plain e-card would do.

So I decided to get her something a little more ethereal. So for you T... one of my bestest bloggy friends in the world... I give you...

... friendship.

If anyone needs me I will be hiding in a third world country for the next decade.

Happy Birthday Tiajuana.
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