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Monday, September 25, 2006

Did I Really Say That???

One of the many things that I have continuously heard bellowed about blogs is that they are a platform for conversation. To be honest, I don't really buy into that theory based on the current comment technology I've seen out there. I know there are those who will disagree with me on this which is fine. In my opinion the original conversation engine of the Web was the forum. To this day I still think it is in fact the best platform for such things.

The case in point that I would like to make is the forum at Did I Say That? Now I know a lot of people out there who are reading this already belong to Did I Say That? since it seems to teem with bloggers and blog readers (which means if you're not there... well what the hell are you waiting for?). So for a forum that really has no other vehicle, meaning it is a stand alone privately owned and FREE forum (no secret ads lurking and a strict NO SPAMMING policy), it remains active based upon what they themselves are proudest of... that they're all a bunch of Chatty Bitches.

I've always looked for a way to bring about a successful hybrid. The choices have always been either a blog based in a forum or a forum associated with a blog. Both have their assorted pros and cons. It is something I have thought long and hard on, and experimented with at great length to see if there was something more doable. The truth is that MySpace incorporates alot of the features that would make a hybrid successful... it offers a personal space withing a social circle. The blogs are the personal spaces... the forums are the social circles.

While the Did I Say That? forums are ad free, there is an incentive to joining and participating there. First your Flirty, then Skanky, then Slutty... you just keep getting worse to include Big Pimpin', Crack Whore... until you attain the ultimate level of chattiness... Hoochiemama.

The fact is that if you are someone interested in a conversational interactive environment that is mostly free of rules... well Did I Say That? is definately the place for you to be. If you're a blogger... all the better... and even if you aren't... there's a niche' there for you too.

For those of you who are curious... yes, I am a Freaky Ho... go see for yourself. However I do warn you there is a bit of a conflict going on between the Halloween Spookers and the Christmas Carolers... so when you come... be sure to pick the right holiday... or the Great Pumpkin's Enforcer will be dealing you the Dead Man's Hand...
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