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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Are You Ready...

... Because it's FOAD Thursday!!! Let the Fucking Off begin!!!

First and foremost to the morons driving on the Inter-Borough Parkway tonight. Okay... so maybe driving is being a litte generous. How about to the morons who were crashing on the Inter-Borough Parkway tonight. Yes, you little Acura as nimble as it may be cannot do the snake turns through Cypress Hills Cemetery at 80 miles per hour. Because of you... I missed the season premiere of Jericho tonight. The only comfort was that Monique tipped me off that I could watch the season premiere of Heroes on Yahoo! Had that not happened, then I would have been showing you guys some serious peace and love... lucky you. Fuck off and die!

My next FOAD goes to 1-800-Flowers.com. It really is simple... I want the flowers delivered Saturday, and the billing address to my card is in New York and not PA. So when I receive my first confirmation and see the PA billing address, well I called to correct it. Then when I receive my second confirmation I see the flowers scheduled for today, so I called again to correct it. Then when I receive my third e-mail confirmation I see the billing address is back to PA, so when I call yet AGAIN to correct it I'm told to ignore the e-mails. Really? Then STOP SENDING THEM!!! Fuck off and die!

My next FOAD goes to Sleepy's. Next day delivery my ass. Now it seems my mattress will not arrive until next week... but my bed is coming tomorrow. WTF? When will I get a good night's sleep on a real bed? Is it not to be? That's now two strikes against you Sleepy's... one more and I'm calling you out. In the mean time, just fuck off and die, k?

Hey BlogExplosion... thanks for adding the Yahoo! powered ads to the side and screwing up the interface (nevermind the fact every time it loads it is offering me a weight loss method "guaranteed" to work... whatcha trying to say?). At some point you'll realize how bad you've screwed a good thing up and then there's only one thing left for you to do...

Finally I need to share some serious Peace and Love to my neighbor. Nevermind the fact that the cementing of your yard has done nothing but flood my basement when it rains. Nevermind the fact that all summer long you've been making noise until the wee hours of the morning. Nevermind the fact that your visitors are constantly blocking my driveway. You need Peace and Love for playing that fucking country music until 3am and then not coming out of your house for 30 minutes to move YOUR car out of my way, and THEN tell me that I better not touch your precious fence with my flood gate or I'll be replacing it. How about I take your fence... shine it up real good... turn it sideways... and stick it right up ya ass!
Flood gate is coming like it or not... you have been warned.


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