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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Marketing Cloaked As Reality

One of the things that I think the Blair Witch Project created was a trend for marketers to try and make their advertisements as spellbinding and real as possible. This trend has continued, the most obvious one was the recent Billboard episode (you know the one, with the joint bank account). Now... we have this...

This is Lonelygirl15. She uses YouTube to leave VLOGS (video logs for you denser than dense) about her political musings, her love of science, her religous views, her struggles and triumphs, and just her life in general. She's become a sort of YouTube "SuperStar". She has a fan base, and a fan created website. She is a fake. An actress who has been exposed, a fake fan site exposed, and a production company that inevitably is looking to make money somehow off all this is now exposed. You can read the article if you want the details on who exposed who and what not.

Here's why I have found it interesting... YouTube has risen in popularity over MySpace. Yes... the evil empire has been dominated by what most people considered just an accessory to their page. So what does this really mean??? Well get ready for more bullshit professionally made videos. Soon everyone will have a camcorder or a webcam and will be doing stuff on YouTube... and the advertisers and marketers will be in there because this is a medium they know a lot about... and that will do nothing but discredit YouTube in the eyes of those of us who starve for the reality driven aspect.

Then again... it gives us some rather interesting drama to follow.
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