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“In each of us two natures are at war… the good and the evil. All our lives the fight goes on between them, but one of them must conquer. In our own hands lies the power to choose. What we want most to be we are.” – Dr. Henry Jekyll

Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday and I Still Suck

So it's Friday. Have you gone to see Lisa yet this week? Well you need to RIGHT NOW SO CLICK HERE. Besides... what I have to say really isn't that important.


So I've been feeling very foggy lately. I've felt this way for the last few weeks. A lot of those nights I sit here staring at a blank screen wondering what it is I should write. Normally I only have that problem when I am working on the novel but to which all work has pretty much once again ground to a halt.

So tonight I got an e-mail from The Steff. She basically asked if I was okay and if I was mad at her. Normally I would whip off a quick reply reassuring her that I'm truly okay and that I'm not mad at all and its just life being its hectic self. Instead I sat here for close to two and a half hours looking at a blank e-mail while I pondered the question "Am I okay?" The first three attempts at a response I erased because I don't know if anyone else reads her e-mail. I settled on a pretty plain response with the answer I think she should get.

While I would like to say I can trace my dysfunction back to the palm lashing I received from my mother in 1978... how much can I blame the poor woman for? The fact is that yesterday I finally put out the memo my department will be announcing every 4 hours. Basically it goes, "On Monday September 11 at 9:59am we will be observing 60 seconds of radio silence."

I did see that therapist last Thursday. Yeah he told me everything I already knew. I told him to save the paper with the script. He told me a tree gave its life for the script and I shouldn't make the tree's sacrifice be in vain.

I'm trying to keep up with the normal things. Trying to blog. Trying to go out. Trying to write. Trying to post on the forums. Trying to read blogs. Trying to read books. Trying to play XBox. Yet everything seems to be in vain.

Everything except the tree's sacrifice.

I know. I still suck.
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