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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ooogle Monday And Blogger Notoriety

Today is the United States holiday known as Labor Day. Click the link to learn about it... because honestly I could never understand why we have a Labor Day when everyone... but me... is off. So in honor of Labor Day the first Ooogle is for the ladies because I jipped them last week in my quest to be sued...
Now for the fellas... this is definately someone who I would gladly have laboring for me... at the very least the airbrusher can get some gainful employment...
That concludes Ooogle Monday... have a great week.


So Monique did a post about blog anonymity. These are basically my comments about it...
Anonymity can be a wonderful thing. It can also be one of the leading causes for anti-socialization behavior, and one of the leading causes of me not going to the front of the line at the pizzeria.

Sure there is a line… a line we tend to cross here and there… and a line that at times can cross us. Yet, this is one of the oddities of the entire thing that is a blog… because it can cross as us easily as we hit the delete button… and yet we are dependant on each other.

What I would like to point out, is that at the time you wrote those things, that was how you were feeling. To look back on it and say, “Oh that was wrong.” is hindsight which is always 20/20… but these are blogs that freeze these moments in time for us and our readers to see the moment from our point of view live and in the flesh.

Some people call us journalists. I prefer to look at it as a personal history. Auto-biographical material? Maybe… but probably not.

Either way you look at it… named or unnamed… whether you call yourself Monique, Malibu, Kristen, Kate, Lindsay, Lisa, Betty, or Beatrice… you’ll still be you… and THAT is what makes a blog unique.

Sorry for the post in the comments… I have ALOT of views on this subject as you well know… but I think that’s the best summary I could give.

The only real thing I can add to that is the fact allowing fear of discovery to hold back from ourselves is, in my opinion, a horrible consequence of Google. If you do a search on my name... well damn it pulls up a reference on page SIX from my early days on Prodigy (if you don't know what Prodigy is... don't ask... it'll make me feel fucking old... k?) about the Spice Girls. I really don't hold back on many items... but I also don't write about certain things for the same reason. Looking back, yes there are posts that make me sort of cringe because maybe I was a little too revealing, but I also look back and remember WHY I was so revealing. Usually it was to get a point across. Other times it was alcohol induced which shows me a raw state of mind. Finally... it was to get something out of my head and elsewhere so it wouldn't twist around and kill my last remaining brain cell.

I remember one of my other favorite bloggers, Dawn of Tiny Voices In My Head, who encountered a girl at a local bar in the bathroom. I did try to find the actual post... but I think she flipped over to Blogger Beta and it sent things awry in the archives. Basically the story went like this... Dawn's in the bathroom doing what girls do in bathrooms (you know, talking, applying make-up, gossiping, and so on) when this girl walks up to her and askes her, "Aren't you Dawn?". She replied, "Yeah." The other girl then says, "Oh I thought so... I read your blog." Now maybe that's not exactly how it went... but you get the idea. My point is... she has become known to people because of her blog.

I think I've posted maybe all of 4 pictures of myself on the blog... but now I have a little webcam setup. Why? Maybe because at some point... if I can't be known for the drivelling novels I attempt... I'll be known for this blog... and ultimately I want to move to the head of the line at the pizzeria... or at least get approached in the bathroom by a girl and asked "Are you NYC Watchdog? I read your blog... wanna show me some Peace and Love?"

I think I have a better shot at the pizzeria.

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