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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ooogle Monday Early With Stolen Images So I Can Get Sued

So everyone has seen this picture up usually during my FOAD posts:

I generally save it for those who piss me off to tremendous levels. Is it mine? No... but I know a lot of people have seen it here. Where did I get it? Well I got it through Google Images and stole it like every other self respecting blogger. What I didn't do was hotlink it... and I have it hosted through Imageshack. In fact... I've been using it since back in May.

So it turns out that this site has claimed the finger as their own. How would I know this? Well check out this review over at IT2M and make special note of the "smacks" delivered. So they're gonna sue the bitches over the use of the nuclear finger. So now I'm wondering if they're gonna sue me? I'd actually probably like that... because clearly I used it first even though I admitedly stole it. So they can't sue me for it as much as they'd like.

However... since I have never been one to disappoint... I will give them something they can attempt to sue me over... for your Ooogling pleasure...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Those puppies were legitimatley liberated from their site here. Now for some reason... I tend to think none of them actually own that picture... so to the rightful owner of the headlights above... I apologize for stealing your guns for my Ooogle... and I hope you're in a warmer place now.

As for those of Ask And Ye Shall Receive... I eagerly await the lawsuit. Send the papers here:
NYC Watchdog
6969 Boned Your Ass Lane
New York, NY, 11!!1
(212) 970-INYA
Have a good week...
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