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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Friday Honors

Well it is officially Friday... and this is the day reserved for honoring my tenants and landlords. This week I actually do have a tenant who I pretty much ignored. Hey... in the advertisement I said I was the most horrible blog in the world, k?

So when I first saw Stir Fry Kitty I thought for sure it was a Malaysian blog that was going to talk about the delicacies available at the 2008 Bejing Olympics. It turns out that instead of Bejing Chef Meeow, I found the writings of Bianca Roland from Oklahoma. Thoughtful, inspired, and using her real name in the jungles of the internet, Stir Fry Kitty is a delightful little read. She's with me until early next week... but why wait? Go visit her now and you can see what Stir Fry Kitty cooks... which is Mexican Lasagna as opposed to Siamese Shoo-fly Pie.

As for landlords... well I just finished my stay at World of Chad. It's reall a nice place Chad has over there, and it's currently open space so why don't you jump at the chance and spend a week with him. You'll come back... changed...


Now for the Friday Drama Update... well there really isn't much to report. Monday night I went out with The Steff who told me that yes, The Donkey got her flowers as per my drunk e-mail instructions. What a good Donkey Bitch he is. We also talked about some things going on that I've been missing out... like the teasing of said Donkey Bitch that The Terrorist is out to bag her. Unfortunately this sort of childish high school behaviour is par for the course for anyone working at The Hills... but what did you expect for people who VOLUNTEER to wade into shit waist deep nightly? We're not right in the head to start with... what makes you think we'd start being right now?

She did send me these pictures, one of which she wants morphed into a Maxim Magazine cover for her MySpace page. It's really what I should be doing as soon as I'm done here... but I'm going to bed. I'm tired lately... more tired than usual. This weariness has me slightly worried... because I've always taken it as a sign that the depression is creeping up on me. It is that time of year... so that may be the case... or I just may be pretty damn tired. I told her about it and she thinks I'm imagining it. Then I told Christine about it and she wants me to go see the doctor. Maybe if I get a solid night... hopefully I won't feel this tired tomorrow.

So yeah... drama's not the best it's been... which of course causes me to such for yet another day. Oh well... as Lysie would say...

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