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Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Island of Misfit Toys... And Elel Dum Dog

So the final show of the season on the Island of Misfit Toys has happened. While right now there is a bit of relief... I know on Monday I'll be sad because it provided me with a long overdue adrenaline rush.

Photo by PJ the drunk guy

That is the stage for this past weekends show, Heineken's AmsterJam. Ever wonder why I call it the "Island of Misfit Toys"? Well that tan building behind the stage is the Manhattan Psychiatric Center. Needless to say the entire place is crawling with local misfits who never saw the need to move any further when they were released. I often wonder what the concerts sound like in there... I'd actually hate to be subjected to the sounds because I'm sure the walls and thick glass mutilate the sound to an annoying droning.

I have to be very honest here... this past weekends show was probably one of the best ever. Heineken really spared no expense to provide the participants with a good time... and although the weather was cloudy with some rain... I think those who went enjoyed it... and it is a show I would highly recommend you catching if there is one in your area. In fact... this is one show I would actually probably pay to go to. Again... huge kudos to Heineken for a great job on it.

One of the coolest parts of the show was that every two artists who played on the main stage would do a "mash" song... meaning they would basically perform together either a true "mash-up" of two songs, or just play a song together. While Tom Petty and Dave Grohl seemed to miss the point with their "mash", all the other performers mixed it up really well.

As what has been a common theme for summer tours, the big crowd draw was not the headliner. It seemed to me that LL Cool J had the biggest draw. It seemed after he got done a good quarter of the people left. Now that also might be because of the rain, but it still seemed as if LL had the best performance of the show.

Of course, his closing number I'm sure stopped many hearts. Why? Well because he brought up 10 beautiful women from the crowd. Have you watched MTV lately? Chances are they'll show his ending performance at the precise moment my bosses will be watching, and this is what they'll see...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yeah. Dead Dog blogging. Hey... he legitimately dragged her onstage and was complaining of "chest pain"... and while we normally blow off these pleas as the STUPIDEST and MOST ANNOYING pick-up line ever... well it was logged and he was T&Red... because to not have gone would have been a dereliction of duty... and it was fucking LL Cool J, k?

Of course... I needed to take advantage of the opportunity and stake my own claim at fame...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

He may have had them onstage... but I got to drive home with them... well... at least back to the garage... but hey... that counts!!!

Yeah... I should start looking for a new job... and tomorrow you can call me Mud.
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