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Thursday, August 10, 2006

More Thursday Madness

Well there's some good news for a change... BE finally approved my banners. Well... they rejected 2 and approved 2. One wouldn't load for them and the other was over 100k... which made me say WTF? That's when I realized that the banners I did were huge because I hadn't reset my new version of PhotoShop to the right optimization. Oh well... at least my Cookies banner is running now.

I'm also relatively happy to report that this blogger told me to FOAD! Why you ask? Well besides the fact they have a blog for every single little thing they think is cool, including FOAD, it's a fucking horror show! So I told them that. Now they're all pissy and are telling me, Vixen, and Painting Chef to FOAD. Personally I was a bit miffed because I got bottom billing... but whatever. So the drugs have me in a benevolent mood... so I left this comment:

*SIGH* Why must I try and explain the basics? Well... because its only fair.

1) The reason your blog is probably not listed is because the list is derived from Technorati. This actually would probably not be considered a blog, but rather a SPLOG so no, Technorati will not list you because it thinks you're a spammer.

2) Yes, Lysie is the one who originated FOADT and runs the FOADT site, which I might add is brand new, as well. You can go see her at www.professionalredhead.com.

3) To turn around and create a blog entitled fuckoffanddiethursdays.blogspot.com is in fact an attempt at thievery and claim of origination. Why so many blogs? Why not ONE blog with all these topics? Don't you think you'd have a better readership and would be able to grow in the community as well a bit better? It is because of blogs like this that people do not take Blogspot blogs seriously.

Allow me to make an honest to goodness suggestion Starbender... because for some reason I tend to think your not an asshat but rather someone who just doesn't understand how the current shit works... peruse some blogs, look how they are designed, see how they post, see what they post about. If you want to understand better about blogging aesthetics I strongly suggest you got to http://italk2much.com/ and see what they have to say about blogs, and the comments the blogs they review receive. You can do MUCH better.

Oh and Meanieme... sweety... think about this... this is Fuck Off And Die Thursday... this is the anti-blogosphere answer to Thursday Thirteen... we never claimed to be nice. However... we do take pride in what we do... and so should you.
All things considered I think it was relatively nice of me. Of course... knowing how being nice gets me... they'll probably make an entire blog about how much of an asshole I am (well no shit... what do you think THIS blog is about?), when they go to IT2M they'll submit and send the bitches back on strike, and Lysie'll probably make it rain nuclear fire all over my blog for the next century or so.

Just remember... I did so under the influence k?
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