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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Bunch of Randomness

I really don't have anything specific to write about tonight. So here's a bunch of randomness:
  • I suck as a friend. I was supposed to call The Steff tonight, but of course I got distracted by ECW on the Sci-Fi channel. Well at least Dave Battista is looking well even if he did lose to The Big Show.
  • It's hot as hell. This heat wave has NYC in the grips of a power emergency, so everyone's conserving. Even Yankee Stadium shut half their lights off.
  • I took this meme on the forums and it said I was like 76% bi-polar. I've never been diagnosed with that. PTSD and clinical depression is more than enough. I've decided regardless of what the meme says, well I'm not looking for something else to add to my repetouire.
  • My Lacuna Coil CDs showed up today... and then they left because no one was here to sign for them. The box also has my V for Vendetta DVD. Fucking UPS. Normally they just leave it... but not this time. Did I mention The Pudding's love interest works for UPS? Fucking conspiracy. First my wife. Now my CDs and DVDs. Fucking conspiracy I say.
  • I started doing some research on Jimmy Hoffa as per Avitable's request. Something more "concrete" should be confirmed by next week.
  • Remember that coding bit I was doing? Well I think I finally finished it to a point I am satisfied. So now what? Well I'm looking for 5 beta testers. If your interested in playing around with some shit for around 15-30 minutes a day from Sunday through Saturday of next week and you can keep a secret just send me an e-mail. Also mention the browser you use... because I want as many varieties as I can get without having to download every fucking one.
  • Finally, don't forget Luin is staying here for the week. Go see her. She's a lot less random and I'm sure is more interesting at this point in my life than I am.

Did I mention it's hot here? Damn. I want my CDs. Fucking conspiracy.
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