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Thursday, August 31, 2006

FOAD Thursday... The Cracked Edition

Today is Fuck Off And Die Thursday... as it is EVERY day in real life but represented in pure volatile benevolence here on this day. So let us begin...

I would like to send an FOAD out to the new girl at Dunkin' Donuts. I use the term very loosely, because to be honest I thought she was a man. It is very simple... really. Large... that's the big cup. French Vanilla ice coffee... that's coffee with ICE that has the French Vanilla flavor squirted into it. Light with CREAM... which means more than one of your grubby little fingers. Four... count now... one, two, three, FOUR Splendas. That's the yellow packet... not the blue, not the pink, and not the fucking spooned out container. I get the same thing everyday. Everytime you've made it has been wrong. You've been there what, a month? You need to FOAD.

My next FOAD goes to the girl in front of me on the line at Dunkin' Donuts. It's really easy... know what your dumb ass wants before you get to the counter. To change it from a small tea, to a tea chai, to a small iced latte, to a small orange drink, to a small regular coffee AND then complain about the price is just utterly fucking ridiculous. FOAD dumb bitch.

The next winner on the wheel of FOAD is Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans. Yes... I want you to FOAD Nagin... aside from calling Ground Zero a hole in the ground, aside from complaining that your not getting the help you need, aside from the fact there is STILL hurricane debris on public streets contrary to your belief... you are just an obviously incompetent buffoon. Can anyone say the mayoral version of Michael Brown? There is only so much whining and complaining that we'll take before we have to ask, "Well what have you done?" So you have whined and complained... whined and complained... oh, variation, made racially embarassing remarks alienating white people (..."New Orleans is a chocolate city"...)... more whining and complaining. You get the point. FOAD Nagin... do something for a change instead of whining how no one else is.

This is a future FOAD to the therapist I will be seeing at 10:00am in the morning. FOAD you undoubtedly pompous over charging prick. You will make me wait at least 15 more minutes in the waiting room with the seizing delinquent senior citizens, make me sit in an uncomfortable ass chair, ask me a fuckton of questions, decide like every one before you that I suffer from PTSD and clinical depression, tell me I need to be on meds, and maybe... and I stress maybe... I'll even let you write a script that I have no intention on filling anyway just so I can get the fuck out of there and to work on time instead of going on my tirade about how the meds fuck with me. Yes... FOAD therapist prick... you deserve it even though you don't know it yet.

Finally... I have Peace and Love to spread... and this is Peace and Love going to a very select few who fit into a much bigger category. This FOAD is for the family, friends, acquaintances, workplaces, and anyone else who we know... who will turn around and use a blogger's own blog against them. You know the type... the co-worker who outs your blog to your boss who you just wrote about his shitty toupe'... the bar acquaintance who passes out cards with your URL to the local drinking buddies so they can read your poetry about flowers... your friend who outs you to the group of friends you run with so they can read and find out your secret crush (who happens to be one of those friends) isn't so secret anymore... and that 21 year old family member who can't keep his/her mouth shut so your family can read exactly how much of a group of fucktards they are in your eyes which is only proven as fact when they excommunicate you and you're evicted from the family estate.

All of those people do not understand that there are more than one face to our personalities... that our uniqueness and individualism are only outshined by the variety of ideas we put out there for the world to read... and comment on. All those people think that we remain stuck in the mire of thoughts force fed down our gullets by them. All those people envy and hate us because we are able to purge ourselves of their shit... and release our own brand of thoughts into the world. Peace and Love you mindless twits... Peace and Love...


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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Everyone's Disturbed In One Way Or Another

So I woke up this morning, still meh, but I'm not the type to call in sick to work... so why call in sick to blogging? Anyway... on with the post...

So I have a new renter. I've been kinda picky lately, so when Ramblings Of An Undisturbed Mind happened to bid I checked it out before accepting the bid. I was curious... because to me everyone's disturbed in one way or another. I knew right away I was going to have to rent to her, because she has a "I Love Plumbutt" sign... which has changed now to "Plumbutt For President"... all in reference to one of my favorite blogs The Plumbutt Chronicles. So if she loves him, well she has to be disturbed... in a good way of course!

So Beth is a really easy read. She has a very maternal instinct towards animals. Sadly, she recently put her two pet rats to rest in the cheese factory in the sky. So go see Beth at Ramblings Of An Undisturbed Mind and read someone more interesting and less depressing as I am.
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Something Isn't Right

Something isn't right.

I was going to post about my new renter... but I'm a bit foggy.

I was on the phone last night with Christine and we were talking about nothing in particular... I was actually half listening to her ramble about something her fucktard of a husband had done with the car while watching wrestling that was on Sci-Fi instead of USA because of the fucking US Open. For some reason... well I started crying uncontrollably. She thought I was laughing. Even though it seemed like an eternity, it lasted for five minutes. I chalked it up to lack of sleep and then went to bed.

Tonight I was on the phone with the Steff. We were supposed to go out tonight, but she got out of work late and her first day of school is tomorrow. I felt it coming on all of a sudden then too... and I got off the phone with her with a promise we would go out Wednesday for drinks. As soon as I clicked her off... there I was again crying hysterically.

I don't cry. Sure, I might get misty eyed during a movie or an episode of BattleStar Galactica (which by the way the new season looks rocking!), but that isn't crying. There was just so much... sadness. Obviously it's been a bit overbearing. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

I just can't shake the feeling something isn't right.
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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The One Year Mark For Katrina, Ernesto, and 2,996 Success

So today marks the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina making landfall in the Gulf Coast Region and leaving nothing but destruction in her wake.

I know there will be a lot of talk about New Orleans, its recovery, and the failure of the Federal Government to act in a timely manner. I've also mentioned these things previously on more than a few occasions. Today however, I want to make mention of some places not talked about as much.

Like Biloxi, Mississippi for example. 50 people died in Biloxi when Katrina bounded ashore. There was a 30 foot high tidal surge that practically wiped it from the map. Over 6,000 homes and businesses were destroyed. It's residents were scattered to the winds across the United States, leaving behind desolation and despair.

Yet today, most of the 50,000 pre-Katrina population has returned. Around 98% of the debris is gone from the streets, and the Beau Rivage casino re-opens today. The re-building of Biloxi is well underway. Although it is casinos that are providing the majority of the jobs and helping to fuel the recovery, it most certainly is underway. Biloxi is a great example of the resiliency we have come to know and expect from being an American.

Then there is Buras, Louisianna. The town was practically washed into the Gulf of Mexico by the storm which landed atop of it and pushed a 21 foot storm surge through it. Today town housing is in the form of white trailers. The road to the town is still littered with fishing boats and the unnatural debris filled lots remain as a reminder that there is still a long road ahead.

Looking towards the future, the National Weather Service has updated their Ernesto track. The predictions have now changed to Ernesto remaining as a Tropical Storm as it clears Cuba and heads for Florida. It is expected to make landfall in Florida around 2:00am Wednesday morning, August 30.

FEMA has been watching this storm very closely and have made a number of preparations for its landfall. FEMA preparations for Ernesto include:
  • Engaging with governors and state emergency managers in the anticipated impact states to begin federal and state coordination.
  • Working with partners at the National Hurricane Center to anticipate the storm's landfall.
  • Mobilizing trucks with food, water and ice for the potentially affected areas.
  • Activating FEMA's National Response Coordination Center in D.C., and the Regional Response Coordination Center in Atlanta, Ga., to Level 1, with a 24/7 operational period.
  • Activating and deploying response teams to staging areas in Florida, Georgia and Alabama, including Federal Incident Response Support Teams (FIRST), Disaster Medical Assistance Teams and Urban Search and Rescue Teams.
Of course now that it is back down to a Tropical Storm... well they may relax some of their preparations. Like I mentioned before, Floridians are professionals at getting through these types of storms.

The important thing FEMA needs to remember is that it isn't a question of "if" but rather a matter of "when".


On a final piece of news... the 5 year anniversary of September 11 is less than two weeks away. I am happy to tell everyone that DC Roe's 2,996 Project has assigned all 2,996 names to a blog for rememberance on the anniversary. A huge congratulations to him for his outstanding work and accomplishment on this... and a gigantic thank you to all of those who are participating.
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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ooogle Monday Early With Stolen Images So I Can Get Sued

So everyone has seen this picture up usually during my FOAD posts:

I generally save it for those who piss me off to tremendous levels. Is it mine? No... but I know a lot of people have seen it here. Where did I get it? Well I got it through Google Images and stole it like every other self respecting blogger. What I didn't do was hotlink it... and I have it hosted through Imageshack. In fact... I've been using it since back in May.

So it turns out that this site has claimed the finger as their own. How would I know this? Well check out this review over at IT2M and make special note of the "smacks" delivered. So they're gonna sue the bitches over the use of the nuclear finger. So now I'm wondering if they're gonna sue me? I'd actually probably like that... because clearly I used it first even though I admitedly stole it. So they can't sue me for it as much as they'd like.

However... since I have never been one to disappoint... I will give them something they can attempt to sue me over... for your Ooogling pleasure...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Those puppies were legitimatley liberated from their site here. Now for some reason... I tend to think none of them actually own that picture... so to the rightful owner of the headlights above... I apologize for stealing your guns for my Ooogle... and I hope you're in a warmer place now.

As for those of Ask And Ye Shall Receive... I eagerly await the lawsuit. Send the papers here:
NYC Watchdog
6969 Boned Your Ass Lane
New York, NY, 11!!1
(212) 970-INYA
Have a good week...
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His Name Is Ernie

It's pretty damn ironic in my mind that the first official Atlantic Hurricane set to make landfall on the United States is named Ernesto... or Ernie. For those who don't understand the significance of that name... your probably better off.

Ernie however is currently projected to smash into Florida after going over Haiti, the Caymans, Cuba and of course Puerto Rico. The forecasters are saying it could go as high as a Category 3... but I don't think so. There's too much land it needs to run over before hitting water again to strengthen. I may be wrong... in fact I probably will be... but I think at most Florida will see a Category 2.

The problem is... those Floridians are so damn prepared... they could withstand a Category 6 and not break a sweat. Practice makes perfect dontcha know. We would need to be activated by Monday morning for a Monday night deployment to be there before landafall. Usually they give us 24 hours though... and my pager has remained silent. So in all likelihood... unless he turns or goes west a bit... I'll still be here. Damn.
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Friday, August 25, 2006

Heh. When Distractions Piss You Off More...

So I've had a pretty shitty day today. So shitty I needed to distract myself from the shittiness. So I ran through the blogroll BBL style (Before Blog Lines) and read lotsa posts and left numerous comments. Something I really had been meaning to do for awhile because I know I've been slacking in the click-through area. So I ran through the updated ones and the ones I know don't ping blogrolling.com for whatever reason.

Still... I was left unsatisfied as to my level of distraction... so I resorted to the last resort of all resorts. I read the news.

Now this distracted me pretty well as the minutes ticked by before my Friday night foray in The Hills with my man KC... but instead of being in a shitty mood I went into a pissed off mode. Why? Well it turns out that New Orleans' Mayor Nagin was interviewed by Sixty Minutes. In fact, it is going to air this Sunday. CBS however decided to release one of his more outrageous comments to reporter Byron Pitts where he said, "That’s alright. You guys in New York can’t get a hole in the ground fixed and it’s five years later. So let’s be fair." You can read all about it like I unfortunately did right here.

Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me. So he actually thinks that criticizing New York's Ground Zero is a good defensive measure for his inability to get the job done? He's a punk. Plain and simple. Don't get me wrong... I'm all for speaking bluntly and all that... but he's a punk. An unintelligent punk at that. If he had a clue... and I stress JUST a clue... he would know that debris removal in New Orleans has already amounted to something like 37 World Trade Center sites.

It took 9 months for the debris at Ground Zero to be cleared. Keep in mind, that the actual rescue mission lasted an entire month so the debris removal was painstakingly slow during that time since it was a secondary goal. The recovery mission from that point on until January was similarily slow. When the actual removal operation started in January it grounded to a halt every time remains were found. So yes, it took 9 long and tedious months.

Yes... it has been 5 years and there is still a hole in the ground. However what should not be overlooked is the rebuilt WTC 7, which collapsed at around 4:30pm on that same September day. It should also be noted that the Freedom Tower construction began on April 27, 2006 after a re-design because of safety concerns. You can watch the build in progress over at Project Rebirth.

I suppose what really pisses me off about this, is that even though everyone readily admits that Katrina caused disaster on a much greater scale and affected a greater area, he still feels the need to drag us into this as a shield for his own ineptness. Sure there are some internal New York politics that have slowed the rebuild... but the clean-up didn't slow because of that. It slowed because of the respect shown for the lives lost of people who came from all over.

I feel so sorry for the people of New Orleans right now. They're stuck with this punk for the next 4 years. At this rate... it'll be 5 years before they can go home.

Pitiful really. Now I'm all sad and shit. I need me some trauma.
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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Friday Honors

Well it is officially Friday... and this is the day reserved for honoring my tenants and landlords. This week I actually do have a tenant who I pretty much ignored. Hey... in the advertisement I said I was the most horrible blog in the world, k?

So when I first saw Stir Fry Kitty I thought for sure it was a Malaysian blog that was going to talk about the delicacies available at the 2008 Bejing Olympics. It turns out that instead of Bejing Chef Meeow, I found the writings of Bianca Roland from Oklahoma. Thoughtful, inspired, and using her real name in the jungles of the internet, Stir Fry Kitty is a delightful little read. She's with me until early next week... but why wait? Go visit her now and you can see what Stir Fry Kitty cooks... which is Mexican Lasagna as opposed to Siamese Shoo-fly Pie.

As for landlords... well I just finished my stay at World of Chad. It's reall a nice place Chad has over there, and it's currently open space so why don't you jump at the chance and spend a week with him. You'll come back... changed...


Now for the Friday Drama Update... well there really isn't much to report. Monday night I went out with The Steff who told me that yes, The Donkey got her flowers as per my drunk e-mail instructions. What a good Donkey Bitch he is. We also talked about some things going on that I've been missing out... like the teasing of said Donkey Bitch that The Terrorist is out to bag her. Unfortunately this sort of childish high school behaviour is par for the course for anyone working at The Hills... but what did you expect for people who VOLUNTEER to wade into shit waist deep nightly? We're not right in the head to start with... what makes you think we'd start being right now?

She did send me these pictures, one of which she wants morphed into a Maxim Magazine cover for her MySpace page. It's really what I should be doing as soon as I'm done here... but I'm going to bed. I'm tired lately... more tired than usual. This weariness has me slightly worried... because I've always taken it as a sign that the depression is creeping up on me. It is that time of year... so that may be the case... or I just may be pretty damn tired. I told her about it and she thinks I'm imagining it. Then I told Christine about it and she wants me to go see the doctor. Maybe if I get a solid night... hopefully I won't feel this tired tomorrow.

So yeah... drama's not the best it's been... which of course causes me to such for yet another day. Oh well... as Lysie would say...

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Do You Know What Day It Is???

Why it's FOAD Thursday of course!!! Today I get to tell everyone who has pissed me off to no end to Fuck Off And Die!!! Now last week's hybrid post between FOAD Thursday and GDF Friday vented a lot of shit... and some of that shit continues to this day... and unfortunately I'm not drunk so this will probably be pretty lame... but oh well... here we go...

First a big FOAD to K-Fed. Now Luin had made mention that she wanted a post about his "success" at the Kids Choice Awards. No problem... here's that post built into FOAD... "K-Fed sucks donkey dick." See that? Yeah. The only thing this little cracker white trash (and before anyone says I'm a racist... I too am a white trash cracker) was successful at was taking one of the hottest pieces of entertainment tail and turning it into a jack ass. K-Fed needs to FOAD... or better yet... come to the Bronx beeotch and let the Grand CC Gremlins take care of the dying part for you when they k-u-i-l-l ya ass. Cracker.

My next FOAD goes out to the whiny sniveling snot nosed promoter who did absolutely nothing but complain at ever turn... and when eveything went right trashed me behind my fucking back anyway. If you want to say something to me, say it to my face. Don't be shady and think your cool because you talked trash about me in a room full of people including your boss... who I might add is the one who told me. Why would your boss tell me? Oh shit, maybe because I've known him for 10 years and have done way more shows than you have with him in that time? Is that a possibility? Why yes... yes it is. So FOAD snot nose... I'll be sure to run you off the road into the river next year.

My final FOAD goes to Borders Bookstore. Yes dear Borders... your opening a store across the street from my house... and even though you claim to be taking applications... no one can find them. I want that employee discount fuckers... come out with the apps already... or FOAD.

Yeah I know... I suck... but there are other FOAD's that can be had out there. In fact, why don't you go check out Kiss Our Ass... it's a blog dedicated to ranting here in the blogosphere. It'll be well worth it I assure you.

In the meantime... for those of you who think I suck for this FOAD... well peace and love...


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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Requiem In Four Acts

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I have come to the foregone conclusion that showing this documentary across two nights, while perhaps ratings prudent, was a huge disservice to both filmmaker Spike Lee but especially to the citizens of New Orleans. So now, after seeing all four parts, allow me to share my comments about it.

During the opening sequence of Part I there is a quote across the screen that reads:
"At the risk of being alarmist, we could be three-four days away from an unprecedented cataclysm that could kill as many as 100,000 people in New Orleans,"- Blogger Brendan Loy, August 26 2006
Spike Lee felt the need to quote the blogger from Irishtrojan.com, who by the way resides in Indianna, as a way to start off his film to set the tone of the average citizen telling their story in their words. That is what blogging, or "citizen journalism", has become known for. While I have already told of my slight quirk regarding the title, I still anticipated this second night to continue the story of this nation's greatest natural disaster, and this nation's greatest disaster of a response to one with the same vigor as the first night.

I was greatly disappointed in that it basically regurgitated Parts I and II yet again. While the story moved on regarding the lack of help and support from FEMA in up to 9 months after Katrina hit, criticized the US Army Corps of Engineers, and highlighted the Reverend Al Sharpton's outrage at the use of the term "refugee" it failed on many fronts.

The film overlooked the massive response that FEMA DID organize. The film overlooked the actual logistics of the evacuation. The film never showed the schoolbuses that sat in that New Orleans parking lot... empty and unused. The film never mentioned the I-10 airlifts, the cruise ships brought in, or the outpouring of assistance that DID come from across the nation. It barely touched on the reunions, and seemed to frown upon the state of Texas for their hospitality.

It conveniently forgot to mention the debit cards issued and the criticism FEMA received because they were used for non-essentials (strippers, alcohol, and vacations amongst other things). In fact, considering Louisianna had once seceded from the United States over the volatile debate of State Rights vs. Centralized Government, any Federal assistance brought forth in the rebuilding should be looked upon as unfavorable.

The film did point out that the New Orleans educational system is apalling... such as the black woman who tried to say that nothing was being done for the "black" victims of the hurricane. Or the man who continually ranted on about the 9th Ward and how "nothing will ever happen to Bourbon Street". Unfortunately both of these people are well past 50 years old. Contrary to popular belief, FEMA does not keep track of victims by race... and that was a "white" victim living in a tent on what was left of her foundation. The reason nothing really will happen to Bourbon Street is because being one of the oldest parts of the city, it is also one of the highest.

The film was however utterly successful at pointing out the painfully obvious... New Orleans as it once was is dead. The city considers to flounder, and that is not something that the blame can be pointed at the Federal Government. Spike has failed to point out the failure of Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco to move the recovery effort forward. He failed to highlight the internal politics within New Orleans itself that keeps it from rising. While criticizing the government for not giving New Orleans citizens vouchers or some way home, he utterly overlooked the fact that should they come home the city services would not be able to handle the capacity.

I will say this for New Orleans and the people of Louisianna, they are probably some of the nicest and most considerate people on this planet. Why do I say this?

September 11, 2005 I spent in the Convention Center area of New Orleans. It was a day with a date that has an extremely special place in my heart and a day I normally use for self reflection and rememberance. That day was not the time for such things, since the waters were receding and more access was being gained to the city every day. I specifically remember being at the National Guard EOC based at the Harrah's Casino... which ironically enough is across the street from the New Orleans World Trade Center. My team was not used that day, so indeed I had plenty of time for self-reflection. Plenty of time to wonder what it would be like to work the streets of my home city... without a home to go back to.

That night upon returning I reported to the Tasking Office where I worked the overnight tour. There was a meeting called in the lobby of the Jimmy Swaggert Ministries by Tom Javin, the FEMA EMS Incident Commander. At the meeting he told everyone that the 2,000 mission milestone had been made that day. The waters were indeed receding and additional missions were being drawn up. The battle going for the city was going well but there was still a very long road ahead. Closing the meeting he made a promise to all those in the room, "There will be a Mardis Gras." As the room cheered and clapped he took the moment to point to the 20 or so of us standing in the corner, acknowledged us as being from New York, and asked for a moment of silence to remember the tragedy that had occurred 4 years prior.

So even then... in the midst of the destruction of everything they had... and the prospect of not knowing what tomorrow would bring... they had the compassion to remember the pain of others. This is why, regardless of how Spike Lee wants to portray the city, I believe New Orleans continues to live. I believe New Orleans will come back and probably better than ever... because the people (and when I say the people I don't mean the politicians, journalists, or professors from the University of Pennyslvannia that made up half of Spike's cast) there have compassion and the determination to keep it alive... and I for one would do anything I could to help them.

Now if only Spike had been able to show the world THAT side of New Orleans.
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Monday, August 21, 2006

When The Levees Broke

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

So tonight I watched Spike Lee's special When The Levees Broke: A Requiem In Four Acts on HBO. I've always had an appreciation for the vast majority of Spike Lee's work... just as I have had for Kevin Smith's. To be honest I really did not know what to expect from this considering it's title. For those who may not know what Requiem actually means, well basically it has to do with honoring the dead.

I was relatively surprised at how enthralling it was. The fact is that there was no sign of the angry Spike Lee at all... rather a very sorrowful one. I found the stories and how they were told to have been done masterfully as opposed to radically. I found his portrayal of the governmental decisions (at least for Part I & II) to have been a very necessary tale, but not one that overwhelemed the story.

What I really have not been happy about is the title. A Requiem is meant to honor the dead, but the people I see are the survivors. The city itself, while struggling under the burden of rebuilding, is still alive. I think to a large extent Spike may have written of New Orleans way too early. Other than that one little nagging detail, well I do have some other thoughts on it but I'd like to see the rest of it before writing about them.

I highly suggest watching it if you have the opportunity.
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Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Island of Misfit Toys... And Elel Dum Dog

So the final show of the season on the Island of Misfit Toys has happened. While right now there is a bit of relief... I know on Monday I'll be sad because it provided me with a long overdue adrenaline rush.

Photo by PJ the drunk guy

That is the stage for this past weekends show, Heineken's AmsterJam. Ever wonder why I call it the "Island of Misfit Toys"? Well that tan building behind the stage is the Manhattan Psychiatric Center. Needless to say the entire place is crawling with local misfits who never saw the need to move any further when they were released. I often wonder what the concerts sound like in there... I'd actually hate to be subjected to the sounds because I'm sure the walls and thick glass mutilate the sound to an annoying droning.

I have to be very honest here... this past weekends show was probably one of the best ever. Heineken really spared no expense to provide the participants with a good time... and although the weather was cloudy with some rain... I think those who went enjoyed it... and it is a show I would highly recommend you catching if there is one in your area. In fact... this is one show I would actually probably pay to go to. Again... huge kudos to Heineken for a great job on it.

One of the coolest parts of the show was that every two artists who played on the main stage would do a "mash" song... meaning they would basically perform together either a true "mash-up" of two songs, or just play a song together. While Tom Petty and Dave Grohl seemed to miss the point with their "mash", all the other performers mixed it up really well.

As what has been a common theme for summer tours, the big crowd draw was not the headliner. It seemed to me that LL Cool J had the biggest draw. It seemed after he got done a good quarter of the people left. Now that also might be because of the rain, but it still seemed as if LL had the best performance of the show.

Of course, his closing number I'm sure stopped many hearts. Why? Well because he brought up 10 beautiful women from the crowd. Have you watched MTV lately? Chances are they'll show his ending performance at the precise moment my bosses will be watching, and this is what they'll see...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yeah. Dead Dog blogging. Hey... he legitimately dragged her onstage and was complaining of "chest pain"... and while we normally blow off these pleas as the STUPIDEST and MOST ANNOYING pick-up line ever... well it was logged and he was T&Red... because to not have gone would have been a dereliction of duty... and it was fucking LL Cool J, k?

Of course... I needed to take advantage of the opportunity and stake my own claim at fame...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

He may have had them onstage... but I got to drive home with them... well... at least back to the garage... but hey... that counts!!!

Yeah... I should start looking for a new job... and tomorrow you can call me Mud.
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Landlord And The Friday Drama Update

Friday is once again upon us. Traditionally I set this day aside to honor my current tenant and landlords. Well this week I have no tenant... but I did that on purpose sorta... I once again went up for bid at 500 credits and didn't get any bids... so I'm all alone at APODB this week.

However, I did put in a few bids for places to stay. Lucky for me Chad has taken me into His World. I first persued him through Satan's Blog Hell *COUGH* I mean BlogExplosion... and I enjoyed what I saw. Later on he got kudos from the bitches, and rightfully so. So when I saw he was up for bid... I was like oh hell yeah. I would describe his style very similar to my own... on the case and in your face... but only with intelligence. So whereas I have two brain cells left... and one is on life support... well he probably has a molecular bootcamp going on in his head. He also likes to express lots of Peace and Love! So go see Chad... I'll be there all week... and that'll give you more Peace and Love than the Middle East!


Now unto my weekly absolutely personal satisfaction of this place... so The Nick has been hopping around all week. I really haven't heard anything from her... so I think its safe to assume she's still with the boyfriend... who I am still giving until Monday. That's just the way she rolls... and if I haven't heard anything... well he can't be ALL that AND a bag of chips. I tend to think I would have found the pad with the doodles of the different versions of Mrs. Bag'O'Chips by now.

I got an e-mail from my old partner Sir Shortness announcing how she is now engaged to be married to the teacher/exterminator she was going out with. I can only hope for her happiness in this... because she has had shittier luck in relationships than me... if that's even possible. I can also hope that her new fiance's mental illness stays hidden until after they get married. I tend to think if the ceremony doesn't happen... she'll need to be talked off the ledge... literally.

So as many of you may have noticed... well I got fucking trashed Wednesday night. It's actually kind of funny... because looking back at that post it seems to be one of my most popular... and at the same time absolute worst... and the ONE that if I was a post deleter I would delete... but I'm not... so I won't... but it's still kind of funny what ends up getting the most reaction from people.

So Wednesday night I went out with The Steff, The Donkey, and an old comrade veteran of the Battle of Rome (aka Woodstock '99). We went to Austin's Ale House where I consumed around a dozen or so black and tans in a three hour period. The waitress seemed a little nervous... because I told her from the get-go I needed two glasses on the table at all times. The Steff was kind enough to explain to her that "He double-fists." She gave me this wide-eyed expression and I think that statement right there cost me any chances of getting her phone number... but whateva. I was there to unwind... and that's just more evidence there are some women perverts out there too. So we talked mostly shop and bullshit. The Steff and I did have a conversation about The Donkey outside... he's been slacking... no flowers... no jewelry.

So in addition to some drunk blogging last night... I sent a drunk e-mail. Okay... actually I sent two... but I was able to arouse this morning to unsend the one I sent her... but he read his where I told him basically to "Send flowers... and save some loot 'cause we're going jewelry shopping next month." So we'll see if he turns into an empty suit or does the right thing.

Finally Ooompa Loompa One has resurfaced... well sorta. She claims she lost my number when she switched cell phones. WTFeva. Of course I heard some garbage about her woes... but once again WTFeva. It's the same drama as 5 months ago... so get the fuck over it.


This weekend is the final event on the Island of Misfit Toys. Tommorrow is a site walkthrough... then it will be early Saturday all day in that dust bowl. While the first three shows of the season were in the most wretched heat, we had numerous glitches in the system, and they were downright exhausting... well Saturday should be a cake walk. The weather's going to be nice, we've worked out all our glitches, and thankfully it is only 16 hours as opposed to the 18 and 20 we were doing.

I like working the shows. It gives me that adrenaline rush I've become addicted to. I was however sadly informed today that I would not be seeing the future ex-Mrs. Dog. She apparently is on another schedule so she won't be there. Oh well... se la vee... there's always the Big Apple Circus and their midgets... have a good weekend if I don't get back here... or if I do.
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's FOAD Thursday and GDF Together!!!

So I am totally inebriated... I apologize in advance for the misspellings and articles of ambient stupidity that are about to spew forth... but so be it... ya know? This is FOAD Thursday and GDF Friday rolled into one...

So my first FOAD this week goes to the asshole who cut me off on the Inter-borough today on the way home... oh wait... I forget I'm old school... I mean the Jackie Robinson Parkway... bottom line is you are a fucktard and need to die going from the left lane on Pennsylvannia Ave to the right... that's 3 lanes you crossed buddy... your a fucktard. Die already why don't ya.

My next FOAD goes to "the boss"... who btw... I have not seen all fucking week. Nice. Become a Director and disappear... when I was a fucking Director I was in the front lines dealing with the shit... doing the dance... and not assuming everything was okey fucking dokey by e-mail. I'll probably get "dooced" for saying this all because I think I was compromised... but fuck it... I'm drunk and I DO NOT CARE!!!!!!!11111 My boss is an e-mail boss... he likes shit by e-mail... and I now have to deal with him after going through 6 months of training that emphasised that e-mail is not king... wtf??? It's sad I work for the Communications Department... but there are NO communications... I mean wtf??? Is it so hard to say "hello" to people when you walk into the room? No... it fucking isn't okay... and is it so hard to believe that in 12 years I have done more, coordinated more, and btw probably still get paid more than your ass does? 3 days in... and I still ahven't seen your ass this weeek. Wtf? U suck. As a boss us suck... as a person I'm sure your great... which is sad because everyone calls you "the Mormon" or "the man in the box" but what fucking decisions do you make? None. I don't care about titles... never have... as long as my son gets fed... but u seriously need to overhaul your ass if you think this is how a directorship works... been there bub... three times I might addd... but ya know what? Keep on the path your going... and hopefully a nice Category 5 will wupe something out thgat IU can go to for like 2 months... dumbass... FOAD...

My next FOAD goes to all the BE members who vote against me in BOTB... I come out with originbal shit... like the new blogger... or a post about how the President of fucking Iran is now a blogger... and I get beat for baby's shit and Koralzyck's bs about whateva... wtf? Just as I finally had a win percentage you all turn on me... thanks... so FOAD already... BE sucks ass now... and ya'll know it... oh... and Cat or whoever is approving banners... STOP USING RACHEL'S NAME IN THE E-MAIL ADDRESS!!! Wtf? Ya'll can't come clean when you deny two of my banners? FOAD...

To this bastard Mike who sent Lysie into a tailspin by being with a transvestite whore... FOAD... she deserves SO much better than you anyway... and even though she's been sad and shit lately... I know how that feels... because I've been there too... but ya know what Mike... I thought you were an ass before... I know your an ass now... your just lucky your 13 states away or I so would have oppened a can of whoop ass on you already... so FOAD...

To this fucking Bullshit respirator test and my little asshole RN who did it... that told me I needed to shave my goatee to keep my city shield... FOAD asshole... you know you fucked up... and your days and your policy are numbered... as soon as someone decides wtf to do with my FILED COMPLAINT we'll see... you suck... but I should FOAD more for shaving it off to keep the shield... if it weren't for the fact that the number actually has SOME meaning to me... well you could shove it... so FOAD... and that is two months old but I was saving it until I could password the posts but since I have no idea when that's ghoing to happen... and I am drunk as hell... fuck it.

Another FOAD goes to my beloved Pudding... for once again being able to fuck up a wet dream and not bringing my mail down from the house in PA so I can resolve the issue with the marshall and go there without being fucking arrested. I know your taking shit out of the house... I don't know what... but when I do finally square shit away... any shit you took from me... is going to be re-possessed doggy style dontcha know? So FOAD sweety... and remember from whence you came once again you can be sent back.

I think that's it... oh, qik FOADs to my barber who made me wait 40 minutes today for my haircut, to my one dispatcher who doesn't understand the "corporate" environment we now exist in, and to the dumbass that replaced the idiot at Dunkin DOnuts... I said, "LIGHT WITH CREAM" asshole... wtf?

The Steff should FOAD because she gave me the same answer I gave her when asked what she wants for her birthday... which is nothing. I fucking hate that... because now I need to think...

Finally my Peace and Love goes to myself... because I continue to be untrue to myslef... and I know the nect month is hell... it always is... or for the last 4 years it has been... because I miss her more than most people know... more than I know... fuck it... I should just FOAD myself...
And all that cal my little droogies... all that cal...


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A Great Cause, Blogging's Superpower and Musical Taste

So there is a raffle @ IT2M to benefit the Autism Society of America. Basically there are two grand prizes, including a blog template design from Weblog Studios, and the tickets are $1 a piece with a 10 ticket limit. Ever since The Golden Child was diagnosed with autism, Pudding has been a huge advocate for legislation the Society supports. They were also the source of ALOT of educational material for me, because prior to that my exposure to the disease was maybe limited to 45 minute trips with a few patients we had as regulars. Without them... well life would have been ALOT harder than it was. So go to the IT2M Raffle and go buy some tickets would ya?


Surfing around the Blogosphere you get to meet a wide variety of different people. There are women, men, and couples from each and every walk of life and located all over the world. But how many bloggers do you know can promise my patented Nuclear Peace and Love... and deliver it? Well President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran can do (or at least have us believe he can do) just that... and he is now a blogger.

His blog is written in Persian but translates into Arabic, French, and of course English... just look for the flag. His first post has to be at least 3,000 words which knocks me out of the ballpark by a good 2,000 I would think... but at least we share a blogging shortfall... we're both way too wordy. I did the only thing I could think of... I left him a comment... and wished him Peace and Love...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I guess it was only a matter of time. We've had our rapists, our pedophiles, and our serial killers. It's about time we had our first psychotic tyrannical dictator. I really should have told him to come by tomorrow... you know... so he can check out FOAD Thursday and see the other recipients of Peace and Love. Gives a new meaning to the genre of "crazy blogs" huh? I mean him... not me.


Now you have to keep in mind that I have a wide variety of musical tastes. In high school I listened to the classics of groups like Run-DMC, Public Enemy, Anthrax, LL Cool J, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and of course NWA. Then in college I did music reviews for the paper and got turned onto bands like Ministry, Treponem Pal, Bad Religion, The Offspring and of course Radiohead. Woodstock '99 eventually introduced me to Insane Clown Posse, Limp Bizkit, and gave me a new appreciation for The Red Hot Chilli Peppers as music I could listen to while working. I've had expanding and contracting tastes... but the bands above have for the most part remained on the playlist. All of them can pretty much be taken for harder than average bands because for the most part, this Emo crap can take a hike... although Weezer does have a few good songs.

So I was surfing around and somebody pointed out a song by a band called Sprites. The name of the song is I Started A Blog Nobody Reads and it is from their upcoming album called Modern Gameplay. The band hails from England, but once I heard this song I was like ohmyfuckinggodthatisthegreatestsong!!! I liked it SO much... it is now my blogging theme song. Wanna listen? You can click on the player below or on the player in the sidebar. Not really something you'd expect me to be listening to but the song REALLY struck me as being great. I'm even going to buy the album... and put it on the same rack as my Yanni collection.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

The New Blogger Preview

So guess who's getting an upgrade??? Yeah, after years of chugging along Blogger is finally getting an upgrade as previewed on the Google Operating System:The New Blogger. There isn't a timeline for the upgrade disclosed although the BETA has already begun.

So what are the new features of The New Blogger? Well here's a list of the supposed highlights:
  • Access Control- Allowing full public, completely private, or select people you choose
  • Labels- Everyone else calls them TAGS, Blogger had to be unique in describing a category type system
  • New Template Editor- A WYSIWYG editor removing the needs for CSS and HTML knowledge while providing a way to uniquify the bland templates
  • Improved Feeds- Now you can have post feeds, comment feeds, and post/comment feeds
  • Dynamic Pages- There is no more re-publishing your Index or your Entire Blog... this apparently is automatically done everytime a change is saved
  • Blogger moves to Google Accounts- Your Google account will now allow you into Blogger... and eventually your Blogger account will be morphed into a Google account
Sounds like a lot of neat things huh? In my opinion, way too little that is totally too late. Sure a new template editor would be nice for those afraid to enter the world of coding... but what good is a new template if no one can see it because you are once again down? Moving Blogger accounts to Google is just a way to boost Google membership. Is Google so much more secure than Blogger? I doubt it. Dynamic Pages and Improved Feeds... we already see those on other blogging platforms so there is no real advance here.

The biggest sham to me is the new Labels and Access Controls. From the screenshots, it looks like you type in the Labels you want whereas other software allows you to create categories and then select where the post belongs. It appears the slightest typo will create a whole new label. Access Controls affect it blogwide, not individual posts. So there is still no way to have a post passworded or for special people only while keeping the rest of the blog open.

There is one thing I found very very sad while taking the tour of The New Blogger... they have supposedly improved their template choices done by "some of the web's most talented designers" (those are their words... not mine!)... and guess what color template is featured in the bottom middle square??? Yup... orange. Pretty soon... I will no longer be retina burning unique... bastards.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

EDIT @ 12:15pm on 8/15/2006- Okay... I had a very serious scare here... I thought I had been invited to do the whole BETA thing... but big surprise here folks... I'm not. Accidentally I signed into the whole Blogger Beta thingy via my Google account. Needless to say... for a good 30+ minutes... I thought I was locked out of my blog. I was stuck in the Beta Hell... which btw I have YET to see a new template in it.

Thankfully Donna pointed out I should reset my browser and try it again. She was right. The absolute most frustrating thing was while I was in the BETA and couldn't get back, I tried to contact Blogger through their CONTACT US link. Guess what I got... Error 404. I need off this system in the absolute worst way... simply because it just gave me a gray hair.

Be careful with your accounts guys... be very careful...
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Sunday, August 13, 2006

There's An Oogle Here Amongst Other Things

So today is once again Monday... and time for another edition of Ooogle Monday!!! Okay... well for all the ladies out here in the blogosphere I give you Josh Holloway and his abs...
And for all the fellas here is the luscious Tila Tequila at it once again... all au natural and with the damnest cutest freckles in the world...
Did I mention she's 4'11"??? Damn.

So since I'm in the mood to sort of refresh people as to why I do things... well here's the article that I got from Doc Croc that inspired me to do Ooogle Mondays...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

In the end... it's all about YOUR blogging health...


Normally Ooogle Monday starts and end with POAs... but there are a few other things I wanted to share.

First I will talk about something I rarely talk about here... which is religion. Those who know me personally know that for around the past 5 years I have had an extremely one sided Peace and Love relationship with God despite being an altar server for 10 years and working in an actual church for 12 years. That has changed. I have found my new faith and I will be blogging about it as often as I can. I am now a member of The Holy Church of Avitableness. What is the core concept to reach Bloghalla? Well... you may have guessed it already from the name of the heavens... blogging. The best part? Beef and cheese burritos covered in Hershey's syrup is the holy food to be consumed. While I've always preferred the Twizzlers and nacho cheese combo at the movies... this will be my new blogging diet once I get to the wholesale place. If your looking for religion, or thought you had it but want to add to it to avoid a "Doocing" (blogging is now mandated by religous reason and therefore your employer would be infringing on your religous rights) then go check out The Holy Church of Avitableness.

With my newfound religion came a moment of inner soul searching that coincided with someone saying that they think I'm a "pretty regular person". Since I am a big believer on perception... because I think that perception is 9/10s of reality and the remaining 1/10 of reality is the truth... I was wondering how people perceive me. I don't necessarily mean the people who I interact with on a daily basis... but rather the lurkers and occasional casual readers. I thought about doing a poll... but everytime I do one of those someone sneaks a goddamn pop-up into it... so fuck that. So if you have an opinion on the type of person I am... leave a comment... just don't expect a reply... because I don't comment in my own comments... but it will probably be another post down the road.

Finally... I honestly feel like yesterday was 24 hours I lost and can never get back... and it's depressing as all hell that my highlight was getting a call about going to a movie I absolutely refuse to see. I tried to work on the book I'm supposed to be writing... and I knew when I had this modem installed at home this would happen... that I wrote all of 100 words and surfed and chatted the rest of the time. So starting next week... and I say next week because this week is pretty much already shot with what I need to get done on certain things... I will dedicate one hour a day to this book. Even though I know I should be spending 20 hours a day to make my self-imposed October 1 deadline... well... not much I can do about it now can I?

Two tears in the bucket... Have a good week!
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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Welcome to the Wild, Wild West

The Blogosphere is "a veritable Wild West of verbal ambushes and shootouts, with very little fear of legal recourse to keep character assassination, defamation and dirty business tricks in check." This comment was made by Judge Edward Fadeley of Oregon and his full statement can be found here on the PRNewswire. Know what I say? Well no shit Sherlock.

His statement really doesn't say anything we already knew. Anyone with a little bit of Internet savvy already knows that people are not who they may claim to be. For example I can claim to be an expert on fast food and then I can write something negative about... oh... let's say McDonald's... and since I claim to be an expert on fast food, McDonald's will lose stock value and suffer at my hands because of one bad chicken nugget. Tremble before my wrath you clown! Right... what the fuck ever.

He also called into question the legitimacy of bloggers as journalists. This kind of made me laugh a bit since the whole AP Photo scandal. Really though... in my opinion... bloggers are more like gossip columnists. We speak about what we read or hear and offer our opinions on the matter. True journalists reporting on a news story are not supposed to offer their opinions, just the facts. Whoever said I wasn't going to offer my opinion?

Finally, I would like to point out somewhat of a relatively obvious point... journalists get paid. I think it's safe to say 99% of the bloggers out here do not get paid for their opinions. I think that any legislation meant to curb the nature of this beast should also stop people who in all likelihood don't know how to use a computer from issuing statements that in the end result in absolutely nothing but yet another opinion.

So just out of curiosity should bloggers receive the same benefits as journalists?
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Friday, August 11, 2006

The 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event Winner

This morning at 3:43 PDT television producer Jamie Gold won the World Series Of Poker Main Event, taking home the bracelet and $12 million dollars to Malibu, California. Gold spent an unprecedented 4 days as the chip leader during the main event and eliminated pro player Paul Wiscika with Qs 9c vs. Wiscika's pocket 10h 10s.

Congratulations Jamie!

Next year... it's mine...
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Thursday, August 10, 2006


So today is Friday. As usual I would like to pay homage to my serial killing tenant Dead Silence. If you have ever wondered about serial killers and psychopaths... go check Dead Silence out. If serial killers and psychopaths aren't your thing... well go check out B at AllNight.Org... because she's the one behind Dead Silence.

Now although I haven't gotten the credits while BE is trying to defunk, I'm really not worried too much about it, because to be honest I had jokingly placed my blog up for rent at 500 credits. Jane thought it was because I needed the credits... which I really don't... but it was more of a way to see what kind of nutcases would think my blog would be worth it. So yeah... the fact it is the serial killer blog is kind of fitting.


I read a comment from :P Fuzzbox on that blog that told me to FOAD yesterday. Well here's his comment with the part about me in italics:
I am just a humble blogspot blogger so maybe I don't have any right to state my opinion regarding so much better bloggers. But doesn't the site say to link to them and they will link back. I wonder why they should be upset that anyone would get upset when they learn that this isn't true. It is based on Technorati which is a half assed entity in itself.

I was not linked back to them after linking to them last week either. This week I did not link to the site and was linked. Maybe one solution could be to create a webring. One of my favorite thing about foadt is the anarchy aspect though. It would be nice to see others posting them but it is not something that I would do to try and drum up traffic.

I luv your site and don't think that you need any advice from NYC's Watchdog. I commented to his site numerous times and never once did he respond to me. Maybe he should take a tip that is not covered by IT2M. How to be a gracious host and how to retain commenting readers. Maybe he should take a good look at the glass house reference.

Whatever may get thrown at you keep your head up, Starbender. Your readers will be here. No matter how many disparaging remarks get thrown your way.
Interesting comment he made there about me. I think I've explained it once previously... that I in fact don't like to have running conversations in my comments. In fact, I think I've only commented on my own blog maybe 3 or 4 times in the over 300 posts that are up here. Now I know there are a great number of bloggers out there who do it... but I'm not one of them. I find following the conversations to be somewhat difficult, I don't want a fuckton of e-mails in my inbox, and I believe the programming creators gave us forums for this very reason.

As for :P Fuzzbox, well if it was still Thursday I would probably tell you to FOAD... but I do read your Texas blog on Bloglines, and can appreciate to a large degree where you come from with the posts on it. I can also appreciate and am grateful for your patriotism against the arrogant fucktards that have been all over the funerals of servicemen. So no... :P Fuzzbox I don't want you to FOAD... and while I also can admit I probably have Bloglineitis... well I would like to point out that I never claimed to be grascious in anything that I do or say. That's just the way I roll.


As for the Friday Drama Update... well The Nick apparently has a boyfriend now. Supposedly this guy is all that and a bag of chips. Yeah... right... I give him until next weekend. Goldberg was the best thing since sliced white bread... and we all know how that turned out. KABOOM!

I was over at The Steff's last night and dropped Zooted and Polluted some gourmet hydro oregano under the cover of literature. I got to see The Steff's dress for the wedding she's in today. The color for some reason made me think of army drab. I didn't tell her that, but I did help her accessorize for it as well as fixing her MySpace page yet again. I think from now on for every fix I make it's going to cost her a beer. Yeah... that sounds fair... and with the number of fixes I've made I would have already had a keg... so I should be goosh with that sort of deal.

BTW... only 3 stitches today and they'll be dissolved by Monday. Not too bad... but I'm dreading when the meds are worn off in the morning.
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More Thursday Madness

Well there's some good news for a change... BE finally approved my banners. Well... they rejected 2 and approved 2. One wouldn't load for them and the other was over 100k... which made me say WTF? That's when I realized that the banners I did were huge because I hadn't reset my new version of PhotoShop to the right optimization. Oh well... at least my Cookies banner is running now.

I'm also relatively happy to report that this blogger told me to FOAD! Why you ask? Well besides the fact they have a blog for every single little thing they think is cool, including FOAD, it's a fucking horror show! So I told them that. Now they're all pissy and are telling me, Vixen, and Painting Chef to FOAD. Personally I was a bit miffed because I got bottom billing... but whatever. So the drugs have me in a benevolent mood... so I left this comment:

*SIGH* Why must I try and explain the basics? Well... because its only fair.

1) The reason your blog is probably not listed is because the list is derived from Technorati. This actually would probably not be considered a blog, but rather a SPLOG so no, Technorati will not list you because it thinks you're a spammer.

2) Yes, Lysie is the one who originated FOADT and runs the FOADT site, which I might add is brand new, as well. You can go see her at www.professionalredhead.com.

3) To turn around and create a blog entitled fuckoffanddiethursdays.blogspot.com is in fact an attempt at thievery and claim of origination. Why so many blogs? Why not ONE blog with all these topics? Don't you think you'd have a better readership and would be able to grow in the community as well a bit better? It is because of blogs like this that people do not take Blogspot blogs seriously.

Allow me to make an honest to goodness suggestion Starbender... because for some reason I tend to think your not an asshat but rather someone who just doesn't understand how the current shit works... peruse some blogs, look how they are designed, see how they post, see what they post about. If you want to understand better about blogging aesthetics I strongly suggest you got to http://italk2much.com/ and see what they have to say about blogs, and the comments the blogs they review receive. You can do MUCH better.

Oh and Meanieme... sweety... think about this... this is Fuck Off And Die Thursday... this is the anti-blogosphere answer to Thursday Thirteen... we never claimed to be nice. However... we do take pride in what we do... and so should you.
All things considered I think it was relatively nice of me. Of course... knowing how being nice gets me... they'll probably make an entire blog about how much of an asshole I am (well no shit... what do you think THIS blog is about?), when they go to IT2M they'll submit and send the bitches back on strike, and Lysie'll probably make it rain nuclear fire all over my blog for the next century or so.

Just remember... I did so under the influence k?
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FOAD Thursday

Today is FOAD Thursday. While I'm not really in that Fuck Off And Die mentality right now... I still have some FOADs to hand out.

First goes to that asshole Mike Piper who claimed we denied him water. You're an idiot and a moron who needs to FOAD for first not bringing enough money to a concert, and second for lying about the treatment you received because it was not up to you activist ways... fuck off and die.

Next goes to the Tex-Mex/Chinese restaurant who brought me the bad quesadilla Monday night. After spending 6 hours with severe stomach cramps I finally puked it up... only to have uncontrollable flatulence even to this very moment. Fuck off and die you cheap bastards... next time serve me fresh cat as opposed to that rotten shit you sent Monday.

My next has to go to BE for continuing to leave my banner in limbo. While it is not a time sensitive banner as others have been, and far from my best work, I still would like to see it flashing around a bit. In addition to that is the Rent-My-Blog error that has yet to see me get my credits from my current renter... but it isn't their fault so go see Dead Silence anyway... and while your doing that hopefully BE will fuck off and die.

My final FOAD... and the recipient of my patented Peace and Love is none other than Mother Nature herself. Listen here bitch, you need to whip up a goddamn category 5 hurricane so I can go on a fucking working vacation. Now the forecasters are saying your going all soft and shit! You need to get your act together and get me down south so I can get me some good BBQ, get me that adrenaline fix, and let me stare longingly at the southern belles in the poofy dresses. Ya dig? Peace and Love for you Mother Nature... Peace and Love...

So in less than 9 hours I have that biopsy thingy. Not really looking forward to it... so I may not be around for a bit if it's as painful as they make it sound. I would like to point out that Dead Silence apparently is staying the week... and so far scott free... although I did do a nasty thing and try to charge 500 credits for the week... and they did bid... so go see Dead Silence if I'm not feeling up to it later on. At least B is keeping shit interesting over there with daily posts about psycho killers... my favorite kind.


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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Lemonade Stand

So as I previously made mention of I spent the weekend working the DMB shows on the Island of Misfits. The two day event had more of a festival feel to it than a straight up concert. Similar to Ozzfest, there was a second stage and a village area that were opened at noon even though DMB only took the stage at 8:00pm each night.

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One of the trademarks of these types of festivals are the concessions... that include large plastic cups of lemonade. These cups are sold at stands similar to the one pictured above that was next to our Riverside tent. Now aside from the fact that the Lemonade Stand was situated right near the Port-O-Potties, I assure you that it is just like the kind of Lemonade Stand you had as a kid where you charged a nickle, a dime, and eventually a quarter for a superior beverage.

So how much was a Lemonade you may ask? It was $4.00 a cup. That's a pretty steep price increase from the neighborhood stand. I don't know how many of you would be taken aback by that price... because I know I sure wasn't. In fact, I've come to expect these types of prices at amusement parks, baseball parks, and concerts. It's really a simple supply and demand issue. They have the supply, the ONLY supply, and you create a demand for it which easily doubles the price of the product.

Some other prices that may or may not astonish you: Cheeseburger $12.00, Veggie Wrap $10.00 ($12.00 with chicken), Fried Chicken (two pieces) $8.00, and a 20 oz. bottle of water $4.00. Now the last item on that list, the bottle of water, seemed to tick off a few people who apparently weren't at Woodstock '99 where the price of a bottle of water soared to $12 as the weekend culminated. There were of course a few people who had this concept in their minds that this was a public event and there had to be water fountains, which there weren't.

Now although you could very easily get a bottle of water through the medical tents if you didn't have any money on you (and there had to be at least 30 of those people), what you couldn't do was fill your 2-liter container that you had brought with you. Now some people found this very inconvenient, along with the necessity of taking a name, blood pressure, and pulse rate. One of these people (yes Michael Piper I am talking about you) actually had the gall to claim that he was denied water by said medical tents. While perhaps you may feel it inconvenient to give your name (which you did anyway), having your blood pressure and pulse taken (which is free by the way) it is infact a necessity because it is a MEDICAL TENT. Otherwise... maybe water is not what you need? Maybe you need some sort of medication like... Lithium. Yes, Lithium definately comes to mind especially after your ass tirade about public law, none of which you could cite. I on the other hand cited the law that states we need to take your name, blood pressure, and pulse in order to assure the fact that you are not a danger to yourself with a possible elevated blood pressure or out of control heart rate when we re-release you into a crowd of 25,000. If we don't do that, then you may be out there and something may happen to you such as a syncopal episode, a stroke, or something worse that would incapacitate you and require the immediate response of the Fetch Angels... and then forget about the show because you're going straight to the hospital.

The fact is these type of events are there to make money... just like the corner lemonade stand you had as a kid was there to make money. The price difference is the same as the overhead cost difference. When your a kid, everything comes at the price of hugs and kisses from mom. When your an adult you actually have to pay for the lemons, water, sugar, and labor. While I prefer mom's brand of currency to the adult brand, this is the world we live in.

Oh, and one other thing about the whole concert thing... and this is for Big Red...
  • Ticket for the show- $65
  • Bus Ride to the island- $20
  • Cheeseburger- $12
  • 12 Beers consumed in the blazingly hot sun- $60
  • Listening to the band you paid to see while your head is in a plastic red bag puking your brains out- Priceless
On a much more positive note than all this drivel here... I also met the future ex-Mrs. Dog this past weekend. Sigh... and yes... she is a Latina midget.
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Monday, August 07, 2006

Ooogle Monday

Ok... I know it's Ooogle Monday... but you have to understand I just got done with 48 hours working the Dave Matthews Band Show. So forgive me if this Ooogle is not up to standards...
I now have an important appointment with my brother's bathtub and Mr. Bubbles...
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Friday, August 04, 2006

Honoring Thy Tenant, Landlords, and the Friday Drama Update

So today is Friday. I probably won't be around much this weekend... there's another show at Randall's I need to be at and Sunday morning the beta runs on my project begin. So with that, for this wonderful weekend, I would like you to go visit Luin. She has the auspicious honor of being my 30th renter... and potentially my last.

I know... this may come to a shock to a lot of you... since I have pretty adamantly involved my renters in the past and promoted them whenever I could. In case you haven't noticed that ever since BE was sold and had their "re-organization"... they are circling the drain. Them circling the drain has included a banner I submitted STILL not approved by the Admin, a lack of updated thumbnails, slower loading BOTB, and some serious load hangups especially with Rent-My-Blog. Now I can deal with the lack of updated thumbnails (well, mine is fine so that's really a mute point), and I can deal with slower BOTB, and I can even deal with a load hangup from Rent-My-Blog... but I absolutely can't, won't, and refuse to deal with a delay in banner approval. That is the straw that has broken my back... and because of it... I am seriously considering never renting again. I should ahve sent an FOAD to them yesterday... but believe it or not I can be a patient person... so I gave them 5 days. The usual lag time was 24 hours... at most 48 hours for the weekend previously. That was one re-organized person that organization obviously can't do without.

So for this reason... please visit Luin. She always gave me a place to stay... and I had nowhere else to stay this week... so visit her instead.


There really hasn't been much drama again. I've been busy I guess. I suppose the biggest bit of drama is that Izzy decided to return to the Blogosphere. I'm really not going to get into the whole story there because it tends to create a migraine in my head... but she's said plenty on the topic so you can go read what she has to say.

While on the phone with The Steff the other day she kept asking me if I was okay. It's kind of a role reversal because normally I'm the one asking her that. I think I'm my normal grumpy, grouchy, and anti-social self. Then of course a reminder popped up in my Outlook tonight reminding me that in 6 days I have that biopsy. Mmm. Yeah... I'm okay.

Wow. My drama levels have really sucked lately. Go see Luin... she has a flair for the dramatic.
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