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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Puppy Monster Down

Yeah... it was bound to happen. He "fell and cracked his head open" was how Pudding described it to me last night. Of course... this happens on the day when I am down two of my Communications Specialists on the evening tour... which in effect left me to deal with 63 units by myself while taking incoming emergency calls. Anyone see a problem with this? Yeah... I do. At least my emergency call receiver stuck it out with me even though I yelled at her for doing a Mr. Freeze earlier in the day.

The problem is that it is because of instances like this that I utterly hate and despise my job. What should have happened is that I should have left work and taken my son to the hospital. What did happen is I had to stay at work until a good 6 hours after the accident and a good 3 and a half hours after my shift end time. I did ask Pudding if she wanted an ambulance to which she said no... some bullshit about the cost which I quickly reminded her that since it is one of my companies we won't be getting a bill (not that that would matter because I do have health insurance).

So she took him. Two staples in the nogin. I'll see it later today... not that today matters... because it was yesterday that counted. Hell... she got home with him before I even left work.

Then people wonder why I have little to no sympathy when they get stuck on a late job.

Then I wonder why people can't seem to love me.

I really don't wonder anymore... I know why.

Its because... yeah... I suck.
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