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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Smorgashboard Sunday 15... The 500th Post Edition

Today is a very special edition of Smorgashboard Sunday. It is special not so much for the wonderful content highlight's I've had this past week, but more because once I subtract a few unpublished drafts and T's little day here at the APODB, this become's the 500th post. Pretty cool huh? We'll lament on it further down in the post, for now on to the past week (and nauseating lovey dovey stuff) in my blogosphere...So that has been the past week in my blogosphere.


I don't know where the number 500 fits in with the blogging world. It sounds like a lot of posts. There are times when I can be pretty damn wordy, and other times when I'm really not. If we assume that I averaged 250 words a post (which is about 5 paragraphs worth), then I have posted 125,000 words to this blog. That translates to a roughly 400 page paperback novel. Yeah... I basically wrote a book here. Of course, the whole reason I started this was to get past the writer's block I was having, but that has been highlighted in my previous post.

One of the things I never realized was what exactly I would find during the time I wrote those 500 posts. There are a lot of great people out here on the Internet. There are also a bunch of idiots. Now I know it may not be PC to call them that, I mean they are entitled to their own opinions and all that. I also know there are times when I spew what seems to be "hater" speech... when in reality it is more of a "rager" mentality... but in the end this is still a personal blog about me. It is also very good cheap therapy.

I also like reading what other people have to say and the variety of lives that are lead. I like the rawness of it, and the honesty to it all. I never really read personal blogs before writing here... but to be honest, before writing here, there were a few blogs I did visit... you know, the "professional" blogs. Like Gothamist.

I've been reading Gothamist for awhile. I like the style on most of their articles, and I also like the way they have branched out into other cities while keeping the same sort of feel as the original. While the majority of Gothamist is derived from the dailies, they also do have original content. In fact, to be honest, their daily recap called Extra, Extra was the inspiration for Smorgashboard Sunday. One of the things I like is they highlight a picture of New York from amongst a wide variety of city Flickr images.

So imagine my surprise when on the eve of my 500th post, the Extra, Extra at Gothamist showed this...Yes, that is a picture of the Empire State Building with a plane hand drawn and appearing to crash into it.

Fucking bastards who dare to call themselves New Yorkers.

So for the 500th post here at the APODB... we would like to send Gothamist a resounding Fuck Off And Die. I know it isn't FOAD Thursday... but ranting and raving about the stupidity out there on the Internet is somewhat a staple here as much as the drama in my life and the cereal I talk about. Their level of "professionalism" in my opinion has plummeted to the lowest there is.

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