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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Shot" And V-Day Bear Watch '07

I know, I'm off schedule today. I got home last night. sat in the recliner, and promptly fell asleep under the orange APODB afghan while Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip was on. I completely missed Heroes. I woke up about 2:00am and went the six feet to bed. I was just shot both emotionally and physically... and no I don't mean I have a bullet lodged in my body somewhere... I was/am just exhausted.

I'd like to chalk it up to a low swing on the thyroid, but I doubt it. It feels more like the depression creeping back in. Add in the fact I woke up this morning drenched in sweat with pillows and blankets all over, a sign the PTSD is acting up, and I think this next Presidential Race is going to be a bitch. All I ever seem to read in the news is different stories of how we're all coming down with diseases and dying. They probably had another one of those stories on last night while I was sleeping, so maybe I absorbed it sub-consciously.

I'd feel alot better if someone other than Clinton was making the Health Registry their priority, because I really don't see her winning. It isn't because she's a woman, but rather she's a woman who allowed her husband to get a blowjob in the Oval Office and did nothing about it. To me that shows weakness on her part. She should have made him sleep across the street or something for a few weeks at least. At least with Rudy, I know he sucked up some of the same shit I did, so we're in the same boat.

Of course tomorrow isn't helping matters. In fact I've already felt two or three waves of nausea over the sappiness I've seen some people exhibit. I like the day after the best though... all the candy goes on sale for like 50% off. Then the seasonal aisle in the drug store will change over to Easter stuff. Lots of bunnies, chicks, but most important are the Peeps. I may very well be a choco-addict, but the Peeps are great. I love their squishyness and bounciness. As either a treat or a projectile of rage, Peeps rule at work.

I'm sorry I don't have anything more substantial to say this morning. I'm just shot. Maybe if I think of something sphere-shattering I'll post it later. Maybe I won't. It's just one of those days...


UPDATE on Papi Chulo Bear:
Billing information has been sent to UPS. Check site later for updated shipment status or contact shipper for more details.

Yep, no change in status as of 10:26am this morning. This leads me to believe one of two things since the storm is expected to hit the East Coast sometime this afternoon, 1) Papi Chulo ain't gonna make it on time which is more evidence that UPS sucks or 2) Papi Chulo is already on his way onboard a super secret experimental plane that cannot be tracked by radar. While I would like to say, "Aye Papi, a patriotic bear he is!" in truth I think I'll be saying, "UPS sucks."

Yeah... I may be the next Nostradamus.
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