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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cereal Wednesday

So it is once again Wednesday... which means it is yet time for another edition of Cereal Wednesday. This edition was especially nightmareful for a few reasons I'll talk abou after the video...

So besides the fact that Grape Nuts caused me some intestinal distress, tasted like crap, and made me gain about 30 pounds from three spoonfuls... the original video I did was 11 minutes and 15 seconds long. Stupid me... YouTube has a 10 minute limit on videos uploaded. So after a failed upload... I needed to re-cut it and re-render it for YouTube acceptance. I could have gone to LiveVideo who would have taken it... but I'm still messing around with how the videos come out on LiveVideo. So I ended up cutting some vogue shots, cutting down the opening, cutting down the ending, but the meat of Cereal Wednesday remained.

So now I need to be up in 3 hours after this debacle... because I actually filmed it Saturday and had it cut Sunday because I knew I had to go to work mad early this morning... but you have Cereal Wednesday. It's all for you. I live to serve. I live to get constipated for 3 days. Really.

Maybe that's why I'm feeling so blah?

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