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Friday, February 02, 2007

It's Groundhog's Day!!!!!!!!

After a whole year... it's here!!! Finally!!! I LOVE this holiday. Last year I had more of an overview of the day... but I won't repeat myself here. I do however want to put out there my reasons as to why Groundhog's Day is my FAVORITE holiday...
  • No money needs to be spent
  • If you don’t get something then feelings aren’t hurt
  • It involves a cute and cuddly furbuddy… even if he does want to bite your nose off
  • It is NEVER featured in the Seasonal aisle at CVS or Wal*Mart
  • It is as innocent a holiday as you will ever find… and innocence is good
So yes... today is my FAVORITE holiday... so you better wish me a Happy Groundhog's Day... or your cut off. Yeah. That's it. No more APODB for you!

Oh... and I so do not want a shadow... with the warm year thus far... the sooner Hurricane Season comes... the better my chances are for a Category 5.

UPDATE: There was NO shadow today!!! Early spring!!! But Blogger still sucks ass b/c it took me 6 hours to log in to do this update.

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