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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cereal Wednesday

Is it hump day already? I almost can't believe it... but it must be simply because I have a big old bowl of cereal here which means... yes... another edition of Cereal Wednesday!!! So here ya go...

Okay, so now I have to be really honest... this was by far the hardest Cereal Wednesday I have ever done, and for a few reasons. First, I was expecting a guest and he was a no call/no show. Typical... but whateva.

Then I was using this new software which is chock full of bells and whistles as you may be able to tell by the graphics. In fact, I did the graphics yesterday after playing around with it for a few hours Sunday. The thing is that my home system gets... well... taxed by using it. So not only am I still learning about the trims, fades, and cuts... but the system is moving s-l-o-w.

The best part came when I rendered it. Now my camera shoots the video in Apple's .MOV format. To use Windows MovieMaker I would convert it to a .WMV, import, and edit. I don't need to do that with this at all, which is great. I also got to choose what settings to render it in... so I chose the YouTube recommended settings. Then it came to file formate, but MPEG4 isn't an option as YouTube suggests... so... I rendered it in .MOV. Two hours and 5 GIGS later, I had something unuploadable much less watchable. So then I rendered it again into a .WMV. An hour later... I finally had something uploadable AND watchable.

As for the quality... well other than the effects and graphics there isn't a huge difference in my opinion which kind of disappointed me. I had figured with the higher frame rate per second and the smaller render size the quality would have been a bit sharper. Oh well... I tried it out.

So that is the saga of Cereal Wednesday: Crispix. Enjoy...

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