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Thursday, January 25, 2007

FOAD Thursday... The Calamari Edition

I know today is FOAD Thursday... and I need to be a tyrant, stomp my paws, and spit venom on the masses while telling them to Fuck Off And Die. Unfortunately, I'm feeling pretty good tonight. I got to have some good fried Calamari with some good friends... and so my venom is more like apple sauce. So, sorry if this is short, sweet, and to the point.

To every single ignorant idiot who drives on the Interborough Parkway (now formerly known as the Jackie Robinson Parkway) at 60 miles an hour with ice on the road... yeah... just FOAD... or better yet go 70 without a seatbelt so when you crash into the wall you'll eject yourself and die. Really. Promise.

To all the Chinese take out places... fortune cookies are not a privilege... they are a right. If I order the House Special Lo Mein, ignore the fact that the cat is missing, and get it without fortune cookies, I'm going to be pissed off and rightfully so. You have denied me my lucky numbers. Assholes. FOAD.

Finally... a little Peace and Love that is really on behalf of a friend but it pisses me off more than soggy Frosted Flakes... has to go to home based businesses that promote themselves, take orders, and then leave their customers high and dry. I know from experience the difficulties home based businesses face... in fact I operated three of them. When I shut down my videographing business, I made sure all my clients knew about it and received either the product from my hands or I outsourced, and once at a loss, to another vendor to videotape their weddings/christenings. I didn't have the same problem with my button making business or my "name on a scroll" business... but I still made sure everyone was satisfied. This was my DUTY since they had taken a chance on me as a home based business.

As a consumer it is relatively hard to justify supporting such a business when this seems to be the working modus operandi of so many. What makes it generally worse with businesses such as these is that to promote it, you operate under the guise of a friend. Yes... you will garner support and specifically "make friends" to help your business thrive... and then you will abandon them. Bastards. So in honor of your despicable inability to send a personal e-mail to those who await products you apparently are no longer making... I offer you Peace and Love... original atomic style bitches...
Oh, and if anyone hosts at this service: Hosting WAHMS ... then let me know, 'cause after I disown you for giving them money... I will still take you back and help you find a REAL host when hosting no longer is convenient for them. Oh... and just in case your wondering why I have SO much Peace and Love for them... this used to be their URL: http://mystickalincense.com/blog . Yeah... go see what's there now. Traitor.


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