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Thursday, February 01, 2007

FOAD Thursday... Dunkin Donuts Take Heed!!!!

Do you know what day it is? It's Thursday baby! It's time to Fuck Off And Die!
/Axl Rose Impersonation

Rapid fire FOADS:
  • People who drive in NYC with plates from North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Florida... your not fooling anyone you inbred mindless twits... we know your drug dealers bringing the rock down south... so FOAD
  • A resounding FOAD goes out to the Little Twerp that shouldn't have... you've called down the thunder... and I'll be a coming when you least expect it... FOAD in the meantime and save me some energy later on
  • Another FOAD goes to the now SEASONAL batting cages... WTF? Last year you were open year round... this year no more? Just because its isn't baseball season doesn't mean that no one needs to pound a few balls when Little Twerps start shit for no reason... so FOAD... I'm going to Chelsea
  • An FOAD goes out to little blonde bimbos who need attitude adjustments... its coming... but FOAD for now
  • Finally an FOAD goes out to all the "Internet Playas" (IPs) out there... these scum have expanded out from the Evil Empire and are invading places like YouTube now too... FOAD... 'cause I said so
Now... what you have all been waiting for... Peace and Love goes to the Corporate Mongers at Dunkin' Donuts. DD has just come out with the new "White Hot Chocolate". Now I am not a big white chocolate fan... in fact I prefer Special Dark whenever possible... but KC is a fan of it. We happened to notice while at New Guy's DD that there is a fifteen cent price difference between the new White Hot Chocolate and the old Brown Hot Chocolate... the White one being more expensive.

I take this a step further... there are three other DD I frequent... two happen to be in East New York. Now in the one other in Queens (New Guy's is also in Queens) the price difference was only fifteen cents on the really big one. Both Large and Medium had a ten cent difference, but the small had an eight cent difference. In East New York... the small had a fifteen cent difference, the Medium and Large a twenty-one cent difference, and at one DD the XL had a twenty-five cent difference while the other a whopping thirty-cent difference.

What the fuck is the deal with that? Really now... if you want to talk about racism well here it is. Not just because the price difference in the poorer neighborhoods was greater, but because they have placed this price difference on the WHITE hot chocolate. Are they trying to make them pay for the "privilege" of drinking the WHITE one??? What a crock of shit!!! I did ask one of the managers, and all they could tell me was that the price difference was set by the store based on what the corporation charged them. So a DD in a poorer neighborhood gets charged more money for the product so they pass that on to the poorer people??? Oh HELL-FUCKING-OH!!!

What is wrong with Corporate America today I ask you? The problem is that those in charge have NO clue what is going on out there in their businesses. We all know that the White Hot Chocolate is just a different syrup... in fact it should be cheaper because there is no need for food coloring to be added... but no. If its white... it must be "exotic" and therefore more expensive. So to Corporate DD of America... Peace and Love bitches...

... now take your hot chocolate, turn it sideways, and shove it straight up your candy ass!!!


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