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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday Smorgashboard Edition 12

So today is once again Smorgashboard Sunday... and it is time for a sampling from this past week in my blogosphere... indulge and engorge yourselves...
  • The mighty coder known as Joefish has formed a little group that will be having a contest on the outcome of the 2007 Academy Awards. Keira Knightley wasn't nominated this year... so the world is safe from my wrath
  • Chad and his world are eagerly anticipating the same dark ancient setting movie I am. I tend to think that I will still be waiting for the first movie to portray the ancient Roman Coliseum with historical inaccuracy, where the Christians have the home field advantage over the Lions, for a few more years
  • Janda had a bit of a scare with her mom who is a dialysis patient. Dialysis patients, in my opinion, really get the shit end of the stick... but they are resilient as all hell. That's some good genetics she has
  • Pass gas much? Miss Misery had a very interesting post about the art of the "fluff". Word of caution... do not come to Taco Bell with me. You will be sorry
  • Avitable turned 30 this week. That means he's like what, 210 in gorilla years or something? One word... Viagra
  • NYC Journals has just released a new skin for the ambulances so they have FDNY on them. Now as soon as they have all the OTHER ambulances doing calls around these while they sleep on the corner, then their simulation will be truly lifelike
  • Sadly, Mr. Fab has rejoined the work force of normal and ordinary people. When will the world learn? The world cannot handle such Fabness without those really thick oven mitts
  • Got WP? Don't know how to upgrade to WP 2.1? Want Fantastico to do it for you? Dana will tell you how to fool Fantastico into being your upgrade slave. Now if only she would do an instructional on how to make the girl behind the counter at the bagel store as obedient, I'd be groovy
  • Tabletop Gaming News delivered the inevitable news that GenCon SoCal has been cancelled. Do you care? No, of course not. Do I care? Fuck yeah... 'cause I'm a dork that way
  • Finally, my most beloved blogger in the whole world, may soon need my professional expertise. Yes, you use frozen peas and yes, little blonde bimbos break when you hit them with Louisevilles. I'll show you if you need peas. Promise
And that... ladies and animals... has been my week in the blogosphere.


Reminder to self- blog about my Saratoga Racing Horse Bitch when awake an not smelling like puke from the OAR concert.

Also how I apparently made one of my dispatchers have a heart malfunction.

Also how the Dunkin Donuts White Hot Chocolate pricing is biased.

Also... oh fuck it. I'll get to everything soon enough.

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