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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Smorgasboard Sunday The Thirteenth

Welcome to another edition of Smorgashboard Sunday where I give you a random smattering of the past week in my blogosphere. Hopefully this will hold you over until the chips, dip, and crackers hit the TV trays when the Superbowl begins tonight.
  • JoeFish proved to the world once again that he can predict the fall of an empire... now if only he could pick those Lotto numbers, he'll be okay
  • HCG tipped all of us bibliophiles on a cool website that tracks books... kinda like Where's George? only this one is for people who can actually read so they may track better
  • After the Cereal Wednesday "Honey Backlash" I think I'm better just sticking with B and her HNT posts. If your a pet lover, you should think about sponsoring her in the Maryland SPCA Walk
  • Jade participated in National Wear Red Day... which makes me wonder why the US is so against orange. Its the new pink I tell you
  • Jane had a serious blanket hog problem
  • From now on I'm going shopping with only one person... Denise the Bargain Hunter
  • Miss Britt has joined the StickCam Nation... now if she can do it, well you can too, k?
  • The word alternative has taken on new meaning for me ever since reading Mr. CFP... apparently flannel is not required. Damn.
  • The Mistress Yoda had a run-in with a bagel... and people wonder why I get my bagels at the bagel store
  • Soda was showing off some bedshots of her new hotty... and people said Honey was scandalous. Heh.
  • Finally, I found this YouTuber Trixie Pixie Dixie. I like her for two reasons. One, she does her videos in Black & White and as a former film major nothing makes us *SWOON* more than well done videos in Black & White. Secondly, even though she's young, she's learned one of the most important rules of this whole blogging/videoblogging phenomenon as evidenced by this video and that makes her wiser beyond her years...

And that my dear friends has been the week in my blogosphere.

Wanna know who I'm picking for the Superbowl? Well that should be obvious... The Bears. Now, that may change when I actually find out who they are playing. Really... I'm all about the commercials and have zero interest in an hour long game that takes 4 hours to play. So yeah... oh and the food... I'm all about wings too. Yeah... I have my priorities straight... I LOVE me some wings. Well, have a good Superbowl...

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