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Friday, February 09, 2007

Finally Friday...

I'll be honest... I'm fighting to stay awake until my normal 3:00am bedtime so that I can get back on schedule. The changed shifts this past week has thrown my body out of sync. I felt blah before... but now I'm blah and cold. Yeah... the weather is catching up to me.

I never used to have this issue. In fact, most winters I would work in short sleeves throughout with maybe a sweatshirt for the zero degree nights. This winter... well I've been wearing sweatshirts since December even though it wasn't so cold on the nights I worked. It must be a sign of aging. Oh well.

So as I mentioned previously I got nominated for the Really Fucking Stupid Blog Awards (RFS). A quick look over at the site tells me I'm gonna get railed by the Fab family again... unless you my most beloved harem go and save me from the humiliation. In fact, while your there... vote like this...

1) Satan for Most Romantic Male Blogger
2) Beauty and the Beer for Most Romantic Female Blogger
3) Miss Ann Thrope for the Blogger Who Swears More Than Seven Times
4) Pointless Drivel for the Blogger Most Likely To Blog On The Toilet
5) Pile of Dog Bones for Sweetheart of the Blogging World (that's me!)
6) Stupid Human Tricks for the Blogger Most Likely To Quit in 185 Days
7) IT2M for the Happiest Place On Earth (really... it is)
8) Avitable for the Blogger Most Likely To Get A Handshake For Valentine's Day
9) Fuck 101. 'Nuff Said.
10) Miss Britt for Blogger of the Month

Yeah... vote like that... you can even copy and paste it if you want. I live to serve. For the record though, Avitable will get more than a handshake from his cell mate when he's arrested for stalking Britt, Satan wines and dines Beer all the time, I don't count Mr. CFP as still blogging because a post a week does not a blogger make, Mr. Fab does more than just blog on the toilet and Fuck 101 knows this firsthand, and finally... I curse WAY more than Miss Ann does... and she knows it too. She knows other stuff too but as usual... she's torturing me 'cause she's jealous that I can craft the word fuck into a grammatically correct 15 word sentence 8 times.

It's tough being me. Really.


So for those of you with no clue about the social events calendar in the place they call the real world, next week is *GAG* Valentine's Day. I hate Valentine's Day. I just do. Oh sure, its going to be a usual Valentine's Day for me... Pudding and Blinky get the Godiva, Christine will get her dozen yellow roses, The Steff will get her Vermont Teddy Bear and probably yellow roses too since I really feel the need to piss Donkey off and I didn't get a picture of us while I was wearing my "I Taught Your Girlfriend That Thing You Like" sweatshirt to give to him. It's a standard Valentine's Day with one small minor exception. It is also Wednesday... which means it will be Cereal Wednesday.

Now I already know the cereal I'm doing since I recreated the list... but I want to do something with a pop to celebrate the day. Should we get a guest for it? If so... then who? Should we call Miss Ann so she can ask me off cereal questions again? Maybe we should take it on the road? It's something I've been thinking about... but then I got to thinking about reverse engineering and stuff and now... well... I'm looking for opinions and ideas. So if you have one... now's the time to share it.

I live to serve.

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