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Monday, February 12, 2007

Ooogle Monday And V-Day Bear Watch '07...

Another Monday is upon us... its time to rise and shine my fellow bloggers... and its time to get your little tickers pumping with excitement over Ooogle Monday!!!! Since the rest of The Academy Nominees kinda, well, suck... here's an actress and an actor from the movie Children of Men that has received technical nods.

On to the Ooogle...
Not only does he save the Britons from the Saxons with Keira Knightley at his side... Clive Owens is saving the entire human race in Children of Men. So... who needs some savin'???
Of course in the movie he has the lovely and beautiful (and redheaded) Julianna Moore. Recently she's been in some not too popular flicks, but she is one helluva an actress in my mind.

Of course, since I mentioned Keira, I had to show her... you know... for me...Not my most favorite look... but hey... it's Monday... so it works.

Finally... today is Christina Ricci's birthday... and she surely is super in my book!She's now 27. Oh how time flies when your smitten with Casper's best friend.

Have a good week!


UPDATE on Papi Chulo Bear: Billing information has been sent to UPS. Check site later for updated shipment status or contact shipper for more details.

Now keep in mind... there is apparently a storm system over California that they expect to bring snow on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. It is considered the first "real" storm with potential for city snowfall. Will Papi Chulo Bear make it through Kentucky in time for Wednesday? Will there be another weather delay? Let's see what happens...

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