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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cereal Wednesday... And V-Day Bear Watch '07

Today here at the APODB it is traditionally Cereal Wednesday. Now I know that the United States at large is currently celebrating the lovey-dovey Valentine's Day holiday. I do recognize the importance of this holiday for couples, and have therefore done a somewhat special Cereal Wednesday in honor of this auspice occasion... but that's not the only thing special about this edition as you'll soon see...

So there you have it! Yeah... that was a pretty special edition now wasn't it?

So a Happy Valentine's Day to everyone... and another big ass thank you to Miss Ann for the awesome big ass bowls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


UPDATE on Papi Chulo Bear:
02/13/2007 11:36 A.M. ORIGIN SCAN
Your package is on time with a scheduled delivery date of 02/14/2007

That is the latest update as of 2:26am. So according to UPS the bear is on time. Funny part is... I don't see anything about Vermont in there. What's up with that?

Now amazingly enough... according to 1-800-Flowers, the roses to both Christine and The Steff have been delivered already. Unfortunately... they are a bunch of fuck-ups.

I sent both of them yellow roses. You know... yellow meaning friendship. So tonight, apparently The Donkey was up in arms because red roses showed up. Add in the fact that my signature for The Steff is a relatively unique and ambiguous one, although I've been using it for a few years with her, well I guess there was a shit storm. I did explain it to him... and even went so far as sending him a copy of the confirmation order form when I ordered her roses. He really should be over it.

However, now the problem I have is with Christine's order. If red roses show up at her house... I tend to think that Louis will be relatively perturbed and I see it going one of two ways. Either a) He'll rant, rave, and do something stupid which will end up with me in jail or b) He'll rant, rave, and she'll be pissed off because she'll think I did it on purpose... which okay, in past years I have but I SWEAR not this year... and she'll stop talking to me again.

Don't you just love these holidays?

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