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Thursday, February 22, 2007

FOAD Thursday... I'll Be Ya Huckleberry

So things are afoot in my blogosphere. I'm still trying to sort a bunch of it out... and while it momentarily causes me to reflect upon the inherent dangers of the internet... well I really couldn't give two fucks because last time I checked, broadband works both ways. I was happy to confirm that although I lack good hate mail and trolls, that I have been found (at least to one person) to be offensive. So hoo-rah for me! Anyway... let my offensiveness continue with this FOAD Thursday...

An FOAD goes out to my dear friends at none other than Dunkin' Donuts. Now that I have given up soda (or pop as so many of you kindly pointed out) I rely on my large, French Vanilla, ice coffee, light with cream, and four Splendas to wake me up in the afternoon. Tuesday... I received *GAG* Hazlenut *GAG*. I absolutely hate it. Now understand that my ice coffee comes to $2.38 cents. I usually give them $3 and let them keep the change for their tip cup... I know 62 cents is not a lot... but I expect the right syrup to get pumped, ya know? So I turned around and went back. Yes... this made me a little late for work... but I NEED my ice coffee and I absolutely cannot drink *GAG* Hazlenut *GAG*. Guess what... they wanted to charge me again. I nearly lost my mind, but calmly asked to speak to the manager. The manager agreed with the clerk that I had left the store and therefore I needed to be charged again. So I left. I will never return to that Dunkin' Donuts again... so an FOAD goes out to those asshats... and I really hope *GAG* Hazlenut *GAG* stains. Ya dig?

An FOAD goes out to my dearest friend Christine... who refuses to speak to me over the red rose incident... even after forwarding her the e-mail where I ordered YELLOW. I know in like a month we'll be back to normal... but for some reason... I'm really tired of it right now.

An FOAD goes out to whoever it was who flagged one of my YouTube videos as having "inappropriate content". In truth, it was a crappy vid, and the person who flagged it is probably the same person who was drunk in it... so wtfeva. FOAD and next time you go to a bagel party and don't invite me to butter some buns then your cut the fuck off. Maybe I can re-upload it to LiveVideo??? Yeah... just FOAD mind numbing twit.

An FOAD goes out to whoever in their right mind thought that having Stan "The Man" Lee make a guest appearance in Heroes. That was so damn disturbing, its been giving me nightmares.

An FOAD also goes out to whatever it is that is causing me the newly found arm pain. No... it isn't from rubbing a few too many out... in fact it might be carpal tunnel because it affects my wrist and shoots right up my underarm to my shoulder. So... I guess I won't be avoiding the doctor like I had hoped. Oh, and Denise... if you come to kick my ass... fly JetBlue, k? *SMOOCHES*

As for Peace and Love this week... well I have none... at least not MY form of peace and love.
I do want to tip the red hat to Shelli... who has been named Sweetheart of the Blogging World by the RFS Blog Awards. So the Family Fab has officially whooped my ass and destroyed my hopes and dreams of glory. But that's okay... and I want to thank everyone who voted for me, and my favorite blogger (she knows who she is, k?) for nominating me... and I want to thank those who voted against me too... because it is not their fault they don't really know me.

I may have lost this battle, but hey... they can't take my Time Person of the Year away from me.

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