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Thursday, August 10, 2006

FOAD Thursday

Today is FOAD Thursday. While I'm not really in that Fuck Off And Die mentality right now... I still have some FOADs to hand out.

First goes to that asshole Mike Piper who claimed we denied him water. You're an idiot and a moron who needs to FOAD for first not bringing enough money to a concert, and second for lying about the treatment you received because it was not up to you activist ways... fuck off and die.

Next goes to the Tex-Mex/Chinese restaurant who brought me the bad quesadilla Monday night. After spending 6 hours with severe stomach cramps I finally puked it up... only to have uncontrollable flatulence even to this very moment. Fuck off and die you cheap bastards... next time serve me fresh cat as opposed to that rotten shit you sent Monday.

My next has to go to BE for continuing to leave my banner in limbo. While it is not a time sensitive banner as others have been, and far from my best work, I still would like to see it flashing around a bit. In addition to that is the Rent-My-Blog error that has yet to see me get my credits from my current renter... but it isn't their fault so go see Dead Silence anyway... and while your doing that hopefully BE will fuck off and die.

My final FOAD... and the recipient of my patented Peace and Love is none other than Mother Nature herself. Listen here bitch, you need to whip up a goddamn category 5 hurricane so I can go on a fucking working vacation. Now the forecasters are saying your going all soft and shit! You need to get your act together and get me down south so I can get me some good BBQ, get me that adrenaline fix, and let me stare longingly at the southern belles in the poofy dresses. Ya dig? Peace and Love for you Mother Nature... Peace and Love...

So in less than 9 hours I have that biopsy thingy. Not really looking forward to it... so I may not be around for a bit if it's as painful as they make it sound. I would like to point out that Dead Silence apparently is staying the week... and so far scott free... although I did do a nasty thing and try to charge 500 credits for the week... and they did bid... so go see Dead Silence if I'm not feeling up to it later on. At least B is keeping shit interesting over there with daily posts about psycho killers... my favorite kind.


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