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Friday, August 04, 2006

Honoring Thy Tenant, Landlords, and the Friday Drama Update

So today is Friday. I probably won't be around much this weekend... there's another show at Randall's I need to be at and Sunday morning the beta runs on my project begin. So with that, for this wonderful weekend, I would like you to go visit Luin. She has the auspicious honor of being my 30th renter... and potentially my last.

I know... this may come to a shock to a lot of you... since I have pretty adamantly involved my renters in the past and promoted them whenever I could. In case you haven't noticed that ever since BE was sold and had their "re-organization"... they are circling the drain. Them circling the drain has included a banner I submitted STILL not approved by the Admin, a lack of updated thumbnails, slower loading BOTB, and some serious load hangups especially with Rent-My-Blog. Now I can deal with the lack of updated thumbnails (well, mine is fine so that's really a mute point), and I can deal with slower BOTB, and I can even deal with a load hangup from Rent-My-Blog... but I absolutely can't, won't, and refuse to deal with a delay in banner approval. That is the straw that has broken my back... and because of it... I am seriously considering never renting again. I should ahve sent an FOAD to them yesterday... but believe it or not I can be a patient person... so I gave them 5 days. The usual lag time was 24 hours... at most 48 hours for the weekend previously. That was one re-organized person that organization obviously can't do without.

So for this reason... please visit Luin. She always gave me a place to stay... and I had nowhere else to stay this week... so visit her instead.


There really hasn't been much drama again. I've been busy I guess. I suppose the biggest bit of drama is that Izzy decided to return to the Blogosphere. I'm really not going to get into the whole story there because it tends to create a migraine in my head... but she's said plenty on the topic so you can go read what she has to say.

While on the phone with The Steff the other day she kept asking me if I was okay. It's kind of a role reversal because normally I'm the one asking her that. I think I'm my normal grumpy, grouchy, and anti-social self. Then of course a reminder popped up in my Outlook tonight reminding me that in 6 days I have that biopsy. Mmm. Yeah... I'm okay.

Wow. My drama levels have really sucked lately. Go see Luin... she has a flair for the dramatic.
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