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Thursday, July 27, 2006

FOAD Thursday

Guess what today is??? Yep... it's Fuck Off And Die Thursday!!! This is by far my favorite day of the blogging week. Today is the day where I list everyone who pissed me right off and tell them to... that's right! Fuck off and die.

There's only one problem. I really don't have anyone to FOAD. Yeah I know, creepy right? Me. No one to FOAD... and no, I'm not on meds or anything that has made me calmer. It's really kind of weird... although I get the feeling that tomorrow someone will TOTALLY piss me off and make me go BONKERS... but there really isn't anyone... especially since they fired the Dunkin' Donuts guy who always screwed my order up.

I would like to mention something that has kinda bugged me a little bit since last week. Someone left a comments saying how "your FOAD is really taking off". They were meaning that it seems everywhere you turn people are turning their collective backs on Thursday Thirteen and going with FOADT instead. I need to point out that I was not the one who created or thought up FOAD. See, I couldn't come up with anything THAT cool. I come up with stupid totally fictional rants based on some photoshopped and googled pictures that just proves I have WAY too much time on my paws. No... it was a beautiful and totally original person who created FOAD.

That someone is Lysie over at Professional Redhead. She deserves the accolades for creating the bestest blogging day of the week. So... since I am a huge disappointment... go visit Lysie or go to the official FOADT site and visit some real FOADers.

Apparently, I'm just a fraud. Oh, and to anyone who believes that last sentence... well peace and love... NYC style...


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