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Monday, July 17, 2006

My New Tenant and Useless

So I have a new tenant... that's right... Mr. Fabulous has left us... and in his place I have the host of BE Survivor, Dark Marcy. For those of you not aware, I was the second blogger voted off the "island"... but there are still 12 other contestants vying for the prize including the wonderful Some Girl. So go see Dark Marcy for updates as the Survivor BE Island Drama unfolds. Go take a peek why don't you?


I honestly really wasn't sure what I could write about tonight. I hate using the term "blog about" because in reality it's writing... and I say if the kettle's black call it black. In all honesty I know what I WANT to write, but I'll actually be holding back a little bit until certain things further develop. So instead... I figured I would give you a five different things going on in the blogosphere that if I was a cool and talented person I would have probably thought of first. I think they are cool for you to check out.
  1. First there is this new Meme that she's doing... request a photo (G-rated only people!) and she'll give it to you

  2. Then there's an online candle party going on... I already received my order of Vanilla and it's delish which may be a contributing factor as to why I am so very mello

  3. There's auditions going on a feature in a relatively famous blog (well... the address IS on the back of at least one car)... and I implore the harem to go partake but on your sign... make sure there is a paw print... you'll see what I mean when you audition

  4. There's this tribute that I think is REALLY important for personal reasons and I think EVERYBODY should sign up for it

  5. There's also a new page by one of my all time favorite people... why is she one of my all time favorite people? Well besides being a rocking redhead... she actually gave birth to my FAVORITE day to write on this blog
So that's five things to check. So sorry to be boring you with this drivel... maybe tomorrow I'll have something important to say.

Yeah... I know... I should put the crack pipe down and hide the gourmet oregano before someone walks in on me... sorry...
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