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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Computer Programmer or Serial Killer

I've been quietly following the developements in Phoenix and their two serial killer dilemna. Having two serial killers operating in the same area in the same time frame is statistically odd, especially since neither one of them appear to be copycats. I have always had an interest in serial killers, ever since the Zodiac Killer Copycat terrorized New York. He was a copycat to the REAL Zodiac Killer who operated between 1968 and 1974 in San Francisco. The San Francisco Zodiac was never officially caught, although many people think it was Ted Kaczynski who was convicted of also being the Unabomber (the domestic terrorist, NOT the poker player) when he plead guilty to those charges in 1998.

I distinctly remember a discussion in my High School Psychology class where it was asked, "What does a serial killer look like?" One of the Hungry-Man Dinner sisters raised her hand and said, "They look like Watchdog." At first I was a little honored she would think of me in such a loving way after I had already professed to her my love and adoration in one of those passed under the desk notes a few months prior. I was horrified when my teacher agreed with her... mainly because she was one of the hottest teachers I had and as usual for a high schooler many afternoons were spent fantasizing about the "forbidden" type of relationship. As the class went on, well other people (not from class) brought up other names and types of people, all of which she agreed to. Her point... a serial killer can be anyone... even a blogger as we have come to discover.

So I found this little quiz which asks you who you think these people are... Computer Programmers or Serial Killers. I honestly only recognized one from the group and scored a 6/10... so why don't you see how you do deciphering the difference between cold hearted killer and cold fusion programmer.
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