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Thursday, July 06, 2006

FOAD Thursday

So today is Thursday... and once again time to tell those who need to be told because they haven't done it already... to Fuck Off And Die.

My first FOAD shoutout goes to the neighbor of my parents. He decided it was a bright idea to cement his entire backyard. Now it is his property, so that's cool. My problem is that he put the drain two feet away from the top of the stairwell leading to our basement. Now there is a fence that separates it which he put up, which also is 6 inches across the property line, but that fence does absolutely nothing when this piece of crap drain backs up. That's when the doorway to my basement from the backyard comes under Niagra Falls style water. This of course has thus far resulted in 3 basement floods this year... including this morning. 2.5 inches of water later... and he still denies it is his shitty drain causing it. FOAD already so I can buy your house shitty neighbor!!!

Now the next FOAD goes to none other than my beloved ex-wife Pudding. Now I really don't blog too much about her good or bad I think. In fact, considering the role she has played in my life, she plays a very small part in my blog. So you would think she could have called me Monday right? Nope. I may be getting ahead of myself a little, Monday was my birthday. I hate my birthday. I hate turning older and realizing I've lost another year I will never get back. I hate it for many reasons that I outlined in my Age Philosophy post. All I ask anyone for on my birthday are Shoebox Greeting Cards. Why? They make me laugh. Well no shoebox greeting card (come to think about it, not any from anyone, it was all American Greetings... cheap fucks)... and no phone call either. WTF? I've only known her for over 7 years, 3 of which we were MARRIED, and she can't call me on my birthday? She called me Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning waking me up before I had to get up each and every time. Then, she has the nerve to call me Tuesday morning, wake me up and say how "sorry" she is. Well I'm sorry too... sorry I ever said "I do" to such a calous self-centered bitch. FOAD Pudding... and I really would not be holding my breath for anything this October.

I have one other FOAD. However, due to the recent belief I have possibly been compromised here, well I'll have to save it. I may not have to save it too long though... since Monday may be the day I make a life altering decision.

Peace and love everyone... peace and love...


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