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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

FOAD Thursday

Today is Fuck Off And Die Thursday.

Normally I would rant and rave. Today, perhaps because I am still feeling meh, I will not be scorching the objects of my pent up emotions in my normal tiradic style.

Instead I would like to say to any of you who offer your services online, and collect a fee, that even though your daily transactions may primarily be through electronic means it does not mean you are above customer service. In fact, if anything, you should be providing the best customer service because your competition is just a click away. I realize that there is life beyond the Internet, that this is more than likely a part-time or perdiem gig for you, and that my needs are probably not even cracking your top 100. However you certainly have received the benefits of it but yet to deliver on any of the promises. So for those of you who pretend to be a business or an associate of such a business, collect real money, make commitments and break them without an explanation, and see nothing wrong with this please fuck off and die... but only after refunding me my money.

I would also like to tell the guys who are fixing my computer to FOAD. Yes... I am currently on a different PC than normal due to a serious viral infection. Of course the fucktards fixing it aren't done. So I still need to use this sluggish crap running Windows 74. FOAD little PC repairman... and if my box isn't back by tomorrow I'm smashing your little black and white bug's windows in.

I would also like to offer peace and love to those of you who hate me and refuse to send me hate mail so I can maul you in my jaws. Please e-mail me all the hatred you feel when reading my blog and the thousand and one things I may have offended you with.

I still feel meh. This is a sucky FOAD. As an FOAD finale... I want to tell myself to FOAD for posting this dribble in the interest of getting sleep.

Go see her... hopefully she isn't feeling meh.


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