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Thursday, June 22, 2006

The 250th Bone on FOAD Thursday... How Fitting

This is the 250th post, or bone as I like to refer to them as, here on this blog APODB. The post I had planned out in excruciating detail will have to wait. A hint can be found in my new e-mail address... but that is all... and I will not mention it again until it happens because it still will and you should know it when you see it.

Today is also Fuck Off And Die Thursday. How appropriate to have FOAD land on the 250th post. Over these few months I tend to think I've pissed off a few people, made some enemies who view me as the bane of their existence, and exposed fakes and fools for what they are. With that in mind, I shall continue this tradition by doing something I've not done before. Drumroll please... I shall set on fire with a blogging barrage a commenter who left a comment here on this blog.

On my last post I received a comment from Mr. AC/DC, which is not his true Blogging identity but I am not the swiftest knife in the drawer as I have admitted numerous times and Miss Ann Thrope pointed out that he is in fact using a warped version of her name... so I shan't say the name lest I be struck down by lightning for blasphemy.

So here is his comment:
I am indeed flattered that you read my blog. While I don't agree with your personal attack tactics, I can at least tell you try and follow a train of logic. Nonetheless, I must take issue with a few things:
Now this kind of threw me for a loop. Seriously. He was flattered I read his blog? Why the fuck should the fact I read his blog be FLATTERING??? Dude, I called you a fucktard and you're flattered. Hold on... let me turn around so you can just suck it ok? Really now... personal attack tactics? I don't see it in that post. In fact, on a few points I agreed with you. I mean if you want personal attack... ok... it's coming. As for following the train of logic... I don't follow the train... I drive it with one of those striped black and white hats and the red doo-rag tied around my neck. Of course you're going to take issue with a few things... which is why it's your bloody ass tied down to the rails my train is barreling down on. Scream like a bitch... there's no white hatted hero in your near future... we're both on Blogger so if it goes down... we go down with her.
1. My toon criticism was directed at those who have toons without a real pic of themselves. I am still convinced that, more often than not, this points to an uggo. I know firsthand that this isn't always the case, but my point is still valid.
Well since you know first hand that this isn't always the case, you just invalidated your point. Define Uggo? What you find attractive and unattractive is not for you to determine for anyone except yourself. Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.
2. As for my opinion on blogging and shyness, I stick by it. You have expressed a differing opinion and that's cool. However, just because it's your opinion and not mine, it doesn't definitionally become truth.
Your opinion is your opinion. However the fact that I know firsthand the benefits of blogging for stutterers, shy people, and the other socially challenged make it truth. I am a stutterer. I have no problem admitting that, and although I went through 8 years of speech therapy and there is hardly a trace there... well I know how it feels. The social interaction on here may be in small steps... but its steps in the right direction. To turn around and berate someone (Slumlord Scottage of all the people... I still can't believe I'm trying to defend him) who is shy, which is what you did, is wrong. That's like me berating you for being a retired Air Force Officer. Jihad got you scared? What, you couldn't drop the bomb on the target? Oh you right... don't ask don't tell.
3. Your attempt to posit that blogs are complete chaos with no norms or general patterns is, in my opinion, horseshit. If there were no minimal set of expectations regarding blogs and blogging, no one would know a blog when they saw one. And your comparisions to magazines, paper journals, and Revolutionary War era documents could use some work in the area of relevance.
Oh sweet Joshua. Blogs are not complete chaos without norms or general patterns. The BLOGOSPHERE is. The types of blogs range from everything like Gawker to the mommy blog to the Bitch blog to the Photo blog to the Tech blog and even all the way to the Fucktard blog. I even remember there being a blog about a pet rat somewhere. The BLOGOSPHERE is in chaos... but in chaos there is order. It's this little thing called Chaos Theory. My comparisons were in reference to the book called Blog! by Dave Kline and Dan Burnstein. They are arguing that Thomas Paine was a proto-blogger who used pamphlets instead of Blogger. Go read it... your wacky like that... believing that there is a "tradition" to blogging.
4. D&D - Why should I have to find some obscure reference, when D&D makes the point I'm going for just fine? Get over your sensitivity.
I am sensitive when it comes to the casual referal of Role Playing Games as Dungeouns & Dragons. I worked in the industry... and the mass media along with yourself make the assumption that if it has to do with Fantasy it has to do with D&D and that it is EVIL. Well fuck you and your corporate mongering ways you uneducated doof. There are plenty of other games out there that can be considered way worse... and as I said you were looking for that cheap pop Mick Foley style. You got your pop. I called you on it. Deal.
5. I never said anything whatsoever about aliases. I've never thought of names as a way to seduce others in the blogosphere, but I suppose they could be, but that's not a part of my post.
This is true, you never did say anything about aliases. However aliases and the 'toon characters out there in the basis of their nature are the same. They are representations the blogger has chosen for themselves. The whole thing about seducing other bloggers... both in name or 'toon... well I find that VERY hard to believe. A MySpace denizen... yeah ok... but in general bloggers have more than two brain cells to rub together... even you Mr. AC/DC... even you. So I find the idea a name or 'toon could seduce another blogger a fantasy unto itself... so dream on.
6. Opinions and Fantasies are two very different ideas. I believe that Scottage and I were both talking about Fantasies. Please try to stay with me.
Oh I'm with you... and you're idea that the 'toons create a fantasy world for the blogger is utterly credulous. Each blog is authored from a point of view... which while not necessarily totally historically accurate is their recollection and therefore opinion of the way things happen. A blogger's point of view is different from everyone else's and the emphasis will be on different things which is one of the reasons News Blogs that cover some of the bigger stories can be such interesting reads. Unfortunately we're not talking about News Blogs, we're primarily talking about personal blogs... but if there was one that had a few people blogging about the same experience you would see the differences both small and large. Are they all wrong? Absolutely not... they just walked away with a unique point of view.
7. As I said in my post, fantasy is cool, but I think you owe it to your readers to let them know when you're saying something you know not to be true. It's common decency. I'm not saying you can't be an asshole and lie to your readers, just that it would be cool if you'd treat them with a little respect.
I agree. No reason for me to say I don't agree with you when I do. I think if your going to write a fictionalized post... then do the James Frey disclosure or something. I agree you should try to treat them with a little respect in that department... but you still need to be you irregardless of how it might make them feel. If you end up upsetting them... they can always stop reading.

So Mr. AC/DC, as one of my blogging buds Jane pointed out you admit in your own comments that your post was directed to the "BlogExplosion hags"... meaning you were only directing your criticism at 'toons of women that whooped your ass in BOTB. Well... this proves my point that in the Blogosphere content is not always king... and anytime you want to dance in BOTB with the crazy sexy little guy wearing the red hat up there... oh wait... right... your comments weren't directed at him either because male bloggers using 'toons aren't sexy. *CONFERENCEING WITH MINI-ME* Ok... now he REALLY wants to kick your ass because he's sexy as hell. That and he wants to impress the little chicky he's going out with Friday night. Lord knows he needs to get some... one of us has to... but I digress... bottom line your attitude towards female bloggers sucks. As a leader of a harem I assure you that each and every one of them are beautiful beyond their 'toons... because for me content is Queen. So since today is Thursday and all... FUCK OFF AND DIE Mr. AC/DC and anyone else who thinks a female blogger is an "Uggo" because of their 'toon.

Oh wait... your comments weren't done...
8. Kisses!
9. Ciao
Where I come from we have similar greetings/goodbyes. Only we call them Peace and Love... and here's the universal sign...

That will be all I have to say on this subject anymore.


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