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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Honoring Thy New Tenant, Landlords, and the Friday Drama Update

So apparently Blogger didn't care for my FOAD to them. Oh well. As punishment I wasn't able to post last night to APODB. So I'm playing a little catch up here so bear with me.

First and foremost I have bidden farewell to the blue grass of Kentucky Gurl in Cali. It was a sad parting as her royal highness was carried out by her servants on her golden throne... kinda like C-3Po when he was carried around by the care bear rejects in Jedi. Of course I did my best to honor her royalness on bended knee... and down the street they carried her off to her Kingdom of Rent-My-Blogalot.

So now I had barely put the neon VACANCY sign on when I had a few people looking for a place to crash. Now I would tell you who they all are... but I can't... why? Because Blogger ate my original post. What I can tell you is that I have another Blogfamous guy staying with me this week... that's right folks I have Utenzi here all week long! Now for those of you who are not in the BE circle, you may not know about Utenzi... and don't let the thumbnail fool you... because he has redone his template (he did it himself by the way) and his posts vary from the great pictures he takes of his graden, to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, to a picture in a national magazine featuring of all people his ex-wife! Now some people may wonder why Utenzi would be staying the week here when we appear to be absolute and complete opposites... well aside from quoting Paula Abdul badly... let's just say that I'm a believer in Yin-Yang theory... so Utenzi is here to balance my ass out! So go see him... like now!

Now also this week I am staying at two very nice places. First I'm staying with Melanie. I first found Melanie's blog, Plaid Toaster, through Monique. Melanie designed her blog. In fact, not only does Melanie continue to design blogs... but she also just did a summer re-design of her own. Guess what? Yep... it's orange!!! My blogging fashion sense is infecting the blogosphere! So go see the re-designed Plaid Toaster!

Also this week I am also sharing some space over at Tales of the Opiated Serpa. Now he isn't any regular Serpa... he's not going to leave me dying at the summit peak or anything like that. He's got some great posts about work, his laziness, and his favorite (non-pro) sports team. So go hear some Tales from the Serpa... I'm there all week too!

Finally I'd like to through a word out there about Matt from MTMD. Matt unfortunately separated his shoulder very severely. I can only realte to this having had to bandage and transport patients with separated shoulders... and let me tell you... they scream their heads off because of the pain. So Matt's been having some people guest post for him since blogging with one hand, let alone on blogger, is really pretty hard. So just stop by MTMD and wish him a speedy recovery!!!


As for the Drama Update... I hate to say it... not really much to report. The biggest thing was that I flipped on The Steff when she told me that she was opening a joint bank account with The Donkey. I lost my mind and damn near drove off the road. Barely a month in and joint bank accounts? I didn't do that with Pudding until we were officially married! I had these visions of her crying on my shoulder about not only her broken heart but the money he had squandered, not that he would, but it was still an image that drove me to verbally barrage her. She immediately told me that they were just thinking about it... and I knew I had scared the shit out of her by my vocal outburst (okay, my screaming and threatening to break his legs)... but it put enough spin onto my day that I was a semi-animal at work.

My snarling and growling forced my immediate boss to have me see a counselor the next day... of course BEFORE work. The counselor, after perusing my file, decided it was time for me to go on medication. As she was writing out the scripts I casually mentioned that I was already prescribed those prescriptions. The question came, "Well do you take them?" to which I honestly answered, "No." So after about 5 minutes of debate of hearing the benefits of prescription meds and so on I walked out. I didn't like how they made me feel when I took them and I don't want to be dependant on meds to make it through the day.

In the end... the stress from work has overtaken any drama in my life... which makes me kinda sad... but at the same time the drama gets intensified and I lash out... so maybe it's better this way. As for the meds... well we'll see how much worse it gets... and how well I can handle it.

On the bright side this weekend is the ECW pay-per-view One Night Stand at the Manhattan Center. I'll be working it as usual... and am looking forward to a night of relaxation seeing Mick Foley, Tommy Dreamer, and other grown men beat each other senseless with an assortment of objects and devices. I am hoping for a run-in chance like the one I did at Summer Slam for Shawn Michaels... but just hanging out will be enough for me.

I'll hopefully be seeing you all on Monday for the standard Ooogle as long as Blogger doesn't crap out again. Have a good weekend.
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