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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Honoring Thy Tenant, Thy Landlord, and Hailing The Queen

Ladies and Gentleman... there is a new Queen of Rent-My-Blog... and she is Kentucky Gurl. For those of you unaware, the former Queen Miss Ann Thrope had given me a 1020% return on my credit investment. Kentucky Gurl charged me 10 credits, mentioned me 3 times (I think it may have been 4 actually...) and from that I received 184 CLICKS, and 113 of those were UNIQUE. Using my formula... this gives me a whopping 2,235% return on my investment!!!

So... with no further adieu... Kentucky Gurl is now named the Queen of Blog Explosion's Rent-My-Blog!!! In a quiet little ceremony today that could rival the Super Bowl half-time show Kentucky Gurl ascended to stairway to the throne where Miss Ann Thrope was. The reigning Queen, as gracious as ever, took some useless advice and decided to immortalize and martyrize Kentucky Gurl by using a Mac 10. Unfortunately, as we mentioned, it was relatively Useless Advice that forgot to mention the whole "safety button" thing.

So after Miss Ann Thrope handed Kentucky Gurl the Mac... smacked Kentucky upside the head and snapped her fingers in the Z-formation... she took off with the crown. The crowd was agasp... well... okay not really... this is Miss Ann we're talking about afterall and it could've (should've actually but I couldn't think of anything really clever) been an awful lot worse. Luckily not all was lost... because a MySpace Stalker in the crowd just happened to have an extra...

Where is your crown now?

Now not only is Kentucky Gurl the new Queen... but I also have her staying the week with me since . I feel so honored and privledged to have her here. Imagine... blogging royalty right here at APODB. I'm feeling so... so... vaklempt!!! Talk amongst yourselves for a moment.

I'd also like to thank Lucy from Lucy's Dilemna for giving me a place to sleep this week. Hanging with Lucy is really cool... come visit since I'm there all week... afterall... my accomadations here are barely enough for me... let alone for a Queen. In fact... not only is she a Queen... but she is also a best selling author!!!!!!!!!!!

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By the way... she insisted on the blinkies and the auto-play music... really she did.


As for the weekly drama update... work has been slightly off the hook and all the drama has really been there. We did have a relatively nice Memorial Day barbecue at Puck's where The Steff and The Donkey drove me and then abandoned me. There was also Wednesday morning coffee with Christine that was an interesting soul searching kind of thing considering what Mommy X had said to me on Monday. Maybe I'll get around to writing about those deep thought provoking things one of these days... maybe not.

For those of you thinking I might be mad at T for hacking my blog... well as I've told her time and time again in the forums where she just becomes so SASSY... don't get mad... get even. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. One... two... Dog is coming for you... three... four... better lock your door... five... six... get a crucifix... seven... eight... stay up late...

In the meantime, if you haven't figured it out, go see her. She knows what she's doing and has a loyal cadre of readers at her beck and call.
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