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Monday, May 29, 2006

Honesty Hurts??? You have no idea...

I am fuming. I just did a BOTB with Honest Citizen. I lost 10-5. Now ya know what... I can take a loss... hell I have a TON of losses. But this post showing is why I am so heated.

Allow me to explain. A few months ago I did a posting on BOTB. In fact... it created quite a stir as I remember because I came out and called it how I saw it. Now when I did it I left everyone's names out of it. Why? It's called class. That's right you fucktard calling yourself Honest Citizen I have class when compared to you. See Honest Citizen reposted some e-mails between some of the "supposed" people involved. What is worse... he copied it from another blog. Notice how at the bottom of the post it has two different "Posted by" lines:

Honest Citizen is a fucktard

So this guy thinks he "is in the know". He thinks his blog "Where theres truths not voiced by most, thats where I come in. I gauge my correctness by how many people respond to my posts, so please show me that I'm correct." HELLO FUCKTARD!!! How honest can you really be if YOU HIDE and post NOTHING but ANONYMOUS comments. How honest are you when you COPY OTHER PEOPLE'S POSTS WITHOUT EVEN LINKING!!! How honest are you when YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE SHOUTBOX BOTB GANG!!! Don't think I don't know... I have the IPs recorded asshole... yours... their's... oh and your OTHER BE ACCOUNTS TOO MORON!!!

Here's my suggestion Honest Special Ed Ambiently Stupid Piece of Turd Citizen... I suggest you educate yourself a little bit more before you start throwing names around. I also suggest you stop copying other people's posts. Why you ask? Because anything you have to say from this point on to me is not worth the binary code it is translated from... and I will make it my personal crusade to burn your cowardice ass to the demons of stupidity and let everyone know you LACK in the HONEST department.

The fact that you rely on the 1 or 2 comments you normally get shows something... that for the most part you are wrong. Oh... and if your thinking of starting a flame war with me... let me get a jumpstart on it so you can't say you weren't provoked you plagarizing ass:

The Universal EMS Sign for Love and Peace

Posted by New York City's Watchdog :: 5/29/2006 12:18:00 AM :: :: 17 Bones Added to the Pile

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