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Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Tenant and FOAD Thursday

So Some Girl has left the building. I always love having her over... looking into those big beautiful eyes she has... talking about some things and some ones and some places... how it really is some life we lead... and she makes the place smell good to! For those of you who weren't smart enough to figure out what made her stand out amongst all the rest last week... well the truth is she's a redhead. See how easy that could have been to win credits? Silly Bloggers...

So when I walked her to the door... below the street light I saw a beautiful girl slowly dancing down the street. As Some Girl walked past her, she twirled herself into my place and continued to Waltz around the living room. Her name it turns out is Laci and her blog is Long, Slow, Beautiful Dance. I know I made mention of it earlier... just don't remember when. It's is a really good read. Her blog was only started last month... but her posts are full and entertaining. Now granted... she is a follower of the Thursday Thirteen Meme... but we won't hold that against her. Go see her and see what all the dancing is about.


So now it is Fuck Off And Die Thursday time. I love FOAD. Of course I don't necessarily store my FOAD's up. See yesterday I felt like total crap. Today... not much better. So this may be a little harsher than normal but so be it.

My first FOAD cry goes to dentists who DO NOT USE ENOUGH NOVACAINE!!! Especially when they are TWISTING A CORKSCREW INTO YOUR SKULL!!! And then the absolute worse ONLY GIVE YOU THREE VICODIN'S FOR THE PAIN!!! You dentists need to learn that we do not want to see you. We have to because of health reasons and social acceptance of perfect teeth and the such... but we really DO NOT WANT TO FEEL IT!!! Next time I tell you I need more... don't be a cheap bitch... just give it. Oh... and remember that book with Oprah, Little Pieces of Me or some shit by that fictionalizer James Frey. Well ya know what... the way he described it... it is FUCKING TRUE!!!

My next FOAD command goes to BE who once again have screwed up my thumbnail! Even after I did a support ticket... was replied to it was in the que for an update... and now it STILL isn't fixed. WTF people!!! Corporate mongers from hell!!! Fuck off and die!!!

My next FOAD goes to the idiots who denied me a spot in the Tac EMS Refresher. I've been Tactically certified for the last 6 years. In those six years I have literally had to suit up 5 times... and one of those times was for a parade. I should have gotten into the November class last year but I was a little busy in Texas. So now... because the class is only offered twice a year (and in Jersey of all places) I needed to be in the June class. My certification already lapsed back in December, but I have 6 months to get into a refresher so June 30th was my deadline. Now that I have been denied that class... I would have to re-take the entire week long course. My issue really isn't even taking that class... it's PAYING for it. A whopping 5k for the original as opposed to $500 for the refresher... and for what? You have to bring your own tactical equipment to begin with... and you end up in a dorm that smells of piss and is rat infested. Like I said, I suited up all of 5 times, so that's about 1k per suit up. Last time the company did reimburse us... but that won't happen this time. It wouldn't piss me off so much except that I know for a fact that these guys know my predicament and felt it was better to give the spot to some volley than to someone who is career! So FOAD you maggots!!! I'll go to Black Water if I decide to do it all over again.

My final FOAD really isn't an FOAD. It's more of a FOAB... Fuck Off And Blog... to those bloggers out there with spring fever/whoa is me I have such a boring life and nothing to blog about/oh my template sucks/oh no one will rent to me/oh my life will be so busy I'll have to let the blog go/ oh my readers just don't matter to me/ oh this and that and the other thing and so on and so forth. It seems there has been A LOT of that going on. While I sympathize with everyone going through it because there are times when I too go through it... at some point it's put up or shut up... shit or get off the pot... stop thinking your short and fat when you're 5'11" and 115 lbs... do the right thing.

Understand where I'm coming from when I say this... but posting something about nothing is better than posting nothing at all. Do you have loyal reader's? Sure you do. Do you care about them? Sure you do... because if you didn't well you wouldn't even say anything about the terrible strain you're under... you would just... vanish. I don't think personal blogs should be chores. I think they should be fun and entertaining and an outlet for the blogger. I think an awful lot of people take it way more seriously than they should... and I will include myself in that group. There are some days... like today... when I push myself to do the blog thing even though my mouth is still driving me crazy from that damn dentist. There are some days I know my posts are crap like yesterday and today. There are some really thought out posts in here too... and this one will be number 234. Almost at the 250 milestone... and don't think I haven't been planning for that. Hell... I've been planning that one since March... and for me it'll be HUGE. For me bloggin is oart of my routine because if I can make this routine... hopefully I can make my other writing routine. I blog anything because for me it is therapy. For everyone else... it is what you want it to be.

For those of you who think your disappearance doesn't matter... well it does. I still haven't gotten over Frodo Corleone leaving suddenly. Will I eventually? Sure I will... the same way I got over when Peppermint Patty told me no when I asked that bitch to marry me 11 years ago. Time heals all wounds... and sure there are always new blogs to read and new bloggers coming onboard right now... but to a certain degree longevity has its privledges. I'm not saying to be a happy blogger because with Joshua Herman Christus as my witness I am not. I'm not saying not to whine about having nothing to blog... because after all that IS something to blog. What I am saying is don't write blogging off. I'm saying Blog Anything... because that is always better than the nothing.

I have a really simple theory on the whole thing... in fact it is more of a life mantra or a battle cry or whatever you want to call it. Back in the day I used to play a laser tag game called Q-Zar (I know... athletic aren't I?) and my team was called the Black Nites (original, weren't we? and yes... that is how we spelled Nites) and our motto was "Tag them all and let the ref sort them out!" When the game would begin our captain would scream that in the arena and we would enter our "berserker" rage. As my life progressed I would take that saying and change it a little bit here and there. At Woodstock '99 it became "Transport them all and let triage sort them out!"... at the bar it became "Drink it all and let the porcelain god sort it out!"... and now here in the blogosphere I have changed it once againe too...

Blog It All And Let Technorati Sort It Out!!!

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