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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Did I Say That? Are you Sure???

Did I Say That?

See what happens when I get bored? I swipe avatars and mess with banners. It's as if I have nothing else better to do... oh right... there is also the time I'm now spending at Did I Say That? It's T's new forums... and they rock! It's a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere with oodles of topics to choose from. The forum isn't for Bloggers specifically so anyone can go over and contribute. That means you... yes you sitting there drooling over the hot avatars. There are already 30 members... and the good times are just starting to roll so come on over and tomorrow you too can ask yourself, Did I Say That?


So on the way home I was mentally making a list of things I wanted to get done. Number one on the lost was to work on the novel that I have in process. Then I figured a little poker, a little blogging, some foruming (did I mention the new forum at Did I Say That?), and hey maybe I'll even get around to playing a little Red Alert 2 online! Right.

So here's basically what I've done. I have discovered that the Westwood Servers don't like my version of Red Alert 2. I need to play Yuri's Revenge to get a game... but big surprise it doesn't work on here for some reason. I also discovered that play money is not as much fun as real money... but it comes back a helluva lot faster and there seems to be more of it so going all in with the Dead Man's Hand isn't so painful. I also discovered that most people actually SLEEP at night... and with the exception of Stephanie (yes... there is yet another one) I was basically sitting on the forums looking at my little green name. As you may have noticed... I am blogging... so check there. What's missing? Oh right... that pesky little novel project.

I kind of new this would happen. I knew once I got the 'Net back at home it would be like this. I am such a damn procrastinator it isn't even funny. The page is sitting open on the desktop but I just don't seem to be able to find the words I want.


So because I continue to procrastinate on that and will start my new regiment tomorrow, allow me to tell you about something I've been wanting to mention for the past two days but have also lacked the words for. Sunday night The Donkey, The Steff and I went to see United 93. Now some of you may remember my previous mention of the movie.

I have to be honest, it was quite eerie watching it... especially when they showed the views of the Twin Towers. In my opinion the movie was done both respectfully and carefully to avoid causing any type of political uproar. Where it was not gentle was in the portrayal of the FAA and the Military and their incompetence.

As for the end of the movie... well... I knew the end. It would be kind of like going to see Titanic and wondering what was going to happen to the boat (duh... it sinks for those of you who live under rocks). Yet... I still had that hope that in the end the plane would pull up. As the screen blackened the familiar emptiness filled me up. Luckily by the time we had walked outside it had already began to dissipate as opposed to the three years it had been there before. Those fleeting moments did make me reconsider the fact that when Oliver Stone's movie comes out... well maybe I won't be going to see it after all.
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