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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Fuck Off and Die Thursday

So I have decided to partake in Fuck Off and Die Thursday. I really haven't been a big fan of these "blogging days" trend... but why fight the urge when it just feels oh so right?

So today I would like to tell all New York City Taxi Drivers to fuck off and die. These guys are incredible. They barely speak English, take the longest way to get places, drive like wreckless maniacs, and create havoc. Now I am not someone who is against the alternatives of Mass Transit... but these guys are just plain old ridiculous and to me a fantastic reason for those immigration laws everyone else is so upset about.

I wouldn't doubt if half of them are probably terrorists in training... but they NEVER get stopped at the checkpoints to the tunnels or bridges. Why? Because they aren't driving a truck. So because I drive an Explorer I get pulled over at every other toll booth to be inspected while these guys can be driving C-4 right through the tube. What's worse is they are practicing their killing ways already! These signs have been up on Queens Boulevard now for around three years. This one in particular is at the intersection of Queens Boulevard and Yellowstone Boulevard where a 13 year old girl was mauled by a non-English speaking taxi driver who dragged her for about two blocks. Needless to say she did not survive. The taxi driver wouldn't have either had the police not put him into custody.

The worst part is there is actually a city agency called Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) that is supposed to be checking these guys out. Well they are really doing a horrible job at it and they should be scourged from the surface of mother earth along with INS for letting these fuckers in to begin with. There was a motion once for the city may turn over ambulance driving credentialing to TLC... if that ever happens I swear I'll quit right after impaling as many of those canary yellow bastards on my brushguards as possible.

So to all you New York City Taxi Driver's... fuck off and die.

Now I would also like to say fuck off and die to whoever it was at BE who tagged my site with a profanity warning. It fucking isn't fucking like fuck is fucking every fucking other fucking word. So I get excited... and yes... I do throw some curses out there... but I mean really! To tag me with those nice bright red letters... and to not even say something about it... well shit on fucking me. It has to be those new corporate mongrel owners... or that BE person who rejected my banner with Scared Kitty that said, "Scaring The Pussies...One Bone At A Time"... all because it said Pussies. I could even understand their hesitation with it... but the truth is it had already been in rotation and I just wanted to redirect it to the permalink for Scared Kitty. I can even somewhat understand them denying my 420 banner... although I think that was a bit obnoxious because it COULD have been a picture of a fern. My biggest beef with this... no one even sent me an e-mail about it... and suddenly I am considered profane. Insane? Sure. Profane? Get the fuck out of here.

Well whoever you are who tagged me with the profanity... fuck off and die... your nothing but a scared pussy...

Those are really the only people bothering me right now. Lord knows this person doesn't make me angry. I have a thing for her puppies.

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