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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Once an Adrenaline Junky... Always an Adrenaline Junky

In my younger years I was what one might consider a roller coaster connisseur. I've been to practically all the great NorthEast Parks and have ridden The Cyclone, The Great Bear, Superman, Batman the original and every version thereafter, The Comet, The Steamin' Demon, The Big Bad Wolf, Apollo's Chariot, and of course all the Disney ones just to give you a sampling.

Pudding told me I should be sure to take some time off and go to the Mecca of Coasters, Cedar Point in Ohio. In 2003 they opened Top Thrill Dragster seen here:

My Mecca...

This coaster cost $25 Million dollars to be built

Hot fish...

The coaster's lift is 420 feet... and it's greatest vertical drop is an even 400 feet

New England Mass Transit at its best

The approximate speed of the coaster is 120 MPH

Needy People Need Not Apply

There are six 18-passenger trains, five cars on each train; three 4-passenger and two 2-passenger cars which allows around 1,500 riders per hour to experience it.

Before getting onto it riders are subjected to this description and warning:

Top Thrill Dragster, the first coaster to break the 400-foot-tall milestone, is termed a strata-coaster. Riders are launched out of the station reaching speeds of 120 mph in four seconds. Trains will travel up the 420-foot-tall hill at a 90 degree angle where the train will spiral 270 degrees in a free fall prior to crossing the finish line. Guests must be in good health to ride this ride. Lap bars must be positioned firmly against the pelvis and the muscular parts of the thighs. Seatbelts must be fastened and tightened securely. If your physical characteristics prevent the lap bar from functioning properly, or if your head cannot be supported by the seat back, you will not be permitted to ride. May not accommodate guests of exceptional size. Try the test seat at the ride entrance to ensure the seatbelt fastens and tightens one-half inch. Guests with prosthetic devices must contact the Park Operations Office prior to waiting in line or riding. Glasses must be secured with an athletic strap. Occasionally, a launched train will not clear the hill. You should not be concerned; the train will slowly return to the launch position and will be launched again. Warning: This ride contains strobe lighting. Guests using Special Access will enter via the exit.

Seems pretty wordy right? I really like the part about how the ride "May not accomadate guests of exceptional size." A very political correct way of saying gastric bypass may be required. In all reality they have a very good reason for giving this type of warning. They don't want to be held liable for a $70 pair of jeans if this happens:

Urine a whole heap of trouble...

I am so there...
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