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Friday, April 28, 2006

Honoring Thy Tenant and Landlords and The Friday Drama Update

For those of you who are curious. I finished the first crappy draft. It's now off being looked at by a friend of mine. So now that I finally did what the goddesses told me... it's time to continue with life as we know it.

So first things first... please go visit Noi who is currently staying here at APODB. I kind of like how her blog color clashes with my own template... its pretty neat.

This week I have also been able to have a bunch of safe houses to run to instead of landing in the gutter like I normally do. So thanks to Dear Abbyliqua, The Newsbitch Chronicles, Within Reason, Tricia's Musings, Sometimes In My Head, and Bloggin' Bizatch for giving me a warm bed, a bowl of water, and some Snausages as a midnight snack. Do the solid... go visit and tell them how much you appreciate them keeping me in for the night.


Now for what most of you have been waiting for all week. The Friday Drama Update. Okay, so last week we had The Steff hanging out a lot with The Donkey... but going away last weekend to Atlantic City with New Guy B and STILL stuck on Officer Crumb. Well okay... so Saturday afternoon I get a phone call from her. She's in AC, and everything she says is okay. Now keep in mind this is around noon... and this is The Steff ... so now I know she's bullshitting. So she tells me that she misses The Donkey. She says she "REALLY" likes him. I told her to just enjoy her time with New Guy B and that The Donkey will still be here when she gets back.

So Sunday night she calls me. She's on her way to the gym and wanted to know if I wanted to swing by that night. I had DJ over so I told her she could swing by me instead if she wanted... but she didn't. Then Monday she calls me in the afternoon while I'm at work and we talk for about twenty minutes inbetween me sending units on stats and her sending her units (she dispatches for a separate company now) on their take homes and discharges. So she tells me that her and New Guy B had a huge fight Saturday night. So big in fact... they didn't talk on the entire trip back from AC... and she hadn't wanted to mention it because she didn't want to upset me with my time with DJ. So as usual I listen to her pour out her heart and I tell her she needs to do what's right for her... which from the sound of it is to dead New Guy B and be with (aaaggghhhh just the thought makes me want to vomit) The Donkey.

Now Tuesday morning was interesting. I wasn't even awake yet when The Steff calls. She has decided she is going to bring ME coffee. Now this has only happened once before... during Christmas when she brought me coffee and my cherry pie... so there is something going on here. So I shower and by the time I'm done she's there. Sitting in my front yard we drink our coffee and share a cigarette. I asked her a few times what was wrong... and she denied it all. In fact... for the first time in a LONG time... she looked genuinely happy. So she reiterates that she "REALLY" likes Donkey. In fact... she got him a Claddagh Ring.

Now quickly for those of you who don't know, a Claddagh Ring is a piece of celtic jewelry meant to "symbolize" the status of your heart. The design has a heart with a crown atop it, and both are locked in place by a hand on either side. If the heart is facing towards you, your taken. If the heart is pointed outwards, your free and available. Huge step.

So I mention Officer Crumb... and suddenly she's like "Officer who?" Excellent! Now she's happy because of The Donkey, and I'm happy because she's finally (*hopefully*) forsaken Officer Crumb. She agrees that New Guy B has to be deaded... but there are complications because Sir Shortness's boyfriend is New Guy B's best friend. I tell The Steff again... she needs to put herself first and make herself happy. If Sir Shortness has an issue with it... well too fucking bad. Of course I came up with a couple different excuses and people to blame to help her along the road. So then it was time for us to part ways and go to work.

Wednesday night she calls me again. Things seem to be getting complicated with trying to dead New Guy B. There just wasn't something right. So she says, "He's a really nice guy." Oh great... now she get's a fucking conscience. Newsflash! Nice guys finish last. Dead him, don't leave him thinking there's something where there isn't, and move on. I also happen to see The Donkey Wednesday night at a meeting. So we talk briefly... and he asks me the all important question of "How am I doing?" So I actually acknowledge to him that she was the happiest I've ever seen her in a long time. This is important for the simple fact that my motto is, "If she's happy... I'm happy. When she's not happy... I'm not happy and I'll break your legs." Nice guy aren't I (and I ALWAYS finish last)? So The Donkey understands this and life is good... until he asks me if, "Is she going to play me?" Oh shit. He thinks somethings up. I got a bit stuck there... but eventually answered him that no, she wouldn't do that... if they were officially going out. I need not mention that they are only seeing each other... nor should I bring up New Guy B who now really really really needs to be deaded.

So tonight... The Steff calls me. She needs to talk. She needs to talk badly. So I swing by her job and the first thing I notice is that she is now also wearing a Claddagh Ring. Yes... The Donkey... being Irish of course... gave her one too. How is her's turned? Heart in. Okay... so now they're going out. Her problem... New Guy B. Now Sir Shortness is causing issues... because New Guy B is all over her boyfriend. I tell The Steff in no uncertain terms... dead him. I remind her that if the need arises... because now I'm sensing a guy who is emotionally unstable... X and I will take a ride with Uncle Louisville and set the record straight.

So after our conversation tonight... and her praising the flowers I sent to her mom today for her birthday as compared to The Donkey's measly bouquet... I get the feeling she understands the urgency. I even had to point out to her that the way she is wearing the ring... means it even if it wasn't said. I have no doubt something will happen tomorrow... it seems everyday this week there was something with her... and I'm sure it is destined to continue.

As for The Nick. Well aside from the musclehead freak coming home from San Francisco and her going to Canada within the next 3 hours... nothing really has been said. She's swallowing it all in true The Nick fashion. I want to bring it up to her... and ask her what's going on... but to be honest I am relatively afraid of pushing her over the edge. We talk on IM almost every day... and she should know if she wants to talk about it I'm here... but somewhere inside I have that doubt.
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