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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New Renter and Caring About My Blogging Harem

So Matt from Meltwater. Torrents. Meanderings. Delta. has left APODB with working plumbing after Shelly's grilling fiesta that caused me to break the sewage line with one helluva... well... anyway... as payment to Matt for his hard work, and at his request, I had written a "Guest Blogger" post for him while he was away on his trip. I don't think he got it up as of this posting, or if he ever will, but either way go visit because my favorite bitches mangled him pretty good... and I think he's still smarting from the beating that happened afterwards. So thanks for fixing the plumbing Matt and installing the new jacuzzi. Oh and if you want to take on the bitches... I got your back... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy back.

With Matt now gone I had some room over here at APODB. So I put the place out to bid, once again for the higher price of 50 BE credits... still working on that little side project which I know you will all find interesting once I'm done... and low and behold I had 3 bidders.

So this week I am happy to annoice that Noi from Voicing My Thoughts will be staying here at APODB. Now I have to be honest... I've seen Noi around the BE circles. I will also admit that I normally vote against in her BOTB because while my favorite bitches have something against the BTOD (Black Template Of Doom or Death or something), I have this thing about PTOD (Pink Template Of Daintiness). Honestly it normally numbs my mind.

However Noi thought high enough to apply for temp housing... so who am I to pre-judge worthiness by PTOD alone. So I read the front page of her blog. Then I started going into the archives. Further back... and back... and its like DAMN! Look what I've been missing! One really great thing now is her blog alternates between Pink and Purple every other post, so it isn't as numbing... but after reading the Purple posts you become mesmerized ny her writing and you end up reading the Pink too. She is very insightful and isn't afraid to say it ALL... which is something I can appreciate. So do the right thing... do the clicky... go visit Noi and remember not to judge a blog by its template... unless of course your the bitches... then you can whatever the hell you want.

The other bidders you should also visit were:
ALL-NIGHT.ORG (I still love ya B!)


So everyone knows that Doc Croc cares about my health and provided some aerobic exercise for me which I shared with all of you. Well apparently Gidget and Dawn feel robbed. They don't think I care about them because... well let's face it... unless your a man, lesbian, or bi-sexual oogling those two won't do a damn thing for ya. This actually made me wonder just how many people who cruise through here are straight women versus everyone else. For some odd reason... I think I get alot of views from women. I think it's the red hat. It draws you all in like flies to the blue light... only its red. Then again, it could just be that your attracted to the drama... and everyone knows I'm the King of that (and believe me, Friday will be a doozy... phew... sneak peek... The Steff woke ME up with coffee this morning...).

So I need to take care of my Blogging Harem... all you females out there who crave the red hat... and because Gidget and Dawn asked for it and they're both hot and when your hot I give you what you want... here is your something to oogle and get in shape with:

Ooogle these... and click for more...

Remember... it's for your health that I do this for you... because I care a lot... and you all love the red hat... admit it... it's true... its okay... really...
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