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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Tennant!!!

So I have a new tenant here at A.P.O.D.B. Please welcome with open paws Matt from Meltwater. Torrents. Meanderings. Delta. It was a really hard decision this week. I actually did raise the price of rent slightly to offset some recent credit expenditures I have had on BE lately due to doing some investigative research... the results of which you are all bound to see sometime soon.

So I chose Matt for a few reasons. First of all, he finds some of the more interesting photos on the 'net. His writing can be both humorous and serious, but is always well developed and interesting. Now although he committed the mortal sin of calling EMT's Ambulance Driver's, well he was quick to correct it and repent to the Lord Your Dog when it was pointed out to him. I know for a fact alot of people have kind of shrugged him off because his blog appears to be about rafting, and they themselves are not into rafting, but like most all other blogs he diversifies. He was also nice enough to give me a roof for a week when I first came back until I got my paws on the floor... so for that alone I owe him a debt of gratitude. Oh, and his template was designed by one of my favorite people, so I know he has good taste in Blog Design.

So go see Matt over @ M.T.M.D. and tell him Dog from A.P.O.D.B. sent you. See that... we both use initials as short hand for our blogs... I feel like a fraggin' MySpace Q.T. now.

Also here's a shout to the other bidders... thanks for bidding at the inflated price:

Gidget Bones Diary (who by the way has a new place to hang her hat)
Voicing My Thoughts
E-Mails From Jesus
Pond Perspective

Also I want to apologize to Shelly, my little fluffer, for not saying goodbye... the ribs she made me gave me a serious case of the "itis" so I slept right through her leaving. I'm such a bad doggy.
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