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Friday, April 14, 2006

Honoring Thy Tenant and Thy Landlords and the Friday Drama Update

So as you all know by now I rented some space out to Shelly. Now I honestly did this with an alterior motive even she doesn't know about. See... Shelly just got a grill and she really wants to use it. Anyone see where this is going??? Right... this means she's going to have lots of left over bones for me to pluck the meat off of and suck out the marrow. I could suggest some recipes that are really really easy for grilling like roasted Pug, or baked Pug, or Pug on a stick. The question is where can we possibly find a Pug?

So in addition to renting out to Shelly, I have also been able to rent out some space with some other very interesting people. So a big thanks to FutileSoul, ~Unsettled~ (God I love redheads), The Plumbutt Chronicles (who kept me up ALL night talking by the way), The Daily Dildo, and Banned Breed for keeping me in from the cold and well fed while Shelly figures out the new grill (try pressing the button that says START... and I like my Pug medium well).


Drama. Isn't that what your all here for anyway? Well... the drama does continue. So like I mentioned I did fix The Steff's bed. Of course... she rolled over the wrong way and it broke at 3:00 in the morning right before her parents came home. Luckily, they were understanding... or maybe I should say they were understanding that I did my best to fix it.

So as I also mentioned previously I worked the Buckcherry show with The Nick on Tuesday. The show, btw because someone asked, was pretty good. I only saw about forty minutes of it but that was only because I felt the ringing in my ears and I'm already having hearing issues so I'd prefer to keep what I have left intact. I made plans to meet up with The Steff with The Nick after the show at a bar.

So after the show I shoot over to the bar where The Steff is. Now remember New Guy A and New Guy B? Right... well here is New Guy C. Only... New Guy C is not just any New Guy C... he's The Donkey.

I've known The Donkey for probably around 10 years or so. He volunteers at The Hills where I do, and I spent alot of time with him and X on a truck back in the late 90's. How did she meet him? Well... she's on a quest for friends... and so she met him on MySpace. Now if there was ever a reason for that website to burn in hell this is it. So New Guy C to The Steff is a guy I've known for years.

Of course I'm getting it from both sides, meaning that he's asking me to "put a good word in" and she's asking me "what do you think?" So what do I do? Still not sure to be honest. She is a complex person who hates certain things about men... mainly the Eeyore Complex as Izzy would put it which is basically an emotional shutdown. Once someone Eeyore's with The Steff, she deads them. New Guy A is being deaded as we speak because he went Eeyore on her. I have no idea about New Guy B and his Eeyore potential... but I do know that The Donkey, along with most of us, can go Eeyore. Not only that, but he is relatively juvenile and can tend to do juvenile things. His past respect for his women has not been the greatest... nothing really brutal or anything just guys stuff... kiss and tell and whatnot. What I also know... because in the end The Donkey and I are similar in many different things... is that if he does get involved with her, he will fall for her faster than she will for him. So I get that feeling she'll end up breaking his heart.

So I told her that I felt she would break his heart last night because he has some personality traits she doesn't like. Was that the right thing to say? I'm starting to doubt myself. My bottom line with her has always been that I just want her to be happy. Does it matter who she is happy with? I can think of a billion worse people to see her with... so the doubt sets in. At the same time I need to seriously ask myself if any of that should matter to me. 10 years is a long time... and maybe I still have that version of a 17 year old I had to sling over my shoulder and carry down three flights from a party because of two shots of Sambuka in my mind when it comes to him. So maybe it isn't as bad as I make it sound to myself.

I think... I think... well... I'm beginning to think that Izzy... in her sick, demented, and twisted way... had me pegged... the same way The Nick had... the same way Dart had... and a few others as well. Overprotection is not a good thing... otherwise how will people learn?

So now here I am... and tonight we had plans for a bunch of us to go out instead of working at The Hills like I normally would. So... in what I think is my own best interest to maintain my own sanity... which is relatively rare for me to put me first... KC and I will be at The Hills tonight. We will do what I know I do well... and do what is the only thing I can feel righteous about anymore.

No one and no place has ever given me what I need... except for death, pain, and misery. So be it. Such is the drama that envelopes my miserable existence I call my life.
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