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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Irving Plaza Fluffers, MySpace Project, and Gotcha!

So last night I worked Irving Plaza in the city. It was a Buckcherry show. One of the things about Irving is that the stage is on the second floor, and us medical like folks stay on the first. It actually works out because we get to keep our hearing and get to scope the people coming in. So I'm working with The Nick, and these three girls come in. They were HOT!!! This one was a blonde, perfect tan, little flaired skirt, and her breasts were just PERFECT!!! To be honest, she looked real young... like illegal kind of young... but I'm just drooling because she was so... so... well... you'll see if your smart...

So she comes over and asks us the classic, "Wow, EMTs, like what's the worst thing you've ever seen?" Well of course I tell her the story of the guy pinned by the train missing his bottom half and telling me about all his kids... but that's besides the point. After my story I ask her what she does. She says, "I'm a fluffer." A fluffer? "Yes. I work on Jana Jameson videos as a fluffer for the actors." Oh... in other words... she's a wannabe porn star!!! Life doesn't get much better than that. Sure enough this little hot tamale has a website so click on fluffer to check her out!


So I came across this blog by way of Mystickal Incense Radio (which btw is on every Wednesday) and I have to tell you... this is great stuff. He did what he calls The MySpace Project. Basically he made a MySpace profile as a 14 year old girl. Guess what? Yes... he has been acosted by grown men.

If there has ever been a greater example of the dangers of cyber-stalking and MySpace I surely couldn't find or think of it. One of the things I feel the need to point out is that there are these perverts out there stalking on kids. Chances are if your reading this, well your probably not a parent or one of those kids who don't realize there is life beyond MySpace... but chances are you know some people like that who could heed the warning. Do the right thing... spread the word.

Oh, and please don't think all I'm doing is knocking MySpace. Truth be told I have a page there too mainly so I can keep up with friends. There are a lot of convenient features of it... but like all things good it can get abused. Unfortunately, the people abusing it are looking to do more damage than send a few e-mails.

I really don't want to be seen as some huge anti-MySpace advocate. What I am advocating is intelligence and common sense. I just see alot of things in this world that make me ask "why?" and the answer is usually because someone didn't do what they were supposed to be doing... like interacting with their kids to keep them away from predators.


On the note of perverts... remember about the fluffers up there? Right... gotcha you perverts! But I don't want anyone to think I falsely advertised. See, Shelly also writes for the blog Fluff. So as a writer for Fluff... well that makes her a fluffer. Now all of you need to go to your minister, priest, or rabbi and confess that you wanted to see pictures of the little fluffing girls at Irving Plaza. Or just leave Shelly a comment and tell her what a wonderful fluffer she is.

Oh... and Shelly... on a side and personal note you probably won't get but I'll say it anyway... kudos on that e-mail and for speaking your own mind... and not letting anyone speak it for you.

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