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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Life As A Vegan: My New Zazzy Banner

Seeing as how I really need to go work Irving Plaza in all of 29 minutes, just a quick post. I did get some surfing done today though, and clicked on a unique banner ad that brought me here.

The banner had me fooled. Here I thought it was something political or semi-important. No. Just a Vegan crying out against the "senseless" murder of cows and what not.

I don't have anything else against Vegans... unless they have something against me eating my steak... but here'e the part that kinda ticked me off about the whole thing. This post is all like "Oh! My banner is so popular! Oh! I'm causing people to question what they eat! Oh! I am so the great person for doing this!" Mmmmm... sorry there... Allie... right... oh great... she's 14... now everyone will think I'm picking on a 14 year old... shit... well... too late... if I were a bitch I would smack her for her ambient stupidity... but since I'm not... here's a paw to the face sweety. Now go back to MySpace.

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