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Monday, April 03, 2006

WrestleMania XXII

I don’t want everyone to think I over gourged myself on the blogosphere so much on Saturday that I was out of commission Sunday. That wasn’t the case. Sunday was Wrestlemania XXII (22) in Chicago for those of you who have actual lives and don’t follow the WWE.

So we had the pre-requisite four foot sandwhich, potato salad, chips, dip, and copious amounts of soda. Wrestling seems to be the only thing left my father and I can share in common without one of us raising our voices against the other.

The card itself, while not the greatest, was interesting enough. Sure John Cena fought the King of Kings Triple H and defended the belt, and of course Ray Mysterio won the title in the Triple Threat match by pinning Randy Orton while Kurt Angle was on the outside. Did anyone expect different? I sure didn’t. Mysterio had dedicated his match to the late Eddie Guerrero which guaranteed him a win and set-up the next PPV Backlash. John Cena needed to win to confirm his status as a champion of the working class. The two matches that I really wanted to see, and a little surprised at one of the endings, was Mick Foley against Edge and The Undertaker against Mark Henry.

The Undertaker and Mark Henry was a great match. Once again, The Undertaker’s entrance was astounding. I distinctly remember watching WrestleMania XX at MSG from the catwalk while working the medical when the lights went out before his entrance. Then in the dark a bunch of people seemed to rush by me and someone quite large stood in front of me. As the druids came out I moved a bit to see and the figure in front turned around. It was the wrestler Bubba Dudley, and he said to me, “I can’t watch this on the tv in the back when I can watch it live. This is the greatest!” I nodded my agreement and continued watching the entrance. For a second I wondered if Bubba thought I didn’t care about him, when in fact he is another local wrestler and one of my all time favorite tag teams, but this was The Undertaker!

The same spine chilling experience I felt whenever the ‘Taker does a PPV entrance on tv is the same I felt when he did it live. He is that good. This year the match was a casket match, and the ‘Taker maintained his Wrestlemania winning streak making it now 14-0. He did some vintage ‘Taker rope walking, some vintage ‘Taker diving, and some serious ‘Taker tombstoning. I’ve loved his wrestling style ever since that Thanksgiving Survivor Series when he was led out… and will until he hangs up his boots. Thanks for another great match ‘Taker.

Now Mick Foley is a longtime favorite of mine. I’ve met him quite a few times, and have an autographed copy of his book Have A Nice Day. Why do I like him so much? Because HE is a blue collared wrestler… not some hip-hop wannabe. He’s a local boy too, tried and true, who spent a lot of time working his way up. Of course this has all had an effect on his life and body, and he admittedly is not the greatest wrestler but has a high tolerance for pain.

As it turns out, after the match, I have a new found respect for Edge too. He also showed a level of commitment I haven’t seen in him since the TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) match days when he would face of against the Dudley’s and the Hardy’s with his brother Christian. I was surprised that Mick lost. I was cheering for the flannel wearing fat guy. I still will cheer for the flannel wearing fat guy whenever he comes back.

So why write all this about Wrestlemania XXII? Partially because I want it known that yes, I am a wrestling fan. Now don’t go all preacher on me… I know a lot of it is scripted. In fact, you can see my own PPV debut by watching Summer Slam 2002… I’m the EMT in the blue vest who boarded and collared Shawn Michaels after he was taken out by Triple H with a sledgehammer at the Nassau Coliseum. Once in the back, Michaels was off the board in a minute… so I know its scripted.

Yet, I will also tell you a lot of injuries happen that are serious like Triple H at Survivor Series 2002 that was at MSG. Triple H really did get hurt by RVD in the Elimination Chamber Match. In fact, it was quite serious and the transport was 100% necessary. While I didn’t do the transport, I was stuck at the head of the backboard while everyone else grabbed the feet to try and get him out of the locker room. Luckily Scott Steiner and Chris Jericho helped out… because believe it or not Triple H is bigger in real life than he is on tv.

I have a lot of respect for wrestlers. I appreciate what they do and the fact that they entertain me so. Besides, if it wasn’t for wrestling then what would my father and I ever have in common?

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