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Monday, March 27, 2006

Seems Harder Than It Should Be

For some reason, it appears that traffic through the site has dropped off. Less traffic means less ads which results in less funding. It seems that while the world makes blogging seem like the quick track to fast money, that is hardle the case.

So what have I been doing as the seeming popularity of this site continues to dwindle? Reading. I've been doing alot of reading. Aside from actual books on the subject, none of which I found impressive enough to mention, I've read a slew of other blogs and this one as well.

What I can't seem to understand is what type of interest Watchdog garnered by this dribble? It seems that if he wasn't professing how his relationships were going he was finding the stupidest and craziest things on the Internet to fill the void that his own life has left. While I have found a number of other blogs that do the same, at least there are others that seem to serve a purpose like this Mystickal Incense stuff. At least that blog person is promoting themselves for monetary gratification. I wonder how well it works? I wonder how hard it is to make candles?

I can't see Watchdog's purpose in all this. Post after post about the pettiest of things. In all honesty, how many people reading this actually believe that his friendship with Christine was strictly platonic? I know Christine personally... and I assure you... I would be willing to bet there was more going on there than he let on. I agree with his opinions on Louis though, and while he and I rarely see eye to eye on things anymore, I would gladly partake in throwing Louis a blanket party as well.

Then there is this "Steff" person. I admit, I never met the girl so perhaps I should not judge her so harshly, but it is hard for me to tell who sounds like the bigger loser there. Is it her because of her boyfriend issues, or is it Watchdog because he continues to be madly infatuated with her and deludes himself by saying they are only friends and he can accept that. That's garbage. Call him in love if you believe in that sort of thing, but she doesn't and above all won't return the feeling because it is far from mutual. If anything, she has used him for his money and to get a better job than she has ever deserved and the fool he is just plays along.

The "Nick" is a seemingly other enigma. She seems to me to be another one using him for what he can do for her and never recipricating. From the entries on her alone, he seems a bit wiser about her behaviour, but the truth of the matter is that he is still smitten by the other one so of course she suffers from a secondary type of view. If this "Steff" person disappeared then I bet it would be the same all over except with "Nick" in her place.

This "Izzy" person is another interesting case of an entirely different nature. She apparently actually liked him. In fact as I discovered she too keeps one of these blogs. Here's the funny thing about that, and I only know this because of the covnersation at the poker game... she put down the job. To people like Watchdog, and I will count myself in that number, our jobs are to a large degree our lives. They are our unknowing legacies and we protect them like they are our children. The loss of that love and desire for saving lives and the job in the new jacks was what promoted Watchdog and X-Man to found the Fraternal Order of Death's Destruction. If your First Responders aren't willing to make it happen then I ask you who will? That was her mistake. That and working for the forsaken of the airline industry.

Then there are all these other references and obscure items. With the exception of the red dot thing, everything else is trash. How is this interesting to anyone? Are there really that many people out there without something to fill the void that need to resort to this kind of stuff?

So since this is what seems to drive traffic to blogs, this will be my contribution to the cause. For all of you ladies out there here is your guide to the perfect husband. I am the one with all capital letters in case you were wondering:

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